DCAF: A Framework for Efficiently Developing Robust Control Applications

Developing software for an embedded control application is hard, and the combination of growing software complexity, tighter release schedules, and higher quality expectations are only making it harder. Creating an application architecture that meets these demanding requirements while balancing the needs for performance, flexibility, and reliability can be a challenge for even the most experienced LabVIEW developers. The Distributed Control and Automation Framework, DCAF, (formerly known as TBDF) is an open-source project for simplifying the development of LabVIEW control applications. The framework combines out-of-box functionality, powerful points of extension, and a correct-by-construction methodology and packages them in a way that is accessible to both new and experienced LabVIEW developers. This session will provide an overview of DCAF using real-world application examples and show how to get started with the framework.

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