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InsightCM 3.6 Patch Details


This document contains information about all patches available for InsightCM 3.6. All issues fixed in each patch are listed in the tables below. NI strongly recommends that you install the latest patch to all InsightCM installations.  


For more information about available patches, see InsightCM Release Documentation.

InsightCM 3.6 Patch Details


Patch Notable Changes
3.6.1 Fixed bug that leads to InsightCM services failing to start on some servers
3.6.2 Removed duplicate device images to reduce size of installer
3.6.3 Enabled support for battery-powered MON-10467
3.6.3 Added functionality for importing PI point mappings spreadsheet
3.6.3 Fixed bug that leads to CMS-9047 reboots when configured incorrectly
3.6.3 Fixed bug that leads to incorrect scaling of static channel data on MON-10467