LabWindows™/CVI™ 2013 Bug Fixes


The following items are changes from LabWindows/CVI 2012 SP1 to LabWindows/CVI 2013. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
206504 Building debug versions of very large projects may cause LabWindows/CVI to run out of memory.  
236157 Opening a TDMS file that is at the same time open in another process can result in an error/ This issue occurs even if the file is opened in read-only mode.
255342 Remote debugging can hang when debugging DLLs with DllMain.  
255345 TDMS_CloseFile can take a long time to complete when the LabWindows/CVI debugger is attached. If your TDMS file contains many channels, a call to TDMS_CloseFile can take a very long time. The more channels you have, the longer the call can take. This occurs only when the LabWindows/CVI debugger is attached. This is related to Known Issue 285461.
256488 Duplicate "Could not expand variable" dialog boxes may display while debugging. If you step over code while a watchpoint is expanded, you may see multiple "Could not expand variable" dialog boxes.
257004 You cannot remote debug a multithreaded program with extended variable displays enabled.  
257264 Watchpoints might not be able to run after manually suspending a multithreaded program.  
257397 Debugging a multithreaded real-time program with watchpoints may cause the real-time target to hang. The watchpoints must be in update continuously mode or set to break when the value changes.
277739 Compiling a file with a syntax error can cause LabWindows/CVI to crash. A very specific type of syntax error can cause LabWindows/CVI to crash. For example, compiling a file that contains the following code will cause LabWindows/CVI to crash.

void a(b, int c) { int d = b; }
283594 clang does not recognize the _export and _import qualifiers.  
284771 When using third-party compilers, linker errors refer to temporary object files. If link errors are found for multiple modules, the link errors will all be reported in the same temporary object file.
285461 Attaching the LabWindows/CVI debugger to a C++ DLL might result in significant performance degradation. If you are debugging a process that calls into a C++ DLL, significant performance degradation might occur. This performance degradation has occurred for C++ DLLs that throw many exceptions or create and destroy large STL maps.
289949 Using an import library generated by MinGW results in "Bad COFF Library Member Header" error message.  
295246 A source file containing a very large array of structures might fail to compile. For example, if you declare an array of 5000000 NIComplexNumber structures, LabWindows/CVI will fail to compile the file without any error message.
304359 Attaching to a process that loads a debuggable LabWindows/CVI DLL can result in LabWindows/CVI crashing if you open an unrelated project after debugging the process.  
306206 The clang external compiler does not correctly handle the long double data type. All long double variables will have a value of 0.
309845 Tree control tooltip does not use the character set of the tree. Hovering over an item with the mouse shows a tooltip with the item label if the label is longer than the visible area of tree control. That tooltip uses the native character set instead of the character set specified for the tree control.
311364 Function name displays twice in the function prototype tooltip when the return value is const or volatile. N/A
322979 Drawing a filled shape on the canvas with a pen width greater than 1 causes the filling to exceed the shape's border. When the pen width for a canvas is greater than 1 and you specify VAL_DRAW_FRAME_AND_INTERIOR as the Draw Mode for the draw function, the filling will exceed the shape's border.
326106 If you save UIR files as older versions, LabWindows/CVI does not warn you that features that are unsupported in that version will not be saved. When saving a UIR file as an older version, LabWindows/CVI does not warn you that some features that were not supported in that version will not be saved. These features cannot be saved because they did not exist in that version.
331932 Partially selecting an attribute value in the Attribute Browser and then resizing the Attribute Browser causes the entire text in that field to be selected. N/A
333163 The Choose Date/Time Value dialog box displays an error message for an invalid date three times. If you enter an invalid date, such as Febuary 31, in the Choose Date/Time Value dialog box, LabWindows/CVI closes the dialog box and its parent dialog boxes and displays an error message stating Value is invalid or out of range three times.
333571 Moving selected text in the Source window and then undoing offsets the original cursor position. Selecting text and dragging it in a Source window moves the text to the new location. However, when this operation is undone, the input cursor is not restored to the correct location even though the text is still highlighted.
334992 Watch expressions become inactive after switching configurations. Watch expressions are tied to a specific executable or DLL. If the target settings for two different configurations point to different paths, then the watch expression cannot be shared between the two configurations.
339287 The Default index for combo box cell types in the Edit Table dialog box expands too far down if the value has multiple lines.  
339884 When allocating memory with malloc, LabWindows/CVI will truncate the memory allocated to be an integer multiple of the size of the pointer data type. You cannot allocate a large memory block and then manually split it into smaller blocks. If you do, you may receive run-time errors.
