PXI Platform Services Patch 2018 Q1 Details

An update is available for PXI Platform Services 17.0 through 17.5 that fixes critical trigger routing and reservation issues. This update includes fixes for two issues:

  • Dynamic trigger routing may fail if static trigger reservations have been made in MAX. When dynamically routing a trigger, the PXI Resource Manager starts at trigger line 0 and works its way up. If the Resource Manager encounters a trigger line that is already statically reserved via MAX, it will return an error.
  • Statically reserving a trigger line via NI MAX may fail to conflict with a dynamic trigger reservation previously made by application software. This creates a state in which a second application is capable of double-driving a trigger line.

This update is strongly recommended for all users of PXI Platform Services. You can install the patch through NI Update Service or you can download it directly through the following Drivers and Updates page: Drivers and Updates: PXI Platform Services 17.5.1