NI Academic Site License Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose the Academic Site License rather than purchase software products individually?

The Academic Site License provides NI software with exceptional academic savings; you can experience a 20 to 90 percent savings by purchasing a site license over individual software components. To keep your software current, NI automatically sends you software updates twice a year with the latest versions of all software products included in your license package. The Academic Site License includes a one-year membership to the Standard Service Program (SSP) for increased access to technical support and on-demand training.


Am I eligible to purchase the Academic Site License (academic eligibility)?

National Instruments offers substantial discounts to students, educators, and researchers at qualifying academic institutions. To qualify, you must be part of an accredited, degree-granting institution whose primary function is the education of students (externally sponsored research centers, nonprofits, and organizations that are only loosely affiliated with academic institutions do not qualify). The orders must be placed on an official university, college, or school district credit card or purchase order (orders placed with personal credit cards do not qualify). The shipment of the order must be to an accredited university, college, or school district and all products are to be used for academic purposes only.


How long does my subscription to the Academic Site License last, and what happens when it expires?

Every new Academic Site License purchase includes one year of standard service. It includes automatic software updates twice a year, access to technical support from application engineers, and free on-demand online training. NI notifies you 60 days prior to your service expiration for the subscription renewal. Once you renew, you receive an additional year of standard service, which ensures that you stay up to date on your software.


What happens if my Academic Site License service lapses?

If you do not renew your subscription on or before the expiration date, you can still renew the service but face additional charges to get access to the latest software. If your service lapse exceeds 180 days, you have missed at least one software update shipment. In this case, an additional upgrade charge is required to deliver you the latest software at the time of renewal.


When do I receive my software updates?

National Instruments sends out Academic Site License software updates twice a year – in the spring and fall. The shipment date may vary slightly based on new software version releases and the timing of those releases. Shipment dates are subject to change.


How can I ensure that NI has my correct contact information so I can correctly receive software updates and renewal notices?

Registering your software is the best way to keep your information up to date with NI. You can do this by visiting or by registering during the installation of your software product. If your contact information changes, you can simply reregister your software or contact NI directly.


If I already own NI software, how can I transition to the Academic Site License?

If you currently own National Instruments software, you can upgrade it to the Academic Site License. Upgrading automatically includes the latest software updates and a year of standard service. The Academic Site License is the best way to upgrade your development system and keep it current. Contact NI for more information.


Where can I access the license agreement for the Academic Site License?

The Academic Site License Product Description describes the different types of Academic Teaching and Research Option Licenses. It includes the terms and maximum number of computers the SOFTWARE may be installed on under each license and where it can be installed.  The Academic Site License Product Description includes additional terms of use to the General Purpose Software Software License Agreement, which an be found at



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