340055 Breakpoints may be missed when attaching to a non-debuggable process that calls a debuggable DLL in multiple threads.  
344028 Program can hang when a graph or strip chart is on screen and axis labels are visible For this problem to occur at least one axis label must visible. When label strings get too close to the edge of the control, they will attempt to reposition themselves inward to avoid being cut off, but in some cases the repositioning algorithm will reposition to the same value and cycle endlessly. On Linux this problem can manifest itself as a hang that requires you to end the process. This problem is most likely to occur with one of the x-axis label strings if the x-axis has negative values or ATTR_FIXED_PLOT_AREA is enabled and ATTR_PLOT_AREA_LEFT is set too close to the edge.
345703 Some controls do not print colors correctly in bitmap printing when set to black & white mode.  
347323 Changing digital graph line label and bus label programmatically does not update the control labels if the plot does not contain any data.  
348302 ActiveX controls disappear when the mouse hovers over the control and the Title bar Visible attribute for the title is disabled.  
351155 LoadExternalModule does not guarantee that the module loaded is 16-byte aligned. This behavior may cause errors when using third-party compilers.
352408 Pressing F1 on a function in the ActiveX Library or most of the Tools Libraries does not open the LabWindows/CVI Help to the topic for the specified function.  
352509 ATTR_XLOOSE_FIT_AUTOSCALING_UNIT attribute does not work well with log scales. This attribute allows you to specify the base 10 logarithm of the loose fit factor. By the nature of a log scale, the same factor cannot be used for both the minimum and maximum value of the scale.
353320 Attempting to edit a "??" entry in the Memory window causes an error. In LabWindows/CVI 2009 and earlier the error is "Cannot write to address <address*gt;" and then the ADE may crash. In LabWindows/CVI 2010 and later, the error is "A custom control callback has raised an exception" and the ADE does not crash.
354449 Very long strings in the Edit Distributions dialog box may crash LabWindows/CVI. Many of the text fields in the Edit Distributions dialog boxes do not have string length limits. Strings that are too long for the field may cause the ADE to crash.
354450 Using a very long string when setting the value of a variable in the Variables window may crash the LabWindows/CVI environment.  
354451 A very long string value in the Add/Edit Tools Menu Item dialog box may crash LabWindows/CVI.  
354452 A very long string value in the Project folder or File Folder option of the New Project from Template or New File from Template dialog boxes may crash LabWindows/CVI.  
355331 Editing the RGB values of an RGB color in the Watch window doesn't also update the overall value of the variable in the parent node. The value is updated, but the displayed value of the parent node is not updated.
356348 Using the TCP Library from multiple threads may cause a deadlock when combined with locks in the user's TCP callbacks.  
356421 Entries in the Watch window may be dimmed incorrectly if multiple entries have the same symbol name. Multiple entries with the same symbol name may exist because they have different scope.
356470 Building the sdk\stdio\demo.prj example project in a 64-bit configuration against the clang compiler causes an unrecoverable internal error. Building the project located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\CVI2012\samples\sdk\stdio\demo.prj causes the unrecoverable error.
357212 The save icon does not dim after saving a file. After a file is saved, the save icon is not dimmed. Once you click anywhere in the LabWindows/CVI editor after saving, the icon will then dim.
357245 Local array in a thread that has exited may appear as still active in the Watch window. This behavior can occur if the thread exited using the CmtExitThreadPoolThread function instead of return.
359304 The modulo operation with 64-bit integers in a 32-bit configuration may produce incorrect results. The result will likely be incorrect if the second operand is negative.
359402 Third-party compilers do not enable C99 extensions even if you enable the Build with C99 extensions option in the Build Options dialog box. This behavior can cause problems in some LabWindows/CVI headers that require _CVI_C99_EXTENSIONS_ to be defined.
360351 NI Automotive Diagnostic Command Set and NI ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit cannot be activated through NI License Manager.  
360485 Passing NULL to SingleToneSignal for the searchType input parameter causes a fatal run-time error.  
360745 Cannot launch the LabWindows/CVI Help from the Help menu when a help tooltip is visible.  
361691 The GetAllBreakpoints LabWindows/CVI ActiveX Server Interface function does not set numBreakpoints output parameter. The variable remains uninitialized after the function call if it was not initialized before.
361840 For values of x that are very large, sin (x) returns x instead of returning a number between -1 and 1. This behavior occurs only for large values of x, such as 1e+20.
