Archived: LabVIEW 8.5 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 8.2.1 and LabVIEW 8.5. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of LabVIEW.


Bug Fixes

ID Fixed Issue
49OA8M00 Only part of the front panel can be accessed.
43175200 Issues with waveform graph example
48592300 C++ NI-Reports VS2003 does not deploy correctly when installed as "Just Me"
49080069 Event Handling Example Needs to be Updated
1HO7K8X4 Slider with multiple thumbs can not preserve values when unit is applied or removed
2R4G20GQ Browser does not bring modal subvi window to front
2RJ7RPN4 Wiring problem
2S2DS6S4 Find dialog: DAQ Channel Name, IVI Logical Name, and VISA resource name constants cannot be found.
2SHEGGQQ Replace text does not work on listbox controls
2SHEI800 Replace text does not work on Graph controls
2SHEIP00 Replace text does not work on table controls
2WC9H400 Broken wires into property node when loading
2WDAKK8Z Floater Window Behavior acts same as Floater/Auto-Hide on OSX
2X072200 Add Height and Width properties to the control/indicator property box
30K2R2TP Changing System Time causes DataSocket Server 4.1 error 56 in LabVIEW
31NEJ9RQ Feedback nodes don't align.
3219N8DV Alt key behavior incorrect when watching for MenuActivation? event
33C83T2K User "Panel Resize" events behave differently/incorrectly on different platforms when doing Maximize/Minimize/Restore
35Q5FK5E Empty pages when printing VI documentation
369CTJ83 New timing primitives 'expand' whatever structure they are inside when a copy operation is done.
36GCPMJ1 In [Formula] Express VI, the configuration dialog does not let focus follow mouse clicks
377925WJ Set Properties creates a new channel when incoming DDT has different name
378A92WJ Error -2553 when reading an empty channel
37S7AU7W doesn't work correctly with arrays of different lengths
381F3DWW A timed loop based on a G based timing source always finishes late if Tick is generated faster than ~250Hz.
39IELUM0 Read LabVIEW Measurement File returns Error 4 if called on the same file twice without unloading the VI
3AS9FNWQ VI: Cannot use variable "i" in same formula as constant "pi". Also, renaming variable "i" to "k" replaces "pi" in formula w/ "pk".
3B0AEO00 Formula Waveform (used by LabVIEW SignalExpress) does not return error for some invalid formula
3B76NDOC Placing IMAQ Image Display inside Control Refnum crashes LabVIEW
3BPACBTQ Transient Measurements "Auto-select" does not work correctly
3C5E21JE Terminal References get invalidated when PolyInstance Changes
3DS9A1R0 Express VI Configuration dialogs do not have OK button as default (i.e. tied to Enter key).
3E73LCFI Bundle by name bug when using multiple clusters inside a cluster.
3EAC9Q00 performance Problems with ACL::getAccessRights(ipAddr)
3EIA5I08 coloring of connector nodes carries over between instances
3EPA6B3U LabVIEW does not refresh default printer after it has been opened.
3F18KIJE LabVIEW Compiler Error when using EXT datatype with Storage VIs
3FACNL8Z Control Names Don't Match Name User Sees
3FI9CGPJ NativeDialogSetup disables all VIs including the ones in the Native Dialog
3FTBF0QO In palette editor, if I close these palettes then there is no way to get them back.
3G1H098V Value Change Event Does Not Fire With Combo Box Set to Update While Typing
3G87AKGI Broken Wires in IVI Write Property Node (Intermittent Issue)
3HJ94BMO Difficult to back out of a bad choice made during "Save" interaction.
3HPA4100 Type descriptors and DDO names are different due to trailing white space
3IEFAIP2 SCL/OSX: Listbox on "Find VIs on Disk" don't seem to update when moving window.
3IFA64WN Project library properties: icon for new VI under library is not enforced
3IFEFU56 Cannot create a cluster using IFlexData
3IGFHGUK Read Measurements File "Generic Text" Option is wrong
3IR5KC00 Losing Description and Tip when converting Control to Constant
3IRCOHR0 Read from Measurement File & Write to Measurement File - Tab Order problems
3J0DUGP2 Enable state of "Apply window" control in configuration dialog of [Amplitude and Level Measurements] Express VI is confusing.
3J7741P2 Project toolbar is not correct after canceling File>>Open
3J7E8SJ1 Finding a domain ... the Find button is not linked to the Enter key
3J8D6NBD Color scale on meter cannot be reset when colors go off spectrum
3KBC5EVI Change ACL validation so that more specfic wins
3KLD901I Digital Conversion VI needs better error message
3KOFR31O LabVIEW 7.1 for Linux - When I create a constant on the block diagram, it decrements the value of the constant if I left-click over the constant.
3L2G1AF2 Cosmetic and Functional Issues with Configuration Dialogs for Timed Loop and Timed Sequence
3L3HA5WN Mysterious blocking of timed loops on hyperthreaded machines.
3L89JJWQ LabVIEW for Linux may have lurking crash due to handling of preferences for multiple LabVIEW versions.
3LC8EJR0 Unbundle by Name reports warning of unnamed or duplicate member for all instances of the node.
3LICRQ00 Viewing "This VI's SubVIs" for an FPGA VI diagram produces an unexpected list of subVIs.
3LO8NFP2 VI doesn't break or show an input when configuration cancelled.
3LQ8T2P2 Label snapping does not take array constant index into account.
3M9A6CJM Feedback node doesn't react when you add space on you diagram.
3M9CGL6R VIs that were converted from Express VIs can still have "toolkit" creation info.
3MJ6PENW LabVIEW runs out of memory when it calls a LabVIEW built dll from another version
3MJMKBSG Executable doesn't support all cursors when using the Cursor VIs
3MR7FLRM DLL Node dependencies are not handled correctly in Project Window
3MSD3BMQ Find/Replace All ignores matches within the same string (in regexp mode)
3N591RJ1 Trailing space in ring selector makes entering new value tough for enum values (auto completion comes out wrong)
3N78Q5HH Wait for RQS VI Should Not Lock GPIB Bus
3N8EJFJ1 Create SubVI does not respect the "Resize new ctls to grid" option in Tools>>Options
3NBAFLF2 No Hourglass Cursor When Performing Big "Replace All" Operation
3NBD4PJ1 NI Security: Login to Domain has domain/username/password in wrong order
3NBDANJ1 NI Security: Default values for "password expiration" are strange/illogical
3NBF9RJ1 NI Security: UI feedback for "User Properties" -- Membership tab
3NBFH4J1 NI Security: UI Feedback for Group Properties dialog
3NDF2J8P THD Example benchmark test runs significantly slower in 8.0 than in 7.1
3NIE2300 Window problems with synchronizing VIs across application instances
3NJ6S81W Error list messages indicate wrong VI broken
3NK8DCN8 Find and replace dialog shows ugly instance VI names
3NQBMIP2 "IsBreakPtSet?" & "AutoGrow" property returning wrong value for Timed Sequence.
3O1AFOS5 Loading corrupted VI crashes LabVIEW
3O3FBA8Z Pane Events Have Two Differently Named Event Data Fields That Are Actually the Same
3O7DD8P2 There needs to be a reliable way to tell the type of Express VI when traversing for SubVI.
3O7FB9GQ Menu Shortcuts page doesn't allow you to enter Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V
3O86UKP2 Data Range and Format and Precision tab come up empty when selecting properties of controls in refnums.
3O89QP00 LV8J - Icon Editor for Application Builder: trailing byte of Japanese characters appear as black dots
3O8AP328 I/O Server needs to be localized.
3O8BCLGQ Window order problem with property pages
3OA8OF1W Viewing terminals as icons doesn't show type
3OAHA2N8 Instance VIs are not reproducible
3OB9O72K Event Registration Refnum branch warning is set and listed incorrectly
3OE89R1W returns error 4803 on my test machine
3OEFACLG When a vertical fill slide is inside of a tab control and the scale is changed programmatically, the scale doesn't update unless the window is refreshed.
3OI8D300 Auto Configure Button on [Create Histogram] Works Poorly for Integer Inputs
3OI9FCN8 Font tables are not saved in an easily predictable manner
3OIBNEN7 Graph scale markers values not displayed when using nonzero offset
3OOB4NS5 Printing Problem Assistant resets path that user entered to default value
3OOBC6S5 Printing Problem Assistant - long paths don't scroll
3OOE6R3A Express VI modifies dt of signal
3OTANL28 Domain Manager window needs to be localized
3P1CLBV9 Variable Manager does not handle or display IO servers correctly
3P58NAGI RMS Measurement Incorrect for Complex Waveform
3P68FELJ Need to remove the ability to add a target on remote subnet from a networked device.
