Log Thermocouple Data to Excel without Programming

​Temperature measurements are common for electronic design validation, but chamber tests take a long time to cycle and soak over the desired range, and board-level thermal tests can require re-runs with firmware updates. With so many challenges to the project timeline, engineers need a data-logging system that adapts to changing needs yet is simple to setup. Key requirements for a system like this are:​


  • Software that minimizes effort required for configuration, setup, and automation

  • Data file formats compatible with the most popular reporting tools, including Excel, Python, and MathWorks MATLAB® software

  • Flexible test system components for reuse between different design tests

  • Quality measurement hardware for data confidence and test repeatability 

  • Expandable hardware for higher channel-count systems

Expandable 16-Channel Thermocouple Data Acquisition System

  • FlexLogger™ application software for data logging manages sensor configuration, real-time data visualization, export to .csv files, and channel alarms, all without programming.

  • cDAQ-9174 chassis holds up to four C Series modules and connects to a PC or laptop over USB. 

  • NI-9213 16-channel C Series temperature input module for thermocouple types J, K, T, E, N, B, R, and S. 

  • Three open slots for future expansion or higher channel-count systems. 

Solution Advantages

“FlexLogger gives end users flexibility in bench test systems. Rapid DAQ task setup enables non-code-savvy engineers to set up tests quickly and with little effort.”

— Nicholas Neslund, Continental

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