CompactRIO Third-Party Products Complete Overview List


CompactRIO features a powerful heterogeneous computing architecture along with customizable IO using C Series modules in a small, rugged form factor. In order to extend the C Series module offering even further to meet industry specific needs or requirements, the module development kit (MDK) allows third party developers to create custom modules. Below you will find qualified CompactRIO modules with ready-made hardware and driver software.  If your application requires a custom I/O module with unique or specialized signal types, contact one of these suppliers and they will design a module to your exact needs.  Alternatively, the CompactRIO Module Development Kit (NI cRIO-9951) provides the tools needed for designing your own custom module.


The following list is intended as an overview of products and does not contain any device specifications. If looking for the device specifications, please see the appropriate third party website.


Featured Third-Party Modules


See the new Precision Filters PFI-9602 and PFI-9608 Programmable Filter Analog I/O Module


Communications Modules

  • S.E.A. SEA 9741 4G/GPS Communication Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9744 4G/GPS Communication Module (Not for use in USA or Japan)
  • S.E.A. SEA 9745 4G/GPS Communication Module (USA Only, AT&T)
  • S.E.A. SEA 9405 GPS Module - 4 Hz
  • S.E.A. SEA 9410 GPS Module - 10 Hz
  • S.E.A. SEA 9414 GPS Module - 4 Hz, Ext. Temp
  • S.E.A. SEA 9715 Ethernet Switch Module
  • UNO-LUX NS d.o.o  SRB cRIO GSM (SMS delivery report, CSD, TCP/UDP up to 8 connections, TCP server)

 Bus Communications Modules

  • TangentBlue TB 3501 SPI/I2C Controller Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9210 Multi IO Module Data Acquisition & Monitoring
  • S.E.A. SEA 9510 EnDat Interface Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9521 BiSS Interface Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9804 LIN Interface Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9811 ARINC 429 Interface Module
  • Data Ahead PROFIBUS DP Slave DP
  • SET ARINC-429 Transmitter Module
  • SET ARINC-429 Receiver Module
  • SET SET 9438 ARINC-429 8-Channel Configurable
  • SET SET 9468 ARINC-429 16-Channel Fixed RX/TX
  • SET SET 9434 ARINC-429 4-Channel Configurable
  • SET SET 9464 ARINC-429 8-Channel Fixed RX/TX
  • Bloomy BCI-1553 MIL-STD-1553B C-Series Module
  • PPI MIL-STD-1553 Module

C Series Digital Modules

  • ANGARA Technology AT-2501-M Optical Trigger Distribution Module
  • BitGen BT-2172 High Density Digital Output Module - RC Servo Conn (72 ch @ 30V)
  • BitGen BT-2072 High Density Digital Output Module - PicoClasp Conn (72 ch @ 30V)

Display Modules

  • Mink Hollow Systems MH-LCD-216 Display Module
  • S.E.A.SEA 4912 cRIO Display 2.4” Kit
  • S.E.A. SEA 4914 cRIO Display 4.3” Kit

Vehicle Design Modules

  • KGC HKS-8305 Low-Side Switch module and Solenoid driver module
  • KGC HKS-8306 Voltage source module
  • Wireflow WF 3168 Battery Stack Monitor and Balancing Module
  • Wireflow WF 3169 Battery Stack Monitor Module

Sensor Interface and Protocol Modules

  • Precision Filters PFI-9608 Programmable Filter Analog I/O Module
  • Precision Filters PFI-9102 Bridge Conditioner for Pressure/Strain/Vibration/Load Measurements
  • Precision Filters PFI-9302 Charge Conditioner for Piezoelectric Sensor Measurements
  • Precision Filters PFI-9452 Dynamic Strain Conditioner with Balance Constant Current Technology
  • Precision Filters PFI-9602 Anti-Aliasing Amplifier/Filter with Optional IEPE Current Source
  • CGS CGS ISRM - SENT (Intelligent Sensor Read Module)
  • Lion Precision ECD140 Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor
  • S.E.A. SEA 9510 EnDat Module (digital encoder interface)
  • S.E.A. SEA 9521 BiSS Interface Module
  • SET SET–9320 Prure Module +-500mbar
  • SET SET–9321 Pressure Module +-200mbar
  • SET SET–9322 Pressure Module +-20mbar
  • SET SET–9324 Pressure Module +-50mbar
  • SET SET–9325 Pressure Module +-100mbar
  • SET RDK-9316 Resolver Demodulator Module (Resolver-Demodulator/Simulator)
  • SET LVDT-9312 Demodulator Module (LVDT-Demodulator/Simulator)

Sensor Simulation

  • Wireflow WF 3144 C Series, Resistor Emulator Module


  • S.E.A. SEA 9715 Ethernet Switch Module
  • WireFlow WF 3132 C Series, Multiplexer Switch Module
  • WireFlow WF 3154 C Series, Fault Injection Module

Video Modules

  • MoviMed AF-1501/1502 15fps Analog Camera for PAL NTSC and SECAM

Prototyping and Starter-kit Modules

  • TangentBlue TB-3001 Prototype Design Module for Creating a Custom NI cRIO C Series Module

Motion Modules

  • CCM 2282 Stepper Motor Driver and Analyzer Modules
  • CCM 2283 Stepper Motor Driver and Analyzer Modules
  • DSM VF-90 Linear Piezo Amplifier Module
  • Robotronix  RX-XY2-100 Communication Module
  • SISU Devices SISU-1004, 4-Axis Stepper Drive Interface Module
  • S.E.A. SEA 9510 EnDat Module (digital encoder interface)
  • S.E.A. SEA 9521 BiSS Interface Module

Processor Modules

  • Bluetechnix ADI Blackfin 537 Processor Modules
  • Bluetechnix ADI Blackfin 537 with integrated JTAG Debug Processor Modules

19-in Enclosures and Accessories

  • BiRA 19" Rack-Mount Enclosure for CompactRIO
  • BiRA CompactRIO Connector Breakout and Interface Boards

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