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I have a PXI Express x4 module that I would like to use in my PXI chassis. However, I do not have any PXIe x4 slots in the chassis. Will I be able to use my PXIe x1 slots and, if so, are there any issues ...

Will my NI PXI Express (PXIe)controller work with any PXIe chassis? Will my NI PXIcontroller work with any PXIchassis? Can I use a PXIecontroller on a PXI chassisor vice versa?

Can I use PXIe Generation 2 cards in a PXIe Generation 3 slot or vice versa? Can I replace a Gen 2 PXIe module with a Gen 3 PXIe module?

Will the rack mount kit for the PXI-103X and PXIe-107X chassis fit on a full size 19" instrument rack?

When I open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and expandDevices and Interfaces see a red X along with the following error message on theGeneralpane: Error: 0XFFFB388D - An error occurred getting ...

I have a PMC card and would like to use it in my PXI chassis. Is this possible? If so, how do they interface?

I am looking to daisy chain multiple PXI/PXIechassis, what additional hardware do I need to do so? Can I do this with copper or fiber configurations? I have an application that needs more PXI modules than ...

I'm developing a custom PXIe board which is compatible with NI-PXIe chassis. Where can I find reference documents for PXIe chassis backplane pinouts?

I have a new PXI or PXIe chassis that was ordered recently, but it didn't ship with the cooling fan's foam filter. Why is this? Was it supposed to have been included?

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