3P6CR6NR Binary to Digital Poly VI does not adapt to type
3P7BIJSQ Format Into String incorrectly formats into string
3P7BPBJ1 Conditional Compile node means subVI nodes won't necessarily update during a Save As on subVI even if caller VI is in memory
3P7EA300 No Help for Automation Close Function
3P7FCAF2 Dragging Object onto Diagram From Project, Then Pressing Delete, Deletes Object from Project
3PEFDKCS Recent Projects menu does not show full paths if duplicate names in projects
3PF9BVNR timeseq.cpp line 1509. VI insanities after attempting delete of a timed sequence inside a timed loop
3PIBM9MP Breaking then fixing a wire connected to an input tunnel on Sim Loop results in an incorrectly broken run arrow.
3PKBG6HL Help window does not update description when hovering over VIs in the project window
3PMBTSBW Listing unsaved changes of untitled library results in internal warnings
3PP78E00 Table/Ring Editor: [from beta site] Ring Edit Items problem
3PP937BQ Express VI has a weird signal name
3PPF3S7G Sim Installer doesn't put icon on splash screen
3PR7TPYZ label on timed sequence disappears while typing new one
3PREJBSQ Very Slow Editing Behavior when using multiple TDM file storage VIs.
3Q2906VI Path Leak in k_PathList Case of CPrefBag::GetStringProperty in PrefBag.cpp
3Q2GKQZA Help does not launch from the options dialog within Variable Manager
3Q3GPD7F XControl Base version test problems.
3Q4DEN00 NI Service locator security settings
3Q51MPTM The TimerQueueImp should be more efficient when the Queue is empty.
3Q691JUZ ReplicateConpane call is failing when a RealMatrix Control is wired to Connector pane
3Q6D816E When I right click on the poly-vi selector for the DAQmx Write VI, the selection doesn't change
3Q6G2N00 Sometimes floating palettes are not in the correct format after relaunching LabVIEW.
3QADHG9I Aborting the caller of a custom XControl method while the method is being debugged does not work
3QB75DAP Find All Instances for a VI sometimes doesn't find static references
3QD7T7OE Copy-Paste behavior in the project window is not consistent with Windows
3QKEHPKU LabVIEW does not refresh the control after its visibility changes
3QPDR5PK during download, VIs are being asked to save when there are no user edits
3QPFL5KZ Set Properties Storage VI Overwrites Channel Name
3RDH5NHA Project add file operation on a library did not fix variable source linkage.
3RLAKUM8 Need to implement "restore buffer" on LabVIEW sound.
3RS8AOYZ Cannot debug XControl in subpanel VI
3S0FP100 Enable debugging ini token doesn't get written if build spec uses ini file from project on mac and linux
3S1BA9ZC manager/extcode.h conflicts with WDT
3S7EHR54 auto run vi without scroll bars resizes when going idle
3SFGBN0P Variant control contains a blinking cursor when dropped
3SJ9FOJ1 The Signal input to "Write Data" block of the Storage VIs should be Required input
3SL9KCSH MathScript function "whos" does not return bytes information
3SLBDUBW Library property returns error in runtime -- needed by instr drivers.
3SQ957O7 When you click CTRL + right-mouse to open the functions palette, this will open Express VI's FP but
3SSGL672 Wrong calling convention setting in CLN crashes LabVIEW
3T282I1W marching ants around non-rectangular regions
3TBBS99Z VI Diff does not notice difference in block diagram cluster constant values
3TID16BF Diff of identical VIs shows event structure differences.
3U19DT7K Overhead of call to .NET assembly performance in LabVIEW
3U59JQJ1 Source distributions should allow renaming files
3UMFP5V9 Security - You can configure "disable special keys" even if the kbdfilter driver is not installed
3UMG32CE clean the code of filename parser
3UR7MCCI Implementation of Matrix Left/Right Division
3V1FJOYE "Write data" storage VI dialog does not allow some waveform properties
3V5BLTOC Only part of the Front Panel can be accessed
3V68J1FN Hovering Over Primitive Terminals Looks Strange
3V6D4V84 IDVI Creator -- created VI doesn't show scrollbar scroller
3V6E7JF2 File>>Exit does not work after launching Tools>>MathScript Window...
3V7GOJ3O "Unset Busy" mouse cursor function does not work right
3V8AECN8 Pop-up for combo box selection isn't case sensitive when pre-highlighting what was selected
3V8FC83P DAQmx Base Drivers not able to be weakly linked
3V9BL9SQ Programmatic Front Panel State from Maximized to Closed Transition has a Standard State in between.
3V9E44R6 Question marks show up on a standard LabVIEW palette after editing it
3V9EMJN8 File dialog function context help links to file dialog express VI help
3V9ESAN8 express VI gives an error with an ugly source (instance VI names) if you push cancel
3V9F1DN8 example referenced by the File dialog express VI help contains the file dialog function, not the VI
3VGF5A1W VI not added to save pending list when edited with control prop page
3VKA8FNB VISA prims constants "create" not working for all cases
3VKEBLNR If you launch the MathScript window immediately after the getting started window, you can't make VIs or projects.
3VL9RI00 Invalid characters in Tools>>Options>>Web Server:Browser Access and VI Server:Machine Access cause icon to not display in access list
3VLEO3SQ ADO access causes VIs to recompile if timestamp differs between machines.
3W38AH1W UI issues with Acquire Sound config page
3W3AFLZU Renaming a project actually creates a copy of the project file
3W3FGPIQ Unpredictable results when clearing waveform chart.
3W4G45ZU Browse on the FieldPoint I/O control without the FieldPoint support VIs installed causes LabVIEW to search for FPLVMgr.dll
3W5HFSBS Library Additem Method has a vague error message
3W69OR7R Executable Created in LabVIEW Open Two Taskbar Items
3W99SSKU Needs documentation
3W9CS3WB Implement more robust naming scheme for imported Web Services
3W9ELDHL Old bounds does not get invalidated when Update Image and Bounds is called.
3W9H1871 Free cursor on MSG doesn't update correctly when plot area is resized.
3WA6N34I Express VI - preview is not displayed for frequency of 100k
3WAES700 Some Examples that ship with Base package should not use analysis VIs
3WBA04FK RT App Builder is not writing over Read Only files when rebuilding an exe
3WBAKOU1 Rename from Input/Output Terminals of script nodes does not work as expected
3WJETBPW MathScript build application causes name collision warning
3WOA5CHO VarMan has trouble with processes that have dots in their names
3WODMQX7 Web Service Importer doesn't add to the project
3WOE9EGQ Internal warning with really long text
3WRBFH00 Build-->Source Distribution-->Preserve Hierarchy behaves incorrectly
3WSI5DMQ Drag and drop sometimes makes VI windows stop responding
3X0GLPMQ Creating a .c file from a Call Library Node outputs code that doesn't follow coding conventions
3X19RNZU Project opened from example finder appeared behind the getting started window
3X2DIGNB Adding icon from Build app dialog, does not check out project
3X3FCIN8 Open VI Reference function gives error 2 (memory is full) if the user presses the stop button in the loading dialog
3X4BA800 Crash when not enough space for intensity graph y scale
3X77JIVR Double-clicking title bar restores window even if Resize is not allowed
3X7BJIXC Can't get ALL VIs in memory any more in LabVIEW 8.0
3X7CTDBW dll wrapper: If custom control selected, users must provide cust control path
3X7DLM00 LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: fuctionbrowser.cpp line 4561
3X86KM7R Slow Performance with Event Structure and Array
3X8AO4OZ Init Joystick VI fails
3X8CM0NQ No scroll bars on block diagram
3X8D92P2 Behavior of "Result Name" configuration section in [Time Domain Math] Express VI is odd.
3X8EMNPI Conditional disable symbol poor error message if no value entered
3XBA4NAO Remove Broken Wires shouldn't touch the Disabled frame of a Diagram Disable structure
3XBBRHJ1 Cross-context undo confuses autosave
3XBE61R2 Import Shared Library dialog does not grey out the Next button if destination field is cleared
3XCIAAMQ Dragging mail item onto project window crashes LabVIEW
3XFABCBW void return values should not result in a generated control
3XFAHUBW selecting "enter" when in description field moves to next page
3XFDJORS Data on control differs if dragged from .ctl and from project
3XGCOFFR Sdf saved in desktop target doesn't rescript when opened in FPGA target
3XGDQSMQ CLN brings up search dialog even when it should know where the DLL is
3XH6461W Mass compile method should have a "cancelled" or "stopped" output
3XHDID0S Clicking 'Edit' without choosing any controls (or indicators) causes an error in 'Front panel binding mass configuration' dialog
3XIF7TA3 DLL Wrapper tool should remember the last DLL and header file used
3XIFG9A3 Input output pairs should have corresponding positions on connector pane
3XM7IS8W type command does not work with built-in functions
3XMFHJJ1 A password-protected lib can be dragged into and out of an owning library without supplying password
3XMHKJ3E Cannot select Library file for updating.