362123 Gamma, GammaC, and Beta functions compute regularized form, which is not accurately described in help. The Gamma function actually computes the gamma function or the regularized incomplete gamma function. The GammaC function computes the regularized complimentary incomplete gamma function. The Beta function computes the beta function or the regularized incomplete beta function.
362220 The Save Copy of UIR As command changes the currently open UIR file to the selected version. In addition to a copy of the .uir file being created, the original version of the .uir file remains open instead of the new copy of the file, but has its version changed to the selected version. If the file is saved, it will be saved in the selected version and overwrite the original file.
362376 The Programmer's Toolbox function ListCreate leaks memory. The memory leak occurs only in a debug build.
363056 Floating point format in UI controls allows too many digits before automatically switching to scientific format. The floating point representation may show more digits than are represented by the underlying data.
363759 The %application and %basename variables in the Version Info dialog box are based on the release configuration, instead of the current configuration. These variables will have the correct value if the current configuration defines its own values in the Target Settings dialog box.
364746 Accessing a control array from a panel loaded multiple times in an application causes run-time error. The application will report the following error: "Resource ID not found in user interface resource file."
365226 A new project created with the Command Line Application template may have the Create Console Application checkbox disabled. This issue occurs if the previously loaded project was from LabWindows/CVI 2010 or later. The Create Console Application checkbox in the Target Settings dialog box should be available for the template.
366605 A tree control of type string that has at least one item causes the User Interface Localizer to crash. The following error is reported: "LocalUI (release x86) has stopped working."
367216 The Loose Fit Units of a strip chart control are reset to 0 when the Edit Axis Settings dialog box is re-opened. If you set the Loose Fit Units option to a negative value in the Edit Axis Settings dialog box, close the dialog box, and then re-open it, the default value of 0 will be reset. This issue occurs only with the strip chart control.
367217 In the Edit Axis Settings dialog box for a strip chart control, the Loose Fit Units field may be dimmed even if the Loose Fit option is enabled. This can occur if the Auto Scale checkbox is disabled while the Loose Fit checkbox is enabled. Re-enabling the Auto Scale checkbox does not undim the Loose Fit Units field.
368267 The Initial Patch Setup dialog box may cause the LabWindows/CVI environment to crash after selecting an incorrect installer path.  
368470 The wrong text is selected after dragging multiple lines of text in the Source window into the middle of another line of text. When multiple lines of text are dragged into another line of text, the text selection will extend to include characters that were not previously selected.
369366 When drag and dropping a .lib file that is included in the subtree of a project to another project, LabWindows/CVI displays a control callback exception. In Labwindows/CVI 2012 and later the operation succeeds despite the error message.
369553 Variables in the Interactive Execution Window are not immediately evaluated in watch expressions. If the Interactive Execution Window has already been executed, watch expressions that are added have the value expression not yet evaluated.
369682 Once the value of the File name field of the New File from Template dialog box is changed, the File path field does not change extension if the file type is changed.  
369915 Creating a distribution for a project that uses the DataSocket Library does not automatically check the NI DataSocket 5.0 option in the Drivers & Components tab of the Edit Installer dialog box.  
369950 The Edit Installer dialog box shows the output associated with a custom release configuration as a .prj instead of .exe. Building the distribution in LabWindows/CVI 2010 will cause an error because the user-specified files could not be added to the distribution. Building the distribution in LabWindows/CVI 2012 will not cause an error, but the default release configuration is used instead of the custom release configuration.
373393 Classic-style decoration controls that have rounded edges appear speckled. Some of the pixels of the edges display as transparent instead of the specified color.
37498 Variables defined inside of a block statement cannot be added to the Watch window. (Legacy ID: 44K3HK07) For instance the variable a in the following code cannot be added to the Watch window.

void foo (int var)
  if (var == 0) {
    int a;
    a = var;
378420 The CNVGetFolders and CNVGetVariables functions return string arrays that show the incorrect number of elements while debugging.  
380541 When execution is suspended at a breakpoint while debugging a LabWindows/CVI Real-Time DLL that is called from a LabVIEW VI, clicking the Terminate Execution button causes the system to reboot and a couple od dialog boxes are displayed. The dialog boxes state "LabWindows/CVI debugger is waiting for a reply from the debuggee", and "The network operation timed out and the connection was lost". These dialog boxes are displayed because the real-time system is rebooting. Once the system has rebooted, the application can be restarted.
382556 Edit Label/Value Pairs dialog box uses wrong character set. For string data types, the font used for both the label and value controls of the Edit Label/Value Pairs dialog box is the character set of the control's label, rather than the character set of the control's text.
