Archived: Measurement Studio 2010 SP1 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 2010 to Measurement Studio 2010 SP1.

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ID Fixed Issue
168274 Reading and writing data within the same loop using TDMS results in a significant performance decrease.
217352 Updating the InteractionModeDefault of any .NET graph while the mouse is over the graph will not update the mouse cursor.
222524 The y-axis on a Measurement Studio graph accommodates the text length of a custom division label even if the custom division is not visible.
235390 Measurement Studio Boolean controls do not correctly handle the <Esc> key.
235391 Measurement Studio Boolean controls do not correctly handle loss of application focus.
244273 A project using Measurement Studio mixed mode assemblies built against .NET Frameworks prior to .NET Framework 4 cannot run against .NET Framework 4.
254498 Waveform, scatter, complex, and intensity graph annotations do not appear in the correct position if moved from one graph to another.
257272 EngineeringFormatInfo.Parse fails when used with non-English numeric separators.
276432 The Visual Studio Debugger display strings for the Measurement Studio intensity graph are not consistent with other Measurement Studio graphs.
276435 If you call the Draw method on a Measurement Studio annotation and the Visible property of the annotation is set to false, the annotation does not draw.
276792 The Update Project References dialog box shows an evaluation warning.
285295 You cannot evaluate Measurement Studio on Italian versions of Windows.
286749 If a Measurement Studio control is on a Microsoft tab control, saving the control to an image results in a poor-quality image.
290486 Using a logarithmic x-axis scale on Measurement Studio graphs can cause a hang for some data sets.
292544 Deployed Measurement Studio network variable client programs cannot use LogosXT.


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