3XP7QAAP Change to control does not keep data on fixed constants
3XP9L5QO ActiveX Property node hangs when passed an invalid refnum
3XPCODE9 MathScript Butter function does not accept common syntax variation
3XPCP1E9 MathScript cheby1 does not accept syntax variation
3XT9HLPJ Save As.. should not be disabled on unsaved projects.
3XTEHM7F Return value setting page of functions
3XTHBM9A Apply changes is sometimes enabled when it shouldn't be (or is not disabled when it should be disabled)
3XU8G9BW Suggestion: Set icon in lvlib properties to match VI banner
3Y091URM Size of Constant array parameters should be enforced
3Y0AIOSQ Front panel covers windows task bar when the "Window has title bar" property is NOT set and VI is maximized.
3Y0B5AVI Changing to run-mode in dialog VI will "un-maximize" it and will not restore when complete
3Y0BLPBW Write Data Storage VI: table selection and edit UI issues
3Y0BQJJ1 The source palette feature isn't working for VIs in the Connectivity>>SCC palette
3Y0CB6MO Global variable created from palette not reflected in the project.
3Y0CKI3Z Tabbing in causes error
3Y0DHCBQ Knob doesn't lock if scale min/max doesn't fit in numeric representation
3Y0EARMQ fini() and init() should probably just be ignored.
3Y0EAUMO SubVIs that don't show up in a VI hierarchy show up when you print VI and subVIs.
3Y0EL2NM Internal error in drawmgr2.cpp: 350 (ValidateImage() failed)
3Y19IO1W bad error for conditional disable without a default frame
3Y19PFFN Renaming Grandparent Class Makes Test Fail
3Y1BM41W conditional disable test needs updating
3Y1DAHLG LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: support2.cpp line 800
3Y1G8DCS Library "project" window has Save As disabled
3Y4G9200 TDM User Defined Properties -- When dataType is set to double, numbers like 1.23e-8 is not accepted.
3Y5AFB1W setting tab order of controls on a typedef'd Tab Control doesn't work
3Y5AK61W converting tab control to typedef moves its owned controls
3Y637D00 array allocation
3Y69LT2J impz carries forward previous freqz magnitude response
3Y6AMOP2 Right-click replace menu on Express VIs don't have quick menu.
3Y6BLOLG Multiple event structures crash LabVIEW when dynamic events used incorrectly on a Dual Processor computer
3Y6FO5AF VI screen position does not reflect VI properties
3Y78SG5U Display Path to Palette File... needs to be more user friendly
3Y79QFU9 LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: fpselsup.cpp line 3669
3Y7A348W title command adds second title, not primary
3Y7AOMF7 Some menus on project window intermittently go invisible
3Y7CKU00 crash when closing a custom probe that leaks remote app references
3Y86TQ0X VI names with noncompliant Windows names
3Y8DJ6MI xlabel function returns an error in MathScript
3Y8DM2MI ylabel command returns errors in MathScript
3Y8DP7MI The title function returns an error in MathScript
3Y8DSSMI The legend command returns error 'invalid number of output parameters'
3Y8ERRNR Source Distributions under My Computer and other targets default to the same destination directory.
3Y8FJTMI The legend command returns an error in MathScript
3YB5QP00 Invalid Reference Error 1055 When Calling a .Net Constructor in a Re-entrant VI
3YB9O271 Cannot change y-scale to binary from property pages.
3YBE53OR dec2base should pad zero on the left
3YBGGJK9 Error Window lists no error while VI is still broken
3YBGQNOR mat2str returns incorrect result for NaN input
3YC9G21W Unexpected data in controls from Import Shared Library if going forward, then back
3YCA3GP2 Scrollbars on picture control don't move while image does.
3YCABDRM New... gets the frontmost project for default instead of project for frontmost window
3YCAO1OZ LabVIEW Project New... presents a LabVIEW load dialog while loading
3YCBAJOZ The LabVIEW Search Dialog takes a very long time to present the first time
3YCBOKBW DLL build provider. Define Prototype button not disabled when it should be.
3YCCH900 Build Provider: Remove panel option enabled for dynamic VI when it shouldn't
3YCCQ8YZ Scroll bars not active
3YCEF207 Creating New from Template breaks template VI if it is open
3YCGGOGQ No specific help on Graph or XY Graph preview panes
3YDA5KJ1 File>>Close All while stopped at breakpoint in XControl Facade permanently locks UI
3YDDRSDP Size defined for non-double type matrices
3YDESR3A Using Typecast Functions Inside of a Diagram Disable Slows Performance
3YEAQSUG Using up/down arrow keys on radio buttons in a subpanel causes focus loss
3YEEEV9A Issues with VIs with variables patching up correctly to their variables, especially when the variable library is open but not in the project
3YEELDMQ LLB dialog allows multiline filenames
3YFA7Q3Z fprintf command has an extra output.
3YFCOTBW VI not added to default app context so doesn't show up in SCC
3YHEKT00 The Browse for Domains Dialog Box doesn't have a help button nor does it react to F1
3YHFS06R returns an unknown symbol error when using the command linewidth
3YI6OCPK Fail(or warning) to connect to RT Target from the different machine than the one which deployed VIs.
3YIDD900 Slide markers fill glitch
3YIF8A1W Save As Rename to move a file without changing its name doesn't update display format of MRU list
3YIFOMMI MathScript fprintf function returns error in LabVIEW 8.2.
3YIG97Q2 LabVIEW Host crashes after running a few hundred of tests on RT when it attempts to programmatically close a test project and references to its VIs
3YJ7P8DP Matrix Conversions in MathScript are never "Correct Complex"
3YJCDLBW icon editor: Can get in state where copy from button incorrect
3YJCS3P2 listmenu.cpp, line 4291 internal warning when showing LabVIEW Class hierarchy window.
3YKA31P2 User access error in Perforce Command Line Project Options dialog when browsing users.
3YKBP23A LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: Transact.cpp line 1378 results from an event structure and local variable
3YKCP7P2 Library-only project gets dirty dot after revert after an undo check out.
3YKFCSZU If I copy a single-process Variable in the project tree, and then edit the library using the multiple variable editor, the variable will have the default network variable attributes set in the multi-column listbox
3YL76N00 pane background image uses junk data to remove the background.
3YL7F7GQ Configure User Defined Properties F1 doesn't work.
3YL9L00C Printer Setup (Linux) Dialog Box component needs label
3YLD9HC3 Good/Bad internal warning when loading a recursive Typedef (proptype.cpp line 411)
3YLDO700 Next Available File Name Continues to Increment After Files are Deleted
3YLDRRC7 Write Data Storage VI Test Issues
3YLEAI1W Rename of untitled VI in different to an existing name should fail
3YM9OIN8 system VIs and other things that shouldn't show up under dependencies for a closed VI
3YMA5P00 Problems building application from if LabVIEW Class uses typedefs when disconnecting typedefs
3YMBE4P2 Listbox in Browse dialogs of Perforce Project Options does not go back to top when toggling filter checkbox.
3YOHCMBW ID VI Creator: Copying from a template is slow.
3YP5R9U1 LabVIEW shows a curious error message when trying to view DAQmx event help
3YP75S1W block diagram window state not honored when instantiating templates
3YP9NPJ1 "New>>Override VI" needs to preserve a lot more aspects of the source VI
3YPAHD7X Fix label of Window runs transparent option in Customize Window Appearance DB
3YPCFD7X New Directory or LLB dialog box and New LLB dialog box have empty labels
3YPD711W Find - select VIs by name shows ugly Express name
3YPDCE00 Import tool gives wrong error if it fails to open shared library
3YQ8RCTO Error 1019 when canceling save for subVI with SCC
3YQA62CS Format and Precision Advanced editing mode claims %.0f is invalid
3YQAA0J1 Two internal warnings when owning library cannot find sublibrary
3YQBEJXE LabVIEW error log file: 8.0.1 exec.cpp line 2483
3YQDAMV9 Apps can programmatically launch a Project window
3YQDOKQO Windows menu should clip window captions at a sane length
3YQFM32S MSG cursor movement buttons aren't draggable on Front Panel
3YR8O71I LabVIEW project build specification issues after upgrade from 8.0
3YRAUKP2 bdselect.cpp line 6991 when changing context with block diagram wire selected
3YRB75DP fminbnd Suffers from Initial Condition Selection
3YRCPICS Find All Instances right-click on dynamic member VI finds nothing
3YS86200 Properties panel of a system listbox control
3YSD39P2 Loading dialog displayed when drag/dropping source controlled files to project.