383210 Tree control column numbering is inconsistent in the Edit Tree dialog box. The Edit/Columns Cells dialog box shows the column indices as 1-based (e.g. "Column 1 / 3"). However, the Edit Column dialog box uses a 0-based index for the dialog title (e.g. "Edit Column 0").
383424 Strip chart control traces and legend do not scale correctly. When the Scale Contents on Resize attribute is enabled for a strip chart control and the window is resized, then the trace thickness and legend are also scaled. When the window is resized to be larger, the thickness and legend are scaled accordingly. But when the window is resized to be smaller, then the thickness and legend do not scale down.
384581 The GetExternalModuleAddrEx function fails to load a DLL if it is not in the current working directory or the system path. If you load a import library that is located in a different path using the LoadExternalModuleEx function, the GetExternalModuleAddrEx function will not be able to locate the DLL if it is in the same path as the import library.
384834 Changing the value of a Numeric Thermometer or Numeric Tank control that is in Hot mode may cause a graphical glitch. If the value of the control is decreased, then the separator line indicating the current value is not erased before being redrawn. Increasing the value does not cause the glitch because the line is drawn over by the fill of the control.
386081 Items in the Resource Tracking window can be expanded only if they contain at least two items. The Expand Resource and Collapse Resource items of the Resource Tracking window context menu are dimmed unless the resource category has at least two items in it.
386160 Cannot load attribute info for a .fp file when the associated .sub file is encoded as Unicode.  
386552 The User Interface Editor does not allow you to paint controls with the panel theme disabled.  
386878 The DisplayImageFile function uses more memory than is necessary. The function might use up to four times as much memory as the size of the file.
387323 Build Output window closes and then re-opens when a new build occurs. The Build Output window appears to flash when it closes and re-opens.
387331 Clearing a window in the Output Region causes the item to be dimmed in the Window menu. If a window is cleared using the Clear Window option in the context menu, the item is dimmed in the Window menu and cannot be re-opened if closed.
388073 The Show Prototype tooltip displays the help button for macros when the previous Show Prototype tooltip was for a function with help documentation.  
388199 Passing the same index for the Item Index and the Relative Index parameters of the AreTreeItemsRelated function returns the incorrect value for some relationships. If the Item Index and the Relative Index parameters are the same, the function should always return 0 indicating that they are not related through the specified relationship. However, the function returns 1 for the Sibling and All relationships.
389505 LabWindows/CVI crashes when an invalid value is entered in the Attribute Browser and the user switches windows before committing the value.  
389944 Table cell value of ATTR_CHECK_RANGE changes after setting ATTR_DATA_TYPE. If you change the value of the ATTR_DATA_TYPE attribute for a table control cell or range of cells, the value of the ATTR_CHECK_RANGE attribute will change to VAL_IGNORE, regardless of what it was before for that same cell or range of cells.
390072 A memory leak occurs in the FileBrowser_GetSelectedFiles function when no files are selected or an error occurs  
390596 Control tooltip may appear instead of item tooltip for the tree control in some cases.  
391055 Auto indent does not place the cursor in the correct location when pressing the Enter key after a break in a switch statement. Inside a switch statement, when you press the Enter key following a break; statement, you most likely want to start a new case statement, which should be indented one level less than the break statement. However, LabWindows/CVI auto indent starts the new line at the same level as the break statement.
391657 The value of the eventData1 parameter is always 1 in a callback for an EVENT_COMMIT event of a graph cursor that is locked.  
392640 Cannot duplicate panels with controls that are duplicated and attached to a splitter control. You will receive error -153: "Item is already attached to splitter control."
392932 Documentation generated for variadic functions does not display variable parameter in function prototype.  
392934 Documentation is not generated for functions with a function pointer as a parameter.  
395751 The EVENT_VAL_COERCED event is sent to the control twice when the event is triggered by the control losing focus.  
396240 Applications might crash when mouse hovers in blank areas of the table control. When the mouse hovers in areas of the table control where there are no rows or columns, the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine might crash. Even if the table area is full, there always is at least a one pixel border to the right of the last column and below the last row of the table. The likelihood of a crash is low, but more likely for larger tables.
396304 LabWindows/CVI might crash when running out of memory during a table copy operation.  
396479 The Menu key on the keyboard does not activate the context menu in the User Interface Browser.  
396825 The default value for the Publisher option on General tab of the Edit Installers dialog box is "%company". This value is not evaluated and the publisher appears as "%company".
