Archived: DIAdem 11.0 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from DIAdem 10.2.1 to DIAdem 11.0. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.



63645          Text from text channels that were linked to an ODBC data store column with the SQL_BindTextChn command, were not allowed to contain special characters. These characters were interpreted incorrectly.
102902 If DIAdem launched with command parameters, for example /CMsgBoxDisp('hello'), the command text was changed to upper case. DIAdem 11 does not change the case.
103983 If the Windows task bar was positioned at the left or at the top edge of the desktop and was set to Always in the Foreground, DIAdem did not restore the previous window position correctly.
105759 The CNo function returned an error message for channels with names that include double quotation marks.




94196          To reindex a DataPlugin you previously had to select Start Now or wait until the next indexing. Now, reindexing starts as soon as you close the configuration dialog box with OK.
98449 In some cases, a newly installed DataPlugin could not be enabled and used in the DataFinder.


Data Portal


72517          If a column was moved behind the last column in the list display of the Data Portal, the program crashed.




52976          If a new Navigator configuration was used in the ASAM data service, error messages sometimes occurred when DIAdem was shut down.
53110 When a TDM file was saved for the first time and then imported to Excel with a TDM Excel Add-In, the root property Name sometimes contained the value Noname instead of the filename.
53177 When Excel data was imported, DIAdem previously overwrote all the properties of the data set regardless of how the Excel import filter was configured. Now DIAdem only overwrites the properties that are configured in the import filter.
58484 When ATFX files were written, no application elements or instances were created, for example, for AoEnvironment and AoUnit.
63028 If an AOP server was used without specifying in the configuration dialog box that the password be saved, this password was not correctly transferred to the server.
68947 In USI 1.5, ASAM-ODS data that contained an implicit, independent channel, could not be loaded correctly.
94679 When an AOP server was used, the program sometimes crashed when a LocalColumn was deleted while the MeasurementQuantity was not deleted.
97330 When custom properties were created on ASAM/ODS AOP3 servers, problems sometimes occurred.
101379 When data from ASAM data stores was imported with the Submatrix or LocalColumn import methods, no units were imported.




50730          If too many properties were displayed in a channel table, the <page down> key could not be used.
51605 If curves with selected flag areas that contained only one value were scrolled in a 2D axis system, the flag marker sometimes shifted to a different point.
58648 If the channels were very long, the channel table sometimes only displayed the first 100 rows.
59831 When LPD files were added to a report, errors could occur.
70766 You were not able to enter NoValues in the Block Operations dialog box.
94120 Previously you could not start videos with a shortcut. Now the shortcut <Ctrl+F5> starts the play function and the shortcut <Ctrl+Q> stops the play function.




42858          The ChnNovHandle command created an error message if NoValues were to be interpolated in the y-channels and an implicit or registered x-channel was specified without NoValues.
42947 If a static data matrix was active and a mathematical function was executed, in which the channel numbers of the result channels did not follow exactly after the channel numbers of the input channels, some commands produced errors.
51614 The display format Time is now transferred from the input channels to the result channels in various ANALYSIS functions.
52302 The signal range copied for a specified interval by the command ChnTimeAreaCopywas sometimes one point too short.
53228 The units of the result channels were not always correct in order analysis in the frequency domain.
58161 The StatBlockCalc command did not create waveform channels in a line-oriented evaluation if all input channels were waveform channels and had the same x-parts.
60339 If the attempt to write data into a channel with the function ChD failed, DIAdem did not display an error message.
65651 If you called the ChnFind command with a start value that was higher than the maximum channel length, the result of the function was always the maximum channel length even if the specified condition was not true. Now the function returns the value 0. The behavior of the function ChnFindReverse was modified accordingly.
66882 In an order analysis with a third or octave analysis, the third and octave channels were incorrectly named.
67160 If you enabled the setting Unique channel names in one channel group in the Compatibility dialog box and performed an order analysis, order channels were incorrectly named.
102159 If the matrix-scalar operation was executed with the setting Store result in original channels, the result channel was incorrectly named.
104822 If you executed a quantile calculation with channel-oriented evaluation, a runtime error could occur if the input channels were not the same length.
109698 When a rainflow classification was executed, not all settings were recorded in the recording mode.