3YSDOLAO A VI that has been created and saved programmatically doesn't have Block Diagram scroll bars, even if they're needed
3YSEHHYZ Libraries incorrectly placed when adding folder
3YSFEJTO label property for pane option is not settable
3YT9H2QX Slow performance with LabVIEW 8.0.1 using a dual processor machine
3YTAQ9XE LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: IntCmds.cpp line 1324
3YTCDISF MathScript fprintf function doesn't work with strings
3YTCE0MX Destinations don't work correctly when project file is moved if path relative to root is shorter
3Z294MCE fopen doesn't return error correctly
3Z2CKROR multi-line plots should not use 'w' option
3Z4APGMO I can't multi-select feedback nodes.
3Z4LF5WJ waveform graph starts infinite loop
3Z5CANYZ New control under library does not get library icon
3Z5D7I0S Array of String type not supported?
3Z5DM57P Please confirm English string for custom Run-Time Menu Items
3Z5EQU0S Setting "single writer" variable option problematic
3Z5FDSTO Source distribution Build provider UI verification.
3Z5GSP54 internal error, bdselect.cpp, 6993
3Z5KFOEV Config file reading significantly slower in LabVIEW 8 than 7.
3Z68R900 Complex waveforms are not supported through ActiveX interface and C-Interface
3Z6B4HDP Incorrect empty string comparison
3Z6D39KY VarMgr: Using some menu options in Variable Manager causes a crash on exit
3Z6DG7P2 Closing project item references takes relatively long time when many project items are selected.
3Z6IGEC3 Internal warning when wiring 2 broken wire segments
3Z98GSXE Can't resize Listbox columns when connected to Perforce
3Z9A9HRS No detailed help for droppable sub-VI
3Z9AIV00 Timed-loop scheduler does not properly handle errors due to invalid priorities, periods, etc.
3Z9CFPWB Web Service Import Tool Leaks Report Reference
3Z9DKJLB Error 1055: Object Reference is Invalid When Passing an Image Control Reference to a Property Node in the Run Time Engine
3ZA82CQ3 Internal Error fpsane.cpp line 394 when creating an indicator for a RefNum
3ZAAD2QW Quit menu item becomes permanently disabled
3ZAGOOIJ Partial Fraction Expansion Fails
3ZAHFM9A We are somehow leaking a VI server reference with strictly typed static VI references
3ZBBLT4U Source palette is incorrectly cached across targets
3ZBDC4LJ Category visibility is not consistent across all palette view.
3ZBDFPBD Writing an array of paths to a network shared variable throws an exception and the values fail to transmit
3ZBDT1A3 Sound DLL examples should reference Sound VIs
3ZC8RKMO Project properties window doesn't describe the project well.
3ZCD7CBW Import DLL Wizard: Selecting Output Only for struct doesn't work well
3ZCDKOSQ LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: TDArray.cpp line 451
3ZCER7X2 Cannot copy/paste text from LabVIEW text control to KDE app
3ZCF7KJ1 Build Setting to NOT remove additional exclusions fails when library has missing members, and error message is not helpful
3ZCG4DJ1 Build app reports insane instance VIs in debug build only
3ZCGQDP2 appserver.cpp line 2632 when repeatedly starting and canceling compiles
3ZCKNB54 save project for previous has items under dependencies
3ZDAJ8CS VI panic stops - cannot find dynamic member VI
3ZDC8F1W sync context button appearing on private data control
3ZDDI354 running vi to evaluate conditional disable structure during load can lead to crashes
3ZDE2C00 Calls to Defer/Resume ErrWinUpdates can be unbalanced
3ZDGGR00 Property nodes with bad references to DLLs cause LabVIEW confusion
3ZG7HD1Y Cursor Movement Tool Only Moves X-Axis for Intensity Graph
3ZGF8D1W Setting destination blending function to "source alpha saturate" internal warnings
3ZGFP4SQ Multi-Plot Cursor on Mixed Signal Graph Doesn't Snap to Plots - Instead Follows Function Corresponding to the X-Scale Multiplier Value
3ZGGP7BD ex_getDAQmxAttrFromRcFile fails to mass compile in LabVIEW
3ZH7GSD0 There is no prevention of installing one locale of LabVIEW over another.
3ZH7URVI Edit Items property page has horrible performance when editing large rings/enums
3ZH824VI Edit Items from properties has warning message appear that prevents user from being able to commit enum/ring control edits
3ZH9DBV9 LabVIEW will crash if you try to programmatically deploy a non-library file
3ZHD1M00 memory.cpp line 342 internal error when opening a VI on German OS
3ZI8DUBD Mouse property cluster of the picture control allows user to change to write, even though the real property is read-only
3ZI9214J To undo several deleted XControls hangs LabVIEW
3ZICBLDX persistent doesn't work for more than one input
3ZIEH1FN Add To Source Control on Top Level VI Adds Extra Dependent Files From LabVIEW Distribution
3ZJ91BW0 Enum Property "Named Numeric Color" missing in LabVIEW 8.0
3ZJ9C3C3 Missing buttons Load/Search/Save dialog box when Mass compiling
3ZJC7EGX Xcontrol doesn't update when writing to its value property while panel updates deferred
3ZJDR1MQ the build spec's Item_Init VIs are not being called when there are multiple build specs
3ZK8IIRM Built dll does not have get info description
3ZKC3M41 Interpolation of plots
3ZKDRJN8 Target Folders can't be dragged/ctrl-dragged between projects, but they can be copy/pasted
3ZKDT2N8 ctrl-dragging a target folder within the same project lets you create one with a duplicate name, corrupts project
3ZKF8T54 crash loading certain project
3ZKIEQBU doesn't work correctly when run in a project context
3ZNC2Q3A User interface interactions block the Write Data Storage VI.
3ZNEFJKT Direction Cosine Matrix to Eular Angle VI gives a wrong result when theta equals to zero.
3ZO7H0RM Using a stock osg library on the mac will crash LabVIEW when using scene stuff
3ZO7JQN8 VI open in two contexts has green arrows and is broken
3ZOA7KN8 IO Node gets out of sync with project item changed during edits to the VI in anther context that are later undone
3ZOAGDOR meshgrid should return complex result for complex input
3ZOALI9Z Statically depending on a LabVIEW built dll will sometime crash on load (with an access violation)
3ZOB6H1W pasting image in control editor doesn't cause apply changes
3ZOCJMYZ Waveform label moves when components of control moved
3ZODFHOR isdir always returns error
3ZOF48N8 error dialog canceling the renaming of a lvclass
3ZOFG7M0 Source Distributions that exclude vi.lib exclude any files in any directory vi.lib not just the LabVIEW vi.lib directory
3ZOFOLRM native pictures (PICTs) are not visible (picFrame rect endianess problem)
3ZOFQ8N8 convert contents of control to class lets you add a class to a locked library
3ZP8EHN8 OMUDClassLinker.cpp after copying and pasting the private data control of one class to another class
3ZPA6100 If you change a Variable's Data Type(from non native to non native) and then redeploy, the prototype for logos doesn't get updated.
3ZPAH8TM we should only rely on TagMonad attribute helpers to handle unknown version case in situations where we can't determine the version
3ZPCSOM0 Build Text [Express] VI is always broken after user enters incorrect Text with Parameters in Percents
3ZPE77RM Multicast UDP cannot have multiple connections
3ZPFK900 Context Help was not imported for Read/Write to Spreadsheet File VIs
3ZPGHRPW MathScript tries to call a function if variable index is out of bounds
3ZQ6HH1W Unopened SubVIs menu doesn't scroll in text mode
3ZQA41CE VI running very slow on dual core CPU.
3ZQC7MCS Undo does not restore window bounds
3ZQFTLG8 Write data storage vi stores incorrect timestamp value
3ZRBJ5RC Copying and pasting a LabVIEW chart axis to Word
3ZREKDKQ MathScript - Bitget (0,1) returns wrong number
3ZRG46MQ Static VI refs can lead to permanent reservation of VI
3ZTJ0C00 Build specification has trouble specifying a destination
3ZUA16P2 Selecting radio buttons of Call Setup on an unconfigured Call By Ref node does nothing.
3ZUD6OFK Build All function does not show a build status window for each target
3ZUE8TMP Adding a project variable to My Computer causes VIs with large hierarchies to deploy very slowly
3ZUG1BXE not allowing the edits for numeric and string constant
400C6EP2 "Convert Build Script" menu item shows up in FDS version w/o App Builder and can cause hang.
400D32ZU TagMonad::attemptLiveEdit() should destroy unneeded source connections if the tag no longer requires up front connections
400D7T8V Quit LabVIEW doesn't work in conjunction with Exit Application (Application Instance Close) event
401E4R9A ListErrors is not called after a popup click selection
4029NIYR If lvlib contains a bad path, Mass Compile neither reports the issue nor fixes the path
402C2SGB Copy Data results in image with data not inside chart window
402GS0J1 Class Properties>>Change Inheritance dialog needs to use Defer Panel Updates
4036J31W Add to SCC prompts to add dependencies that are already in SCC
403CT2PW Strange behavior of generated graph indicator on ExpressVIs
403FDTRM Dynamic Input Type Propagation to Dynamic Output does not pass through Disable Structure enabled diagram
4069F7TQ Filter Express VI - Default instance does not export 'Lower cutoff' as input parameter
406AKPOF Minor problem with BODMAS rules on Function Parser shipping example
4079OHOR clear plot window should also reset Palette:Active Tool
408EB5PW Parent VIs without block diagrams are still broken when its subVI is finished running
409F1MXE Bad things happen when the Destination file path is
40A225QQ Graph's don't autoscale in inactive tab
40A9OABW Import DLL Wrapper - XML file only remembers info in last run.
40ABD81W memory leak / performance issues with 3D picture control (render window)
40AFBLBW Tools Options page -- needs to handle broken pages more gracefully
40C9HTYV LabVIEW localized installers don't have description for the LabVIEW main feature.
40DF5I1W FP Close not handled in TDMS File Viewer
40E8RAV9 Front Panel Binding Methods should work at Run-time
40E99HO7 Cannot have two different examples, for different drivers, with the same name
40EB37IQ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: drawmgr2.cpp line 127
40EC8JP2 Cosmetic issues with Context help window image of Call Library Node.
40ECNNP2 Path input on Call Library Node is misnamed and had incorrect icon image on node.
40EECLPW MathScript matrix indexing doesn't expand column vector correctly
40EGPQPW MathScript handles empty matrix indices incorrectly
40FG0BDL Diagram-enabled Sim nodes have some discrete subVI functionality
40GADAG0 Opening a Project from the Example Finder Doesn't Add Project to Recent Projects
40GALSU7 LVOOP Example VIs are not mass compiled
40GG7QOR text is not remove correctly in subplot
40HA3R4J XControl example can NOT work in Web Server, crash LabVIEW
40HD8V9A Use of member variable after this has been deleted in HeapToVINamedLinkRef::RemoveRef
40HFH700 List Folder does not resolve symbolic links
40K7M7QG Formula Node Error not recognized
40KEODJ1 m_cacheValid insufficient for hash testing for most TDImps
40KGTT0Q LabVIEW hangs after using the exit ( X ) button to close the Tools>>Security>>Login dialog or the "Tools>>Security>>Change Password" dialog
40L8C4AP internal warning compare.cpp line 935 comparing some VIs
40L8NEAP Crash doing compare VIs on some VIs
40MA3PCD Clicking on Domain menu of Domain Manager when no local domain exists crashes Domain Manager.
40MC40MO When I select Run on a VI in the project, nothing happens.
40MET2LY Call library nodes don't maintain parameter list properly
40MF93UZ VI server method App.Get VI Version generates file permission error when file is not a VI
40N6PON8 changing the private data and then manually changing version of a class without saving leads to "corrupt" VI , class left hanging in memory
40N96DVF Attempting to Use ftp or http DataSocket Protocols Causes LabVIEW to Crash
40OCQ300 VI Server method GetVIVersion does not propagate the error code and message when called through LabVIEW ActiveX server
40OG895P Call Library node creates wrong .c file
40OHB5O1 VISA Property Node Cannot Compile after Being Copied
40P4335W Incorrect behavior in the XControl shortcut menu
40RD2561 Control with empty label will make LabVIEW crash
40RFKAMP Pinned palettes stop working after creating a constant from a timed loop configuration node
40S8A0JG Convert tdms to does not work if tdm file does not exist
40S9BSJG Executable gives labview.lib was not called from a LabVIEW process error when Enhanced DSC support included
40S9BTPW MathScript indexing expands scalar incorrectly
40SDE400 LabVIEW 8.2 fails to save for previous with SIT 2.0 client upgraded to SIT 3.0
40SE51BR Problems with InRangeCoerce and arrays of clusters
40SFLMV9 Configuration settings for disabled Shared Variable properties should not be deleted
40U91O00 LabVIEW should not let users do project tree operations while a rename is in progress
40UB9KAP Run button on reentrant clones not updating correctly in some cases.
410AJSJ0 The # Modifier for Time Format Codes behaves incorrectly in LabVIEW PDA
41486QLG Tracking loop not aborted when modal VI comes to front
4149KSCM Unable to choose a custom control residing in a LLB when creating a variable
414APBJW Graph axes with cursor movement
41598HHH Bowl Latest Agilent 34401 Instrument Driver
415ECP00 RTE hangs when loading a VI that calls a LabVIEW built dll
415FHQN8 instr.cpp line 6242 and crash doing "Open Front Panel" on a newly created instance VI
4169D2J1 GetType.llb does not have any type inspection support for LVClasses
416FODTT Import Shared Library Wizard Hangs with a Struct Containing an Array
417FGHN8 undo.cpp line 4428 inserting a diagram into a subpanel in a VI that immediately finishes executing
417FGLKQ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: transact.cpp line 244
41A784P2 Remove searching of subVIs in disabled frames of CDN and DDN.
41ACKJCI STL Files Take Too Long to Load
41ACT3N8 Open.VI From Buffer method shows a dialog warning of new locations of subVIs
41AD3TN8 Open.VI From Buffer method throws an error dialog if given a path inside a .llb
41AEMRPW MathScript write indexing of non-existent variables using colons
41AFFJLG According to "All VIs in Memory" property, open vi reference doesn't seem to finish loading sub vis
41BA0BLN Multi-Line Scripts [Ellipses + Enter] require Shift+Enter in the command window
41BA9HLN legend off
41BAQFXC Hard to see block diagram of a VI in a debuggable EXE when using a custom menu
41BBAO6Q Advanced Refinement does not return correct results for 2nd order polynomial.
41BCS9LN MathScript - call EXE
41BCSMLN MathScript - history window
41BCUJLN MathScript - error message in conjunction with path
41BD0DLN ginput
41BEEHIJ Partial Fraction Expansion doesn't give the right # of poles
41BH1VBS NI PSP Server Locator causes Safenet's Sentinel Protection service ( spnsrvnt.exe ) to crash
41C839TZ WebService Methods with More Than 8 Parameters can NOT be Imported
41CAIEP2 Minimum size control for C String Pointer setting on CLN parameters tab has unclear usability.
41D5GEXI Changing the value of a slider using the increment/decrement control generates two value change events
41D9NL3Z LabVIEW 8.20 Search Feature is Unreasonably Slow
41DCMKN8 LabVIEW claims to not have enough memory to compile this (fairly small) VI, exec.cpp line 2229
41DCONP2 Controls are visible in VI Metrics page when resizing window.
41DGI1R0 Number of threads/priority hard coded to 4 - even on 8 core machine.
41DH7DKZ Shared Library Import Wizard Hangs and Crashes
41E76FCI Left/Right Division in MathScript Should be Improved
41E9LKYZ Programmatically relocated VIs in library still show SCC icon when moved
41EBTL3Q Strict Typedefs in VIs hinder Source Code Management
41HBISJ1 Project always gets docmod when loading LVClass from any pseudopath
41I8K8ZU The IConfig interface does not prevent callers from creating processes with restricted names
41I9GSA3 Internal warning when hitting "Skip Subroutine Call if Busy" from subVI's popup
41ICA31R Inconsistent Scale with Panel Behavior in Panes
41ID3200 Option for clear indicators when called
41J8PLX7 Web Service Importer does not handle proxies
41JAI3DL Creating a new Subsystem crashes LabVIEW
41JCCDLG LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: transact.cpp 238
41JF4UQW Profiling gets wrong numbers for times.
41K7AIKQ eval function needs to be blocked from the run-time engine
41K7RTIQ Unexpected results with smoothing filter (filter express vi)
41L13OXR Project aliases file is deleted when you build an EXE in the same directory as the project
41L94H2K LVClass Custom Probes slow down LabVIEW launch considerably
41LF9DN8 Empty error list with bad link obj, plus a internal error in compiling NXT toolkit VI
41LFEPDL Mutated Subsystems search for instance VIs
41MI193Q Setting Timed Loop Priority Above 65535 Generates Error -820 or -818
41NHT2ZQ Open SubVI front panel height increases after execution
41OD9TMX Customize VI settings dialog can hang LabVIEW
41OE5KR7 Apparent crash in EditablePaletteMenu::CreateTempCategoryMenu()
41OFP3Q4 LabVIEW crashes in LinkRef.cpp, line 875.after doing Save As on a reentrant VI
41OG52LG LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: transact.cpp line 238
41P6RV1W constant folding options don't work in a project
41PE6IDU Ring control's "Show increment/decrement buttons" item grayed out in property pages
41PELAC3 Cannot use a custom probe that's a member of a class.