397059 The GetMonitor functions fail if the monitor configuration changes. When the monitor configuration of the system changes (e.g. unplugging a monitor from a system with multiple monitors), GetMonitorFromPoint, GetMonitorFromRect, and GetMonitorFromPanel always return a value of 1 for the monitor ID.
399264 The Find command may miss some search matches if the Whole word option is enabled.  
399949 Some printing functions may cause a general protection fault in 64-bit applications. The following functions are affected: FontSelectPopup FontSelectPopupEx PrintCtrl PrintPanel WaveformGraphPopup XGraphPopup XYGraphPopup YGraphPopup
400767 Functions that take a Control List parameter may cause a crash in 64-bit applications. The following functions may cause a crash in 64-bit applications: AttributeMaxAndMin DistributeCtrls GetSelectedRadioButtons PutLabelsOnLeft SetAttributeForCtrls SetCtrlsToAttributeExtreme SetSelectedRadioButtons
400825 The RouteWinMsgToPanelCallback function may cause a crash when used in 64-bit applications.  
401736 Controls with the panel theme disabled still render with the panel theme in the User Interface Editor and at run time.  
401814 LabWindows/CVI might crash when renaming a function in a function panel when the Tools»Enable Auto Replace option is checked.  
402187 UDPMulticastSubscribe produces a non-fatal run-time error when specificying a source address. If a source address is specified for the UDPMulticastSubscribean function, the following error will occur: "Library function error (return value == -6815 [0xffffe561]). This port or another port on the same interface is already subscribed to that multicast group." This is a result of a memory corruption error.
402901 Launching the server help from the function prototype tooltip of a LabWindows/CVI Automation Server function causes a script error.  
403028 Changing the value of ATTR_INTERPOLATE_PIXELS can leave the plot with extraneous data.  
403448 The numeric control's display format cannot be set to Engineering format. If you attempt to set the Display Format of a numeric control to Engineering, the following error message is displayed three times, "The attribute value passed is not valid." The format of the control is not set to Engineering mode.
403645 LabWindows/CVI might crash when declaring a variable for the Attribute Value parameter of some attribute accessor functions. For example if you use the Declare Variable option to declare a variable for the last parameter of the Ivi_GetAttributeViBoolean function, LabWindows/CVI will crash. This issue occurs only for functions where there is a parameter in between the attributeID and the attributeValue parameters.
404103 Multiple error dialog boxes display when launching an example from the LabWindows/CVI Help and the example cannot be found. This issue occurs if LabWindows/CVI 2013 or later is installed on the system or if NI Security Update Q2 2013 is installed. Both error dialog boxes contain accurate information but are redundant.
404327 LabWindows/CVI may crash when changing the default calling convention of a library after it has been built.  
405357 Hovering the mouse over the scroll bar at the bottom of a function panel window may cause LabWindows/CVI to crash.  
407329 Selecting Rebuild from the Batch Build dialog box causes a memory leak.  
407339 Minimum and Maximum numeric fields for a table cell are shown as decimals even when formatted as hexidecimal.  
408295 Source files with several while loops may cause LabWindows/CVI to hang while scrolling the source file.  
408324 LabWindows/CVI will crash when you click the selection button for a ring control while editing a function panel. The selection button should not be displayed while the function panel is in edit mode. In some cases, the button will appear in edit mode, and LabWindows/CVI will crash if it is clicked.
409819 The Installer path option for a patch distribution is still red after being updated when the distribution is moved. If a distribution that contains a patch is moved, you must update the Installer path option. When you update the path, the installer path option will still be red.
410015 Badly formatted hInstance when LoadPanelEx reports an error. The error dialog does not display the full hInstance value. In some cases, this may cause the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine to crash.
410129 The canvas control turns green when resized on a monitor with 16-bit color depth.  
412997 The output of a 64-bit custom configuration is converted to 32-bit when the distribution is opened in LabWindows/CVI 2009 or earlier. A 64-bit custom configuration output can be used in a distribution in LabWindows/CVI 2010 or later. However, since LabWindows/CVI 2009 and earlier do not support custom configurations, the configuration is switched to the 32-bit default configuration when opened in LabWindows/CVI 2009 or earlier.

Glossary of Terms


  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Legacy ID – An older issue ID that refers to the same issue.  You may instead find this issue ID in older known issues documents.
  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
  • Workaround - Possible ways to work around the problem.
  • Reported Version - The earliest version in which the issue was reported.
  • Resolved Version - Version in which the issue was resolved or was no longer applicable. "N/A" indicates that the issue has not been resolved.
  • Date Added - The date the issue was added to the document (not the reported date).