Replication and Deployment Utility (RAD)

Imaging is an effective tool for managing the software deployments of real-time targets. However, building a robust application to automate the application deployment and management of real-time targets with imaging APIs is not a trivial undertaking. The Replication and Deployment (RAD) reference utility provides a turnkey solution for automated real-time image deployment, replication, and management. It is built using System Configuration VI functionality.

The NI System Configuration Run-time Engine (14.0.1 or higher recommended) must be installed separately in order to use the RAD Utility.

To enable the RAD utility’s full feature set, the NI RIO driver should also be installed.  The NI RIO driver is required to deploy bitfiles to FPGA flash.  If this driver is not installed, an image containing a bitfile for flash deployment cannot be deployed.  If this feature is not being used, then the NI-RIO driver does not need to be installed.

This tool was previously known as the Real-Time Application Deployment (RTAD) utility, and you can find archived versions at Archive of the Real-Time Application Deployment (RTAD) Utility. The utility provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and deploying images from NI real-time targets. To learn more about configuration management, visit the series of articles that begins with Overview of Best Practices for NI RIO Configuration Management.

Download the Replication and Deployment Utility

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