41PEO6C3 Dynamic VIs should not be listed as valid probes
41Q2I390 DataSocket Server Manager does not commit changes to Predefined Data Item's data type
41Q9GA9Z Tab Control not handling localized strings correctly
41QF95GI should not generate structure if it is passed as a pointer
41S82NIZ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: ctrledit.cpp line 2829
41SA5OWA Reordering items moved in project tree
41SAHJN8 In Range and Coerce primitive with visa resource wired to it has void terminal
41SD625U Function Block and menu items are not saved or loaded properly.
41SE8NN8 VI can't be dragged from project window to library window
41SEB1N8 LabVIEW 8.2.1 error log file: viwind.cpp line 1057 exiting LabVIEW
421B08MX LinkerInfo returns Unknown Type for nonVI files in a library when linkerOption is Include All
421D7PPW MathScript 2D write indexing of vector with one colon index doesn't allow valid sizes
421DFQ00 Renaming class method and then renaming it back leaves VIs broken
422C4RPW MathScript Indexing: 1D deletion always returns row vector
422E4ON8 if visa open to remote device fails in parse, it shouldn't turn around and attempt open anyway.
423B8U9Z Read from Binary File does not indicate the default value of the count input
4248T5SF MathScript should have the fseek function
42492SSF file functions should work in RTE
4249DBSF Context help for File I/O >> Storage VIs takes too long to appear
4249HON8 property node causes Error 2: Memory is full on a downstream invoke node
424DMMPW MathScript help for user-defined functions only finds lower-case functions
424EKTN8 quick palette in right-click for rendezvous, semaphore wires is File IO palette
4258ORZN Disconnecting typedef VI server method returns an error when invoked on a control
425G1MJ1 Internal error creating a new VI if the new VI name collides with a library's VI name when the VI isn't in memory currently
4284R490 Unable to edit cluster label once the position default is set to "Left-Middle"
4289P9CI Drop a VI on Front Panel With Controls Grouped Crash LabVIEW
428AM4B4 Opening and closing a clone VI results in performance degradation.
428BOG2J fprintf in MathScript should not require a variable to be specified.
42A9HMRM Programmatic Build DLL returns bogus error
42B7JIP4 Increasing text size of a label or floating text draws extra lines and corrupts the text (changes to "=")
42BG33W4 App Builder sets EXE description field to be filename without extension
42BI4OO5 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: save.cpp line 821
42C9GJ00 VIs in project\webdoc.llb are not set as system VIs
42F7IUIQ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: lvexcept.cpp 127
42F97CIQ LabVIEW 8.2 crashes with a SplitPanels.cpp line 1148 error when dragging string into sub panel
42F9B6SQ Strange Inplaceness Error when using Solve Linear Equations VI
42FBS9N8 private data control of class ends up with green arrows that won't go away
42FCGHN8 editing a typdef that's used in the private data control of a class can unlock the private data control
42FDT100 Crash opening VI that thinks its owned by a class by the class doesn't own it
42FK13KQ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: CopyAccumulator.cpp line 39
42G9TTK9 Adding controls to an existing dir.mnu removes the function palette info
42GABRIG LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: graphcrs.cpp line 1724
42GGBA0S LabVIEW tab control doesn't display correctly at LabVIEW first launch
42H1PS00 get type and creator vi - bug on Mac-intel platform
42HG4DN8 disconnect from typedef method on a control crashes
42I81T9Z Waveformgraph cursor locked to multiple plots is not drawn correctly
42I82IKU Behavior of ILogosRealTimePoint2::GetBufferUsage
42I8910S LabVIEW window can NOT get correct size change information from Flat Sequence Structure
42I8HFV2 XControl misses first property node call if another one is called while the Facade VI is still running
42IB3FEK Prompt For User Input Express VI doesn't warn user when dropping on a cRIO-9012 RT target
42IC6IK8 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: ThEvent.cpp line 152
42IF117F Floating palettes not open in palette editing mode.
42IHGKJ1 Dynamic dispatch VIs with subroutine priority mess up the New>>Override VI system
42J8I1MX LabVIEW crashes when I close the front panel of a VI with tree control.
42JDKEGI LabVIEW 8.2 Slide Control Cannot Be Changed to Hex Display
42M1NJXN LabVIEW 8.20: X-Scales on Waveform Graphs can't be customized when Plot Names from data are used
42M6QJ1W Index array acting like an O(n) operation in particular use case
42M9EJL3 Fatal Error "undo.cpp", line 4356 when Creating Subvi from graph or chart reference
42MDSRMX LVClasses can't be saved in the support directory if they contain override VIs
42MF24J0 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: find.cpp line 1058
42N3SHZP Execution Speed of "Color to"
42NC7KXC Update the provider INI files with 8.2 license version for App Builder
42NE8E5U BlockNode.cpp assumes node has 1 or more terminals
42ODKF00 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: load.cpp line 3448
42PDLIBD Undo quits working if you move an L:V Class function twice on the block diagram
42PE02V9 Static VI refs are lost in constant folding when diagrams are removed
42PFD3BW Check for .NET Framework 1.1 fails on Windows Vista 64
42Q9KH5M editing of nonexistent items is allowed in configuration dialog
42QCCMZL Exe Build Error 1003 - The VI is broken. Open the VI in LabVIEW and fix the errors.
42QDJ9MQ Clipping warnings break SoundFileWrite
42T7HT1W type descriptor shows wrong name in variant indicator
42UETBZL Changing VISA Resource Name Class Crashes LabVIEW
42UF33LG Y autoscale scales axis incorrectly for multiple plots when some plots are hidden.
4307S6P2 There should be a popup menu on a block diagram FP terminal to open it's associated typedef.
4308UJTZ LabVIEW8.2 Crash/Hangs if CLN configures LabVIEW 8.0 DLL Several Times
430FHR8W freqz function can output incorrect frequency axis (x axis) scaling
430FQ7RK LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: cursorlegend.cpp line 666
4313F7A4 Debug Deployment Version String on print when using Easy Print VI Panel or Documentation .vi
4317O6N8 help for broken wire because of class conflict with user defined tag isn't helpful
4317QAJ1 Race condition in XControls when setting initial value using a local variable
431823NQ Toplevel VI with BD removed breaks and stays broken if one of its subVIs is called as Top Level
4319E900 Changing class inheritance causes recursion error when call parent node present
431DIQP2 Performing a Save As:Rename on a VI in an LLB does not remove the original file.
431EL9XX LabVIEW crashes when trying to 'Save As' (substitute or rename) subroutine subVI of a clone with its panel open
431F6AXA Digital Waveform Graph does not expand multiple buses
4327HPU4 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: heaproot.cpp line 198
4327IUN8 UDP Multicast Open primitive has a help link that goes nowhere
432DQPKJ Sound Output Set behavior incorrect
432DTAPW MathScript 'le' function doesn't work
4357EON8 user data is settable on IO name control while VI is running
4368PI3W Incorrect Floating Window Behavior When Setting Floating Property
436A8OXC LabVIEW takes a lot longer to launch with classes in user.lib than it does with other files in user.lib
436CDP00 Import Web Service: Document needed when Cannot regenerate files in current LabVIEW session
436FPTJ1 LVClass automatic downcast not happening for polymorphic VIs
4376S6UQ Setting a Waveform Chart's YScale.Maximum, the Change Doesn't Always Take Effect
43788G7U Building Source Distribution when preserving hierarchy puts distributed files in incorrect locations
437BPDCI Ramp Pattern Should Have More Generic
438CE1PW App builder can't find startup VI when building on Linux with project created on Windows
438DUHF2 SyncDisp Property of the Control Class Should Be Public
43988U00 LV Class in Palette has a big impact on palette loading speed.
4398RUCS Source distribution lost my custom window size property
439C1LXC Loading VIs that use LV Classes is much slower than loading regular VIs
439CA5J1 Updating project "Dependencies" with dependent LVClasses causes search for private data control
439F7OCS Can't use Properties to edit items on an instance of a non-strict typedef ring
43C2FGLF Writing NaN to Scale->Range->Start of a numeric control/indicator crashes LabVIEW
43CA7LVB Get Image on a Cluster Loses Background Color Information
43CCK4F2 Make sure LabVIEW adheres to the right standard for whether menus fade in or slide in.
43CGK1U4 Menu Separator Error in Event Handler
43D6K0N8 datamgr.cpp line 1044 dragging an IO name control(with no user data) between contexts
43DBOKP2 Canceling path control browse button causes synchronize arrows to show.
43DCCRP2 Just in time checkout does not work for library only projects.
43DGCUK8 FindFolder to works on PowerPC, returns error on Intel machine
43DGJNFR Infinite docmod when loading LVClass VIs
43E8H1J1 Opening single VI gives multiple load warning dialogs for LVClasses
43EBAAN8 comparing an IO Name control with user data set to one without crashes LabVIEW
43EEUKGQ Scrollbar control fires too many events.
