Give Your Students Access to NI Software


Academic Site License (ASL) is a licensing model that thousands of universities around the world purchase to get access to NI software. Student Install is an entitlement of Academic Site License, that enables students at your institution install the same NI software in the laboratory on their own laptops and computers. With student access to NI software the outcome is incredible design projects as seen by innovative projects from around the world: 


Make Your Teaching More Effective

Giving your students 24 hour access to NI software from any location allows you to:

  • Provide students with industry standard software used in 35,000 companies around the world
  • Ensure students consistently have the most up-to-date software that maps exactly to what is in the laboratory to eliminate compatibility issues
  • Augment current laboratories with more expansive homework, tutorials, pre-labs and capstone projects for students to learn outside of standard working hours
  • Use the latest in teaching methods like flipped classrooms, studio learning and remote education.
  • Combine student learning with NI hardware for education: Analog Discovery for electronics, myRIO for mechatronics, controls and IoT, as well as myDAQ for introduction to engineering

Student Install expires each year to help you keep your license within your institution. It is a separate serial number (activation code) from the main Academic Site. The university automatically gets a new Student Install serial number so long as they continue to renew their license through the Standard Service Program.

I’m a student trying to get access to NI software

If you are a student studying a course at university and want to use NI software through the Student Install, get in contact with your IT Help Desk or Service Desk. Ask them for the Student Install serial number (activation code) and use this to activate NI software downloaded from . Your IT staff may need to contact NI if they can’t find the serial number or if they aren’t sure whether they have an Academic Site License.

How to use the Student Install Option

Step 1: Understand what software you have access to

The Student Install Option gives students access to all the same software that is included in your ASL. To see the full list of software included in each ASL, click here.  There are three types of Student Install:

LabVIEW Student Install– Included with the Academic Site License – LabVIEW.  It activates LabVIEW and the majority of Toolkits and Modules for a vast array of engineering and scientific applications.

Multisim Student Install– Included with the Academic Site License – Multisim. It activates Multisim and Ultiboard for circuit design and simulation.

NI Student Install– Included if you purchased both the LabVIEW and Multisim Academic Site Licenses.  It activates all software covered by both LabVIEW and Multisim site licenses.


Step 2: Activating the Software

Your Academic Site License media shipment mailed to you will include a LabVIEW Student Software Package.  The label on the Student Software package contains a single serial number that can be distributed to all students eligible to install and activate the software.  Note that this serial number will allow the applicable NI software to be activated the current academic year. If a student is returning to school for another year, they will be prompted to activate the software again, and will require a new serial number.

If you are missing your media shipment and need to get the Student Install activation serial number, call NI customer services.


Step 3:  Distributing the Software to Students

License administrators should be careful to distribute the serial number to only the students eligible to install the software per the institution’s Academic Site License contract.  They should not publish this serial number on an external site and should only be shared within the school’s intranet. 

The easiest way for students to access NI software on their PCs is to download it from our website, here:

Here you will find an email template you can use to distribute information about the Student Install Option to your students:

Student Install Option Email Template


Step 4:  Reminder Email

As noted above, students will require a new serial number each year to continue using NI software on their personal computers. This new serial number ships to you automatically when you renew your site license through Standard Service Program (SSP).

If you need to reactivate your Standard Service Program contact NI via the link below: