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For most LabVIEW projects, especially when you are new to LabVIEW, it is beneficial to start from a working example and modify the code to fit your needs.

NI Example Finder


Video: Using Example Finder

Use the NI Example Finder to browse or search examples installed on your computer.  These examples demonstrate how to use LabVIEW to perform a wide variety of test, measurement, control, and design tasks. Select Help»Find Examples or click the Find Examples link in the Examples section of the Getting Started window to launch the NI Example Finder.

Examples can show you how to use specific VIs or functions. You can right-click a VI or function on the block diagram or on a pinned palette and select Examples from the shortcut menu to display a help topic with links to examples for that VI or function. You can modify an example VI to fit an application, or you can copy and paste from one or more examples into a VI that you create.

Figure 1. Example Finder

Hardware drivers such as NI-DAQmx or LabVIEW Plug and Play instrument drivers install examples into the Hardware Input and Output folder, which are good starting points when working with hardware devices.

In addition to the examples that install with LabVIEW, thousands more are available online at  Online examples include both community and NI contributed code that you can download and use as a starting point for your own applications.

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