43EIIIQR - Library XML parser/generator inconsistency in Network:AccessType property
43F77GN8 CompareTDUserData() can't get a reply from TargetTagInfo()
43FATIP2 Arranging files under the Dependencies node causes project to become dirty.
43FCKE00 X-Scale label on graph in built apps becomes blank.
43FCNN00 Loading the enclosed project messes up the build specification
43FCQVQ 3D Picture Control: Find Object function closes scene reference when it has no children
43FDQ4GQ Scrollbar control old value isn't right when operated by center thumb.
43FEGF2J Error in generating MathScript subplots
43G78DP2 Radio buttons on Dependencies node of Source Distribution:Source File Settings page are enabled when owning checkboxes are not.
43G91GF2 Unexecuted Code Gives "Memory Is Full" Error
43G9K90S VI server method "AddItem to Library" crashes LabVIEW when the lib path is something like "aaa\.lvlib"
43GDDIPI Web Server is trying to open a text file that is being written to in read-write mode
43GDMTTQ Sound VIs: Problems with simultaneous IOs
43J5UL4I An application's ini built using a configuration file other than LabVIEW.ini cannot be viewed on a client computer using a web browser.
43K9CIE9 Problems plotting of Booleans
43KA46E9 Export Simplified Image Color Problems
43KA4S00 VI names with non-compliant Windows names
43KA7G00 VI names with non-compliant Windows names
43KAFD00 VI names with non-compliant Windows names
43KAFH00 VI names with non-compliant Windows names
43L7O5C1 load VRML file does not load *.wrl file with color information
43L8NBK8 LabVIEW 8.0.1 Error Log File: ZUtility.cpp 219
43MGADCE XControl do not support filter event
43Q8RKC8 GetLVRTHandle() call in eventRegisterFunction callback does not return the correct LabVIEW handle.
43QDMRK8 Write to cluster element in array via reference to the cluster element causes writes to the array via local variable to be lost.
43RAJ3C5 LabVIEW 8.2 VirtualInstrument.cpp line 2345 crash when shownonavdialog set in ini file
43RCQI39 unit_string does not contain the unit information
43RE16RM FPathCpy called with NULL m_helpPath
43REAIP2 Decrement button is not below the increment button on custom control
43RFGCN8 setting user data on a IO name control clears the selected class
43S2N4M7 Running VI with XY graph crashes on graphcrs.cpp (line 1724)
43S7R3ZU The LogosRTClient plug-in should not use a replacing poster
43S9EEZU Race Condition in the ReplacingPoster can cause data to be lost
43TAAHLN MathScript - eval - compiler loaded as dependency
43TCNGW9 U32 values greater than 2147483647 invalid as case selections
4409N1N8 TypeManagerObjects.cpp line 927 setting the same user data on a IO Name control twice
440F7FN8 IO Name control created through "Create SubVI" loses user data
443AJ900 LabVIEW development environment fails to load VI, but its RTE can load it just fine
444876NK Ignore waveform time stamp on x-axes does not take effect
4449TCP2 Source distribution renames class members causing calling VIs to be broken.
444A7TP2 Source distribution preview returns error when using classes.
444B2GO5 LabVIEW 7.0 error log file: typemgr.cpp line 1018
444CDDJ0 Can't find a VI template called within a LabVIEW .DLL
444HTHJ4 MathScript Multi-dimensional Array Graphical View should have Multiple plots option
4459PJVI Function palette leaves permanent "shadow" on the block diagram
445E3LXC Import Build script doesn't import correct directory locations for support files
445E9JXC App Builder needs to do a better job handling the project changing names
445EF0BW Input/Output selections should have matching terminal positions
445EMIBW Best to increase terminal pattern count than wire indicators to left side
445FTUN8 TypeManagerObjects.cpp line 927 dropping an IO name control as a constant
445G12N8 various internal warnings creating an indicator from an IO name control through a tunnel
446987U7 Need ability to add "detailed help" links in IVI rc files.
446F9M00 VI Corruption -- prop.cpp line 1661, insane typeID, and crash with a property node accessing the default value and user data of an IO Name control
447GMSSN FIR does not give correct answer when coef length is 1
449B6AHR Override VI is not created properly when created from a Read-only VI
44A83LKQ Nested XControl crashes LabVIEW in instr.cpp line 8601 while doing Close-All
44AC2R1R Set Scaling Method Fails In Run-Time
44B8O5ZC PolyFit C entry point returns incorrect error when the requested poly order > 90
44BAII00 Pull LabVIEW Error Codes. Error when VISA not installed should say "VISA might not be installed"
44BD4AG0 extcode Template Files Point to LabVIEW 8.0 Directory Instead of LabVIEW 8.2 Directory
44BG6LTD The function drotmg API should be coherent in MKL and glapack.
44BGAH00 Update default values for Sound VIs on Macs
44BGBM00 Copy error messages for sound VIs into LabVIEW core error code list
44C9E7BK Garbage in Waveform Attributes Coming from Shared Network Variable
44CD1KTD More strict check is needed because the error code returned by NumericArrayResize maybe positive.
44CD7OGK Crash saving a VI with a primitive with a ring control input inside a conditional disable structure
44CDCQCY Easy Print VI Panel or throws error when margin measurement system is set as Default
44CE92Q6 German LabVIEW 8.2.1 Help>>Web Resources link takes you to English page that talks about LabVIEW 6.1
44CGOBQ6 Exe Builder error when browse to certain icon files (Vista)
44DAF4JM Feedback node doesn't properly adapt to type when wired to compound arithmetic
44DE5IO5 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: appserver.cpp line 3145 and LabVIEW Crash
44DFNIF2 Calling "Insert Node" Method to Insert a SubVI on a Wire Crashes LabVIEW
44DFRN41 Eval Formula String vi enters infinite loop when user enters incorrect syntax
44DG7P7U Users Can't Get References to the Main Application Instance or Project Application Instances
44EA41N8 IO Name control compare datatypes function and comparison primitives
44EAMV00 LabVIEW Application Builder stops working when adding a Vista icon to my build specification
44EG9MPI LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: window.cpp line 6922
44H8HSHE Memory is full error occurs only in an executable when my for loop is not included within a subvi
44H946ZU The iak installers need to start our services
44H9K76Q First Call? should be inside the error handling case structure
44HD2DCS Source distribution: LVClass to a custom destination doesn't put .lvclass file there
44HGMCF2 GetFrameIndex method on CaseStructure Class Does Not Work
44HGPKF2 RearrangeFrames and RearrangeFramesByIdx methods Do Not Work on Case Structures
44I6SU00 LabVIEW; throws ipcmeths.cpp(1612) internal warning
44I9CHCI ODE Predator Prey example does not match text with G
44ICEMPQ X Control properties don't update when on non visible tab control page
44JAAQ7P GPIB Status Bool Array.ctl is missing in _visa.llb
44JCGUUK LabVIEW Palettes don't recognize VI as an Express VI in certain cases
44JCLPYU LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: window.cpp line 21149
44K1L1BW LabVIEW 8.x hangs when changing XY graph properties in edit mode
44KBM5RW Some applications built with Enhanced DSC Support option (need DSC installed to enable this) display VI path warning, VI load search and file save dialogs
44KE36XX LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: graphobjs.cpp line 70
44KFJPNM shows up all black the first time you launch it.
44LDHHYU LabVIEW 8.2 crash in panel.cpp line 5403 when editing the range of a gauge control in an array
44NF2SPJ LabVIEW Generates lots of handled Access Violations when LabVIEW SignalExpress is doing stuff.
44OGCN00 Left/Right Division in MathScript Should be Improved
44SB4H00 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: lvexcept.cpp 127
44SB6700 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: lvexcept.cpp 127
451GNJ00 Crash related to Call VI By Ref and LVClasses and Context Help
452CI7J1 Performance & Memory profiler hard to use with class methods
452G38E9 MathScript: Default Search Path is hard to find & Path command doesn't stick between sessions
4537JNOC Custom margins are changed when updating VI from 7.1 to 8.2
453B40R0 Error Log LabVIEW 8.2.1 in ObjDataPtrMethods.cpp 946
453C5DU4 Handling object references is much slower in LabVIEW 8.x than in 7.x
453DI9LG LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: vitypedef.cpp 147
4547N7VI Closing remote VI reference causes open control references to go invalid and possible crash client
454AJOVI Cannot call " \picture\jpeg.llb\Directory of Top Level" remotely or from C Interface
454AMDN8 UID mismatch when moving decoration to back
456FHC00 Difficulties with positioning executing front panels
457764VI Remote VI Server Control Reference goes invalid in weird looping case
457JG9OR fread does not read double data correctly
459A9KBD Error dialog invoked during editing of Formula Express VI cannot be closed, effectively hanging LabVIEW
459CI9TR Special Functions: Use of NaN to reflect unwired inputs creates problems.
