Compare Circuit Design Suite Education Editions


NI Circuite Design Suite includes NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard. The Education edition is for use by institutions, and the Student edition is for non-commercial use by individuals. This document compares features of the Education and Student editions. For information on commercial licenses and more, see: Try Multisim


Schematic Capture

Circuit Design Suite

Education Student
Advanced Component Search X X


Autosave X X






Autowire parts when brought together X X






Autowire when part pin placed on a wire X X






Bill of Materials X






Breadboard X X






Bus Vector Connect X






Buses X X






Circuit Restrictions X X






Placing Comments on Schematic X X






Component Detail Report X






Component Editing X X






Component Wizard X X






Connectors - Hierarchical X X






Connectors – Off-page X






Constraint Driven Capture (max/mins in Spreadsheet Nets tab) X






Corporate Database X






Cross Probing X X






Cross Reference Report X






Customizable Interface X X






Custom RLC footprints in Master database X






Customizable/Advanced Bill of Materials X






Description box Submit X X






Edit Symbol command X X






Electrical Rules Checking X






Embedded Forms/Questions - Create and edit X






Embedded Forms/Questions - View and respond X X






ERC Scope Setting X






Export to Mentor PADS Layout X






Export to Third Party Layout X






Export/Import Database Components X






Export/Import Database User Fields X






Export/Print Spreadsheet X






Fast auto-connect passives X X






Forward/Backward Annotation X X






Global Restrictions X X






Graphic Annotation X X






Graphically mark no-connect pins (Toggle NC Marker) X






Hierarchical Blocks X






Improved ERC - no-connect pins (ERC Rules tab) X






Improved Find X






Improved variant management/viewing (Spreadsheet tab) X






Legacy File Open X X






Merge/Convert Database X X






Multi-sheet Flat Designs X






Multiple Designs Open X






Multisim Touch import (*.msmx) X X






Netlist Report X






OrCAD Capture Import X






Open EDA component library import (*.oecl) X X






PCB Settings (Net Properties, Sheet Properties, PCB tab) X X






Pin/Gate swap X






PLD/VHDL output X X






PLD Hierarchical Blocks X






Project Manager (Project Support) X






Project Packing X






Rubberbanding on Part Move X X






Save components from workspace to database X






Schematic Statistics Report X






Screen Capture Utility X X






Simplified Version X






Snippets - Creating and Opening X X






Spreadsheet View X






Spreadsheet - PCB related fields X






Standard Component Search X X






Start a wire in mid-air X X






Subcircuits X X






Symbol Editor X X






Templates - Creation (Export template…) X






Templates - Opening (*.mst) X X






Title Block X X






Title Block Editor X X






User Database X X






User Defined Fields X






User Defined Fields in Bill of Materials X






Variant Support X






Virtual ELVIS I & II schematics X X






Virtual ELVIS II toolbar (depends on ELVISmx install) X X






Virtual myDAQ schematic X X






Virtual Toolbar X X






Virtual Wiring (by node names) X X


Circuit Design Suite

Education Student
Advanced Inductor Component X  






Blow up parts X X






Loading Code Model from DLL X






Component Tolerances in Interactive Simulation X X






Convergence Assistant X X






Description box synchronized with simulation X X






Expressions in Analyses X X






Grapher X X






Grapher - Digital Display X X






Insert faults into components during netlist generation X X






LabVIEW instruments X X






LabVIEW-Multisim Cosimulation X X






LVM and TDM data files as source X X






LVM and TDM file export (from instruments & analyses) X X






MCU Module X X






MCU Module - Machine Code Limitation None None






Model Makers X






Multiple Instances of Instruments X X






Multiple overlapped traces in grapher X X






Postprocessor X X






Precision coordinates in grapher X X






Real-world I/O parts - microphone and speaker X X






RF Design Module X X






Save/Load Simulation Profiles X






SPICE matrix export X






VHDL Simulation (with MultiVHDL installed) X X






Virtual, Interactive, Animated Parts X X






Wizard - 555 Timer X






Wizard - CE BJT amplifier X






Wizard - Filter X






Wizard - Opamp X






XSpice command-line interface X

Miscellaneous Multisim

Circuit Design Suite

Education Student
Multisim API X  
Place Components Limit None 50
Print Circuit X X
Print Circuit Setup - Active Sheet and Subsheets Option X X
Save Circuit X X


Circuit Design Suite

Education Student
AC Single Frequency X X
Batched X  
DC Operating Point X X
DC Sweep X X
Distortion X  
Fourier X X
Interactive X X
Monte Carlo X X
Nested Sweep X X
Noise X  
Noise Figure X X
Parameter Sweep X X
Pole Zero X  
Sensitivity X  
Temperature Sweep X X
Trace Width X  
Transfer Function X  
Transient X X
User Defined X  
Worst Case X X


Circuit Design Suite

Education Student


2 Channel Scope X X


4 Channel Scope X X




Agilent Function Generator X X




Agilent Multimeter X X




Agilent Scope X X




Ammeter X X


Bode Plotter X X


Current Clamp X X




Distortion Analyzer X X




Frequency Counter X X


Function Generator X X






IV Analyzer X X






Logic Analyzer X X






Logic Converter X X






Probes X X






Measurement Probe X X






Multimeter X X






Network Analyzer X X






Spectrum Analyzer X X






Tektronix Scope X X






Voltmeter X X






Wattmeter X X






Word Generator X X


Circuit Design Suite

Education Student






3D preview in component 3D properties X X






3D preview in main screen X X






3D printing X X






3D Viewer (height, color, shape) X X






3D visualization of the inside of the PCB X






Ability to "turn off" ratsnest for selected nets X






Additional net options like Max/Min Width, Max/Min length X






Auto jumper placement – inserts jumper into a net X






Auto-alignment X






Automatic tear-dropping X






Change trace width "on-the-fly" X






Comments on layout X X






Component place sequencer X






Copper Amount Report X






Corporate Database X






Cross probing between Ultiboard and Multisim X X






Customizable layers viewing for glue, paste, solder X






Customization of report generator X






Differential Impedance Calculator X






Differential Pairs X






Dimensioning X






Dimming inactive information to the background X X






Enter Coordinate dialog from Spreadsheet X






Equi-space traces support X






Export - Gerber files X X






Export - IPC-D-356A Netlist X






Export - SVG files X






Export 3D IGES X






Export 3D information in DXF format X






Fan-out option for components X






Filter errors/warning in the Spreadsheet output windows X X






Forward/Backward annotation X X






Full screen mode X






Connection machine X






Follow-me routing X






High speed X






Import - DXF files X






Import - Orcad PCB files X






Import - Protel PCB files X






In-place footprint editor X






Jump to error X






Keep-in and keep-out X






Layer limit 64 64






Mechanical CAD X






Microvias X






Multiple Clearance options X






Multiple open documents X






Net bridges X






Net shielding X






Object information with a tool-tip label X X






Paste Special X






PCB design savable as a reusable component X






PCB Transmission Line Calculator X






Grouping (group/ungroup selection) X X






Pin and Gate Swap X






Pin necked trace support X






Place objects within a predefined array X






Polar grids X






Push and shove component placement X X






Push and shove trace placement X X






Replica place X






Ruler bar alignments X






Ruler bar measurements X






Save design X X






Selection filters X X






Show drill size in pads X






Split power planes X






Spreadsheet view - full X






Spreadsheet view - limited X






Standard Clearance Options X X






Technology Files (Load and Save) X






Test point insertion X






Test Points Report X






Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, Star X






Unplace components X






User Database X X






Variant support X






Via stack inside a SMD pad X X


Circuit Design Suite

Education Student






Automatic test-point placement X






Autoplacement X






Autoroute (Start/Resume button) X






BGA fanout X






Bus routing X






Differential pair routing X






Group autoplace X






Group autoroute X






High speed X






Layer limit 8 2






Net shielding X






Optimizer X






Prioritize routing order (by net) X






Route a single net X






Router support for pin and gate swap X






Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, Star X






Trace rubberbanding X X

Miscellaneous Ultiboard

Circuit Design Suite

Education Student
Pin number limit none 550

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