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The Emona Instruments SIGEx is an add-on module for the NI ELVIS II / II+ that enables a hands-on approach to teaching signals & systems, digital signal processing, and circuit theory courses. With the EMONA SIGEx, students can experience the direct application of theory and mathematics to the real world by building and measuring continuous- and discrete-time systems that correspond to multi-stage z- and s-domain systems commonly found in textbooks for Signals & Systems.

SIGEx stands for “Signals & Systems EXperimenter” and is designed and manufactured by EMONA Instruments in Sydney, Australia.



The Emona SIGEx includes a ready-to-use Student Lab Manual. The experiments are self-contained, and include background information, an overview of the experiment, and a step-by-step procedure, and ready-to-assign questions for the student to answer as part of the lab exercise. For a list of the topics covered in the SIGEx lab manual, click  here.   


NI ELVIS II Guided Tour 

Watch this step-by-step guided tour to see NI ELVIS II hardware in detail and learn the areas where it can be applied.

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Purchase the NI ELVIS II and an Emona SIGEx today or contact National Instruments to discuss details.

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Visit the National Instruments Academic page to learn more about the NI ELVIS II Electronics Education platform.

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