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Figure 1. NI 5673E Kit Contents A A B B NI-PXIe-5611 I/Q Vector Mudulator ACCESS ACTIVE 85MHz - 6.6 GHz 50 W IN: 5 Vp-p MAX OUT: 1 Vp-p NI PX I-56 52 500 kHz - 6.6 GHz REF IN/OUT

The thermal shutdown error appears when device temperatures exceed safe limits. The NI 5673E shuts down until temperatures fall to acceptable levels and you reset the device in MAX. Power off the chassis ...

These specifications apply to the PXIe-5673E with up to 6.6 GHz frequency and up to 512 MB onboard memory.

Add a While Loop to continuously generate the signal and check the generation status until you click the Stop button.

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