459DHC14 Probes for some I/O controls never update
45A81SN8 clicking on Show Error in Code Generation Errors Dialog doesn't un-minimize/bring-to-front the VI's front panel
45AA0APW MathScript isprime function only works up to (2^31)-1
45ACRMX6 cFP-1808 Returns Runtime Error R6025 when running Performance and Memory Analysis
45AFQM7N The actual ripple is larger than the ripple output by
45AG6DU4 LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: memory.cpp line 342
45B9II00 Logos servers will fail if we are unable to establish a socket for classified ads registration
45BARPQE Call by reference node caches Error 1026 error terminals not wired
45E7QFX2 LabVIEW 8.2 crashes when replacing waveform graph with XY graph in
45EC5AWJ property value output sometimes not cleared
45FCMGZC Some calls to LoadExternalLib are not synchronized
45GCBKDE Add Hyperlink dialog box OK and Cancel buttons not shown completely
45GI243W Write to Measurement File Express VI Does Not Close TDMS Files in a Multi-file Session.
45HBGLZQ LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: OMUDClassLinker.cpp line 238
45HDBKOU Complex Number not displayed in fprintf command
45HDOKF3 Update container's properties will make LabVIEW crash when putting the XControl in a reentrant VI
45HDOKP2 Can't connect to debuggable DLL using LabVIEW exe.
45HDPEP2 Write Icons to does not work for Vista icons.
45HFM9OK We're getting a linkobj.cpp error when I exit SigX.
45HFQRCY Remove Panel property application builder checkbox not properly updated
45HGPPHE Modifying the cursor.YScaleOriginal property of a waveform graph creates a new cursor but does not clear the original.
45IADVE1 LabVIEW crashes when attached VI is run
45JCAULB Internal error using unit label on sim diagram constant
45L77R00 Save a copy of a class bug
45L9NIVB Write to Spreadsheet File Uses the Integer instance when Extended is wired
45ME92V9 - Add stack trace and variable name to error cluster on shared variable read/write
45MFMPC7 Crash while building .EXE rule
45N6RGI Source control error when diff
45NBJGI Source Control is unavailable for some VIs
45NDI9P2 Apply Mask to does not handle 32-bit images
45OA8C7P SCC Check in Error.
45OFG8MX Building a 4000 VI hierarchy into an EXE will cause an Error 2 (out of memory) in the BuildApplication method
45OFJ6F3 The XControl example will crash LabVIEW when deleting the XControl from FP in a new empty VI
45OGBJ7P The download link in DIAdem Report Express VI is incorrect
45OK25RK Point to has different behavior in LabVIEW 8.x than previous
45P9JOOU MathScript: function 'fprintf' will not accept a string as its input.
45PCAHGF When Default Value terminal of Get Variant Attribute is unwired terminal is not cleared from previous run
45RB7L1Y Bitget function in MathScript returns incorrect output
45SC9IBW Launching admin apps through System returns Error 740
45TCCISF MathScript Range Creation Miscalculation
45TH092A Opening a VI with the same name as a VI in the project causes incorrect behavior
45UDQEU7 LabVIEW 8.2.1J - Palette loading error message cut off
45UEA5X6 Mixed Signal Graph plot disappears upon changing scales programmatically
45UFI1F2 Investigate Memory Full Errors in the Control Editor Source Code
45UGG6F2 Right-click > Rename on a LabVIEW Class in the Project Window Should Skip Save As Dialog
4608K8D0 Runtime Engine fails to work when registry key is not set
460AK8OU MathScript: 'fir1' function does not accept Kaiser Window input 'kw'.
460AP1OU MathScript: 'clc' function cannot be called from within a function file.
460BNFOU MathScript: 'remezord' function will not run without sampling frequency as an input
460D29F2 Strange SCC Error when Attempting to Add Folders to SCC
460DD3IG Class Dynamic VI Cannot be Deleted from Block Diagram
460GMDM0 LabVIEW Crashes when Loading Two VIs that reference dlls with the same name using VI server
4610AE00 LabVIEW crashes when closed while XControl containing VI is running
46121AN3 LabVIEW 8.20 Crashes without an Error Log When Placing a Decoration on an XControl
4617ADP2 LabVIEW crashes saving attached VI for previous.
46193M00 8.2.1 Run-Time Engine's memory gets corrupted when running a VI with a Scene Graph Control
4619FF00 8.2.1 Run-Time Engine's memory gets corrupted when loading a VI with a Scene Graph Control
461CRB00 The iak installers need to start our services
464975OU MathScript: 'freqz' function does not accept complex variables
4649CTOU MathScript: 'hold' command behaves differently with zplane
4649ECOU 'input' function does not accept vector input in the form of [x : y]
465B6E5U Preserve hierarchy flag is lost when loading a 8.0 project in 8.2.1.
465DTSVI Crash When Close Project Reference on Remote App Ref
465EMC77 DtNetAppDomain.cpp, line 242 Error
465G1QI7 Print documentation prompts for passwords of protected VIs
466952R2 German LabVIEW 8.2 crashes when closing VI saved in LabVIEW 8.0.1
466AK577 LabVIEW Crashes after mass compiling folder containing dlls built with a previous version of LabVIEW
466COB00 Front Panel Goes Off Window When Un-Maximized After Setting Monitor Programmatically
466FL400 App Instance Close event is fired on project's app when programmatically creating a LabVIEW library
466K97C5 Listbox control rows property set number of rows for wrong listbox
46793SZL PseudoInverse Matrix returns invalid results after LabVIEW 7.1
4679ISB4 LabVIEW 8.2 crashes in bookkeep.cpp line 887 when saving a VI that uses XML Load Document
467CJT00 Autoscale not autoscaling with Scope-like data.
467EDOVQ VI becomes broken during build process with error 1502 when not disconnecting type defs
46B2C0ZP Compile error when connecting error inputs and outputs of call library node
46B9MTLG Property node for extended precision does not update front panel
46BAJTHA Nasty gencode bug in build array
46BB49YG Express VIs are not dropped properly from palette
46BD5A9O Simulate Signal Express VI Hangs after Reconfigure dialog
46BEEP2A LabVIEW Project using LVOOP will not build with Application Builder
46BF8SR0 Internal Error at transact.cpp, line 1323 when manually edit scale value of gauge while start position is moving.
46BGSU00 Problem editing Text Labels on System Vertical Pointer Slide
46C9MUCI Mass Compiling Simulation Folder gives Broken VIs
46CE55LG Files with .var extension in LabVIEW project explorer throw an error.
46CF3NRS License DLL can't write to the registry
46CGNKG0 LVOOP VI Attempts to Load VIs that do not Exist but the VI will Still Run
46D8QP00 Special Functions: Use of NaN to reflect unwired inputs creates problems.
46DDGG2N Localized VI names listed in English when English developer uses caption.
46E8AMNR App Builder - there is no error if versioning doesn't work.
46EFGN00 lvclasses with non-LabVIEW file types don't get relinked correctly during build process.
46F6KB00 SubVI reference not updated when a method VI name changed
46F9LO39 TDMS does not fill wave form properties correct and adds redundant properties
46FE7IM9 Vista UI issue in "Scaling and Mapping" Express VI
46I24900 Crash when debugging an application
46I26500 Unable to add LVClasses as resource files in an application build
46I99AXC ABAPI loses file extension
46ID64X0 Tagger crashes if it can not get a hold of the event logger service
46IDFIYU LabVIEW 7.1 error log file: fontmgr.cpp line 837
46IDLB1W setting VI Search Path to empty programmatically crashes LabVIEW
46IDQ700 crash while quitting LabVIEW
46IEOR84 Race condition in Open VISA Session
46IGEMFN weird error message when using a wrong decimal separator in the Formula step on a localized OS
46K0DOSK Window Runtime position and maximize button conflict
46K7EP1W undo history lost when autosaving CTL in customize mode
46KG2U84 ArchiveExtractFile can set wrong mod dates
46LEJ400 Fix non-ASCII characters for English LabVIEW on non-English OSes
46LGGB41 Y Scale on Waveform Chart does not redraw although Auto-Scale is turned on
46M2K9W3 Unable to set timeout to -1 on Synchronize Timed Structure Starts
46M398FQ VI containing just a graph under LabVIEW 8.20 uses 100% of the processor for ~30sec
46MBAECS LabVIEW can't load 32-bit bitmap (BMP) files?
46MBBRPW Traverse method doesn't work on MathDiagram
46MCR7OU 'fwrite' requires more input parameters than expected.
46MDMKVB XY Graph