Evaluate Vision Builder for Automated Inspection Software

Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) is a standalone software package for machine vision applications. It allows users to configure, benchmark, and deploy complete machine vision applications without having to do any programming. VBAI simplifies the development and maintenance process by replacing the complexities of programming with an interactive menu-driven development environment, without sacrificing performance or range of functionality.

Evaluate the latest version of Vision Builder AI using a remote desktop client (no download or install required)

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Select the ‘Evaluate Now’ button below to access the registration page
2. Choose ‘Sign up here’ to create an NI hosted services account (Note: this is different than your myNI account)
3. Enter your email address to receive an account activation link and setup your account
4. Login to the NI Software Showcase Portal
5. Select ‘NI Vision’ from the Application drop down (choose your region for the best download performance); then select ‘Checkout a machine’. You have now initiated a virtual machine in the cloud with your vision software. You will receive an email notification in about 10-15 minutes with your access credentials.

Evaluate on Remote Desktop

To download and install the Vision Builder for Automated Inspection to your computer
Download Evaluation

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