Standard Service Program (SSP) for Academic Software



NI is committed to helping educators, students and researchers accomplish their various learning or research goals with our software and hardware products. We continually make investments in our SSP to deliver improved online experiences, access to the latest technologies in software, and participation in expert user communities.

To continue offering the level of service you’ve come to expect, the cost of renewing SSP for academic Teaching licenses on time will increase to 25 percent of the purchase price of our products. Late renewal rates will increase as well. These changes will take effect in July 2017.

Offered in a variety of sizes and types, the NI LabVIEW and NI Multisim Academic Site Licenses equip educators, researchers, and students with industry-standard graphical system design software that accelerates discovery and innovation. Academic institutions that have invested in NI software have seen incredible pedagogical and research success across multiple application areas

Standard Service Program Benefits

In addition to licensing you will find a wide range of tools, including those created specifically for education, in the Standard  Service Program for Software. NI created the Standard Service Program (SSP) for Software to provide customers access to the resources they need to ensure their project is successful. If you are using an Academic Site License, and you are a member of the SSP program, you will receive these benefits:

Improved Tool Access—Access the software version that you need anytime from the Academic Site License download page. You will have access to new technologies with upgrades to the latest version, and you will maintain support for older programs with access to installers for historical versions of NI software. You will also gain insight into emerging technologies in the NI Beta Program for software. Together, this set of benefits ensures that you will always have the right tool for your needs.

Comprehensive Student Software Access—As a part of the SSP subscription on your Academic Site License your students can install the same NI software as the university has on their own laptops. This flexible benefit allows students to use the exact same software used by over 35,000 companies worldwide. If you are missing your Student Install serial number, contact your local customer services representative.

Updated Courseware and Learning Materials—NI has worked with educators in over 8000 laboratories globally, as well as academic partners to create courseware to aid the student’s path of discovery. Interactive Courseware, such as that for analog and digital electronics, is now available for free access to be used with the latest versions of NI software.

Connection to User Community—NI fosters communication and interaction among our end users. You become part of the extensive NI user community through online forums and you will find solutions posted by our Applications Engineers to the KnowledgeBase. You will also be invited to participate in specialized community events including CLA and CLD Summits, User Groups, and more. 

Guided Path to Success—When you have technical questions about your project or NI’s product, SSP provides live phone support from degreed engineers in your local language (where available). You also have access to these support engineers through email and web support. To gain the knowledge you need for your project, SSP enables you free  access to online training for students and educator training courses. Visit our Software Services page to learn more about these benefits and how you can access them.


Standard Service Program Renewal Prices

NI Software includes one year of SSP with the initial purchase. You can renew your SSP membership annually as part of a Single-Seat License, Multi-Seat Software License or Academic Site License. Please note that student edition licenses do not have SSP options. 

SSP renewal prices are based on the current list price of the software license. The price is calculated based on the timing of the renewal order.

Multisim (Teaching and Research) License and LabVIEW Teaching-Only License SSP Pricing

On-time or early renewals 25% of full software list price
1-180 days after expiration 50% of full software list price
181 - 730 days after expiration 75% of full software list price
More than 730 days after expiration 85% of full software list price


LabVIEW Research-Only or Teaching-and-Research License SSP Pricing

On-time or early renewals 50% of full software list price
1-180 days after expiration 65% of full software list price
181 - 730 days after expiration 75% of full software list price
More than 730 days after expiration 85% of full software list price


Please visit to receive a quote to renew your SSP membership.