Setting up, Acquiring Data, and Maintaining your CompactDAQ System

Setting up, Acquiring Data, and Maintaining your CompactDAQ System course is a high-level introduction to the CompactDAQ system. The course includes hardware setup, software integration, and system maintenance.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: CompactDAQ System 2023 

Course Details:

Setting up, Acquiring Data, and Maintaining your CompactDAQ System Course Overview Outline


Introducing CompactDAQ

Explore the components, functionality, benefits, and purpose of the CompactDAQ platform.
  • What Is CompactDAQ?
  • Why Use CompactDAQ? 
  • Components of CompactDAQ
Comparing CompactDAQ and CompactRIOExplore the differences between CompactDAQ and CompactRIO.
  • CompactDAQ vs. CompactRIO
Setting Up a CompactDAQ SystemExplore how to assemble the connections properly and generate the system.
  • Components of System
  • Setup and Connections
  • How to Select the Appropriate Bus?
  • Hot-Swappable Modules
  • Sensor Compatibility for Critical Common Measurements

Exploring NI MAX

Explore how to configure NI hardware and software using NI MAX.
  • Hardware Configuration

CompactDAQ Using FlexLoggerExplore how to compute simple measurements using FlexLogger and CompactDAQ hardware.
  • Connect the Sensor
  • Measurement with FlexLogger
CompactDAQ Using LabVIEW

Explore how to compute simple measurements using LabVIEW and CompactDAQ hardware.

  • Launching LabVIEW Sample Measurements

Text-Based ExamplesUse DAQmx API and text-based measurement to automate data communication between a cDAQ device and computer.
  • Text-Based Measurements Examples
Timing and SynchronizationUse an appropriate method for synchronizing multiple cDAQ tasks.
  • Overview of Synchronization
  • Types of Synchronization
Collecting Signal MeasurementsExplore how to take a first measurement and generate its results.
  • Measuring Temperature
  • Measuring Strain, Force, or Pressure
  • Measuring Sound, Vibration, and Acceleration (IEPE Measurements)
  • Measuring Position with Encoders 
  • Measuring Edges, Frequency, and Duty Cycle
Ensuring Proper EnvironmentExplore how to protect cDAQ system by providing an appropriate environment to host the system.
  • Selecting an Enclosure
  • Exploring Temperature Range
  • Passing Wires through the Enclosure
Managing Hardware CalibrationExplore how to calibrate and maintain a CompactDAQ system.
  • Exploring Calibration Types
  • CompactDAQ Chassis and Controllers Calibration Procedure
  • Hardware Services

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