LabWindows™/CVI™ 2015 Behavior Changes


This document contains the list of known behavior changes and incompatibilities introduced in LabWindows/CVI 2015.

Behavior Changes:

  • The LabWindows/CVI installation includes the complete Windows 8.1 SDK.
  • The Instrument I/O Assistant is no longer accessible by default through the LabWindows/CVI environment. The Tools»Create Instrument I/O Task option is no longer available.
  • The DIAdem Connectivity Library is no longer available by default. To use this library, select Library»Customize and enable the DIAdem Connectivity option. NI recommends that you use the TDM Streaming Library for new projects.
  • The NI-USI component, which is necessary for applications that use the DIAdem Connectivity Library, is no longer included in the LabWindows/CVI Runtime. To deploy applications that use DIAdem Connectivity Library functions, create an installer and select the NI USI item in the Drivers & Components tab of the Edit Installer dialog box.
  • The Variables and Call Stack window lists static local variables before local variables. In previous versions of LabWindows/CVI, local variables appeared before static local variables.
  • You cannot use LabWindows/CVI 2013 to debug DLLs you create with LabWindows/CVI 2015.
  • Files installed with the Windows SDK are in different locations than in previous versions of LabWindows/CVI:


    Files Previous Location Current Location
    Import libraries <cvidir>\sdk\lib <Program Files>\Windows Kits\8.1\Lib\winv6.3\um\x86 (or \x64)
    Include files <cvidir>\sdk\include <Program Files>National Instruments\Shared\MSDTRedistributables\SDKHeaderFiles\8.1


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