Reduce Risk for RF and Microwave Component and Module Test

Passive and active electronically scanned arrays (ESAs) play a critical role in harnessing and defending the electromagnetic spectrum in modern radar and SATCOM applications. Mission success revolves around the characterization and production test of the RF and microwave semiconductor components within these systems. Technological innovations in this area are creating significant design and test challenges, including: 


  • More efficient high-power RF devices based on modern GaN process technologies 
  • Increasingly complex RF components and modules with progressively wider bandwidths 
  • Multichannel RF front ends to handle frequency agile and multiband applications 
  • More RF channel and high-speed digital I/O integration 
  • Software defined digital processing capabilities to meet multifunction application needs  

Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) Characterization Reference Architecture

  • Wide coverage of DC, RF, and digital interface needs for mixed-I/O testing applications 
  • Scalable configurations for component, module, and sub-assembly test 
  • Pulsed measurements optimal for radar component validation including pulse to pulse stability and S-parameters 
  • Unified software for developing, debugging, and deploying test systems and applications 
  • Additional measurements available with RFmx and InstrumentStudio software 

Solution Advantages

“Teams working on the next generations of phased array technology face intense market pressures. Technology advancements create new testing scenarios that must be addressed in less time than previous generations, and traditional approaches have lacked the scalability to meet this challenge while adding risk. The Electronically Scanned Array Characterization Reference Architecture allows teams to validate and test the next generation of phased arrays and their components confidently and in a more scalable fashion than traditional solutions on the market."

–Luke Schreier, SVP & GM, Aerospace, Defense, and Government BU, NI

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ESA Characterization Reference Architecture Brochure

Discover how the ESA Characterization Reference Architecture can help you validate and test the latest generation of ESA components, modules, and sub-assemblies for radar, EW, and SATCOM with a modular approach to developing test systems that scales to meet high-mix, low-volume test requirements.