NI High Throughput Add-on for myRIO


The myRIO High Throughput Add-on for myRIO is an alternative to the Default FPGA personality that is part of the LabVIEW myRIO Toolkit.  It is ideal for projects that require high-speed analog and digital input and output, and is used and accessed similarly to the default FPGA personality.  The High Throughput personality offers user-configurable buffered I/O, as well as some of the functionality offered in the Default Personality.  


Install the High Throughput Personality

The High Throughput personality for myRIO is available for download in VI Package Manager, which is installed with LabVIEW. Search for the NI High Throughput Add-On for myRIO, and install the personality by clicking 'Install Package(s)'.

Configure a Project to Use the High Throughput Personality

After installing the High Throughput personality as described below, you can configure projects created from myRIO templates to use the High Throughput personality. You can either select the High Throughput personality from the project configuration window or from the Project Explorer after the project has been configured.

To select the High Throughput personality from the configuration window, use the drop down menu highlighted below.

To select the High Throughput personality from the project explorer, right click the myRIO target, select "Switch FPGA Personality," and then click on "High Throughput" as shown below.

High Throughput Personality Pallette

Similar to the Default Personality, the High Throughput personality offers both Express VIs and Low Level VIs to configure input and output.  The pallette can be found from the Functions Pallette under myRIO > High Throughput.  


Supported Functionalities

The supported functionalities for the Default and High Throughput personalities are listed below:


Supported Functionalities Number of Supported Channels
Default High Throughput
myRIO-1900 myRIO-1950 myRIO-1900 myRIO-1950
Analog Input (1 Sample) 12 8 12 8
Analog Output (1 Sample) 8 4 8 4
Digital Input 40 32 40 32
Digital Output 40 32 40 32
Button 1 1 1 1
LED 4 4 4 4
Accelerometer 3 3 3 3
PWM 8 6 / /
Encoder 4 2 / /
SPI 2 2 / /
I2C 2 2 / /
UART 2 2 2 2
Interrupt 8 8 / /
Analog Input (N Samples) / / 1 1
Analog Output (N Samples) / / 1 1
Audio Input (N Samples) / / 2 /
Audio Output (N Samples) / / 2 /
Digital Input (N Samples) / / 1 1
Digital Output (N Samples) / / 1 1
Input Device (Joystick) 1 1 1 1


Supported Channels

The High Throughput personality supports the following channels of the I/O connectors on myRIO:

Supported Functionalities Supported Channels
myRIO-1900 myRIO-1950
Analog Input A/AI0~A/AI3 
C/AI0, C/AI1 
AudioIn/Left, AudioIn/Right
Analog Output A/AO0, A/AO1 
B/AO0, B/AO1 
C/AO0, C/AO1 
AudioOut/Left, AudioOut/Right
A/AO0, A/AO1 
B/AO0, B/AO1
Analog Input (N Samples) A/AI0 (N Samples) A/AI0 (N Samples)
Analog Output (N Samples) A/AO0 (N Samples) A/AO0 (N Samples)
Audio Input (N Samples) AudioIn/Left (N Samples), AudioIn/Right (N Samples) /
Audio Output (N Samples) AudioOut/Left (N Samples), AudioOut/Right (N Samples) /
Digital Input A/DIO0~A/AI15 
Digital Output A/DIO0~A/AI15 
Digital Input (N Samples) A/DI0 (N Samples) A/DI0 (N Samples)
Digital Output (N Samples) A/DO0 (N Samples) A/DO0 (N Samples)
Button Button0 Button0
Accelerometer X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis
Input Device (Joystick) USB USB


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