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What is your organization doing with its test data?

Does finding information contained within your data require considerable time and effort?

Are you able to use your data to identify issues affecting quality and efficiency in real-time?

It is common to invest considerable resources into designing and building automated test solutions, based on industry standard platforms such as NI LabVIEW and TestStand. However organizations may not be getting the most from these systems, if they don’t make full use of the results data they produce. Tequra Analytics enables easy access to valuable information buried in automated test results. By providing a real-time insight into their processes, it enables organizations to take actions that will improve quality and efficiency.



Tequra Analytics consists of a centralized test data management system, incorporating web-based analytics and a reporting front-end. The system collates data from design validation, manufacturing assembly and production test stations in order to provide detailed insight into product performance and an organization’s processes. A wide range of built-in analysis capabilities provide useful information for both production managers and engineers. While primarily designed to meet the needs of today’s advanced manufacturers, the system is also applicable in other scenarios which generate large amounts of test data – such as design validation, qualification and characterization.



Gain Greater Insight

The goal of Tequra Analytics is to turn the flood of data generated during validation and manufacturing into useful real-time information, which can then be used to improve quality and streamline processes. Ultimately, this allows organizations to be more agile – quickly responding to warning signs and changing conditions. An easy-to-use web-based application makes this information instantly available, no more copying of results into Excel or other manual processes to gain access to useful metrics.

Tequra Analytics provides tools to measure quality, report production yields, detect training, equipment or supplier issues while also providing a complete production history for all manufactured products.

These high level metrics allow production and test managers to quickly highlight areas for investigation, while engineers can use the system to quickly drill down to engineering data including enhanced visualization capabilities, such as waveform plots. Data can then be correlated with other results and exported to other tools for further analysis.



Seamless Data Import

Tequra Analytics allows you to utilize data generated by existing test and production stations, in addition to historical data. The system supports multiple data formats and Simplicity AI will work closely with you to provide customized data converters if required. This allows you to get up-and-running with Tequra Analytics with no changes to your existing processes. For those embarking on new projects or those who wish to have real-time data import capability, Tequra Analytics offers excellent connectivity with industry-standard applications such as NI LabVIEW, TestStand and .NET. Additionally, a standards-compliant Web-API is also available allowing data to be exchanged with Tequra Analytics using virtually any modern programming language.



Secure Global Connectivity & Scalability

With Tequra Analytics, you can securely access your test data and key metrics from the production floor, in the board room, or on the road. Tequra Analytics has a web-based user interface which can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smart phone – all you need is a network connection and web browser. To address the needs of security conscious organizations, Tequra Analytics is equally happy running within a firewalled environment.

Tequra Analytics is designed to scale – servicing low-volume occasional production scenarios through to high-volume, highly-parametric testing. For large data requirements, data can be partitioned across multiple nodes, ensuring that key-metrics will always be available lightning-fast regardless of the volume of data stored.

Flexible Service Offerings

Tequra Analytics is available as a managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS/Cloud) solution or as an on-premise installed system.

The cloud solution can be rapidly deployed enabling organizations to start getting the benefits from Tequra Analytics right-away. It doesn’t require a large initial investment in software licensing or IT infrastructure and is well suited for both small and large organizations. The application and data are hosted in a data center accessible via the internet. Secure access is provided for the customer to upload and analyze data and also for Simplicity AI to manage the system and apply updates.

The on-premise solution ensures that Tequra Analytics and the data it holds is tightly controlled by your organization. It is particularly suitable for organizations in the defense industry, or those which hold commercially sensitive data. The on-premise solution is well suited for larger organizations with their own IT infrastructure and personnel. The application and data can be hosted on one or more (real or virtual) servers directly on-site.


Conclusion & Additional Resources

Tequra Analytics enables your organization to improve quality and efficiency through advanced real-time analysis of test data. It seamlessly integrates with NI TestStand and LabVIEW, bringing all test data together under secure centralized management. Combining excellent connectivity and flexible deployment options, Tequra Analytics can grow with an organization. Once test data has been uploaded it can be made securely accessible at the location it is needed, on PCs, tablets and smartphones. The solution can either be configured to be on-premise, tightly integrating with existing IT infrastructure, or as a scalable cloud service.

There are a range of resources including whitepapers, full feature listings and video presentations on the Tequra Analytics website. To learn more visit: www.tequraanalytics.com


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