40023          If the axis to be configured was a date/time axis, the 3D axis parameters could not be configured manually.
42164 You could not configure all palettes in the display modes IsolinesBars2D MatrixSpikes, and Vector in 3D axis systems.
42945 The symbol field of a legend was plotted in a 2D axis system even if the value for the symbol field was set to 0 percent.
45257 If layouts were exported repeatedly into PDF documents, the exported documents were sometimes incomplete.
45429 You could not set the vector line properties in the dialog box for the Vector display mode in a 3D axis system.
53168 The dialog box for graphics selection did not open in the correct folder if you used this dialog box previously to open a file in a path that contained certain UNICODE characters.
53422 In report layouts with a master layout problems occurred if you selected and copied all objects with <Ctrl+A>. Master layout objects cannot be copied and pasted. You no longer select master layout objects with <Ctrl+A>.
53856 DIAdem sometimes crashed when <Ctrl+Z> was pressed in a 2D axis system legend.
55266 If an incorrect report layout was plotted again with a script, DIAdem sometimes displayed a message box. Now you can read the message in the logfile.
58146 If the x-axis did not have linear scaling, the horizontal error bars were not correctly displayed.
58300 If, for example, a rectangle object with an activated clipping function from an earlier DIAdem version was on top of a 2D axis system, DIAdem displayed the curve incorrectly with NoValues.
58651 In the 3D curve and Vector display modes you could not always set the color and line properties correctly.
58677 If a configuration dialog box for a 2D or a 3D axis system was cancelled, the information about the status of a master layout was lost.
58976 In a 2D axis system with bar display the autoscaling did not work correctly if the bars were moved to the left.
59189 If you wanted to display curves with markers and you selected the setting Every n-th point, DIAdem plotted the wrong number of markers.
60338 DIAdem did not use the page format of the master layout if the layout was not the same as the current page format.
60408 In 3D axis systems the autoscaling of the z-axis produced errors if all the z-data was less than 1.
60463 If a graphic was output to a printer or to a file and you clicked Min. Borders the axis labels were not included if the DIAdem window was minimized during the output.
63338 When ranges in a 2D axis system were displayed, the offset was not included.
63492 If several linear mirrored y-axes were used in a 2D axis system, errors sometimes occurred in the autoscalings.
65568 If you double-clicked a legend in a 2D axis system to open the Legend dialog box when the Data Portal was empty, error messages appeared when the dialog box opened.
73673 The curve display in linear mirrored axis systems was not always mirrored.
101407 When you configured a characteristic diagram, you could not activate the Color Legend setting unless you closed the 3D Axis Definition dialog box with OK.
102409 In characteristic diagrams the additional points to be displayed were not always entirely displayed despite autoscaling.




43098          The ODsChannelGet command did not include the display format of time channels, in TDM and TDMS files.
69608 When selected text lines were moved, unwanted copies of these lines were sometimes made.
100757 When an error occurred in the functions ResetDataFinderLoadDataOpenDataStore, and OpenDataFinder, the script created a message box and waited for a user entry. Now the script terminates when an error occurs and displays a message. You can use the On Error Resume Next statement to specify how the script behaves when an error occurs in these functions.
104800 If a channel name contained the sign µ, the function CNo always returned the value 0.
108164 If the command DeskSave was used in a script, this could lead to the PAR file, which belonged to the desktop file (DDD file), not being saved.


User Dialog Boxes


40161          When the routines FolderDeleteFolderCopyFolderMove, or FolderRename were used in a user dialog box, the dialog box sometimes lost focus.
52993 If the user switched between two tabs of a user dialog box, the event EventLostFocusof the control on the tab that was previously activated was not called until the tab was switched.
58875 Calling XTable.Refresh in the declaration part sometimes caused DIAdem to crash when a dialog box opened, if this method was on a hidden tab of a TabPage control.
59971 If an error occurred during initialization or in a global script, or when Dialog.OK and Dialog.Cancel were called, the dialog editor did not terminate the script.
63621 If a user dialog box was loaded into the dialog editor, the dialog box was sometimes minimized if the resolution of the computer was not sufficient to display the dialog box completely.
68964 If the variable CHD was assigned to a user dialog box, wrong values were sometimes saved depending on which language setting was selected.
96634 For Boolean variables that were defined by a GPI extension, the variable assignment in user dialog boxes did not function completely. These variables were recognized as ReadOnly variables, so that these variables could not be assigned new values.
105777 When Dialog.Cancel and Dialog.OK were called from a SUD script, DIAdem sometimes crashed if SUD controls were accessed after these commands executed. Now, the commands are not executed until all pending dialog box events are executed.
105792 The InteractionOn command was sometimes executed from the script code of a user dialog box although this command is not valid in user dialog boxes.




45282          Using the registration dialog box of the user management in the alarm system, sometimes led to the display of error messages when DIAdem closed.
52996 You could not enter long computer names in the address field of the packet processing block Net Client, only IP addresses. Now you can load a block diagram from DIAdem 11, which contains this block with a long computer name, with earlier DIAdem versions. However you then cannot edit the computer name.
60178 In alarm systems the limit values of the table display and the numeric display were always displayed in the range -10 to +10 regardless of the actual settings.
60327 After an update of the NI-DAQmx driver to version 8.7, some channels on the cDAQ systems were no longer recognized by the DIAdem driver.
66990 If an interrupt buffer overflow occurred during a measurement with the NI-DAQmx driver, because the selected clock rate and/or the selected number of inputs and outputs were too high for the computer, the driver ended the data processing of the respective clock system without an error message.
101677 If a measurement ran with a USB-6229, NoValues were displayed for all measurement values if the number of channels to be measured on this module exceeded 25. Now, the internal sampling rate is adjusted for these channels when the measurement starts, so that the maximum sampling rate of the module is not exceeded.




40089          If two switches touched or overlapped, DIAdem plotted the switches incorrectly.
53618 In digits displays and table displays, the set font size was not used for the display of the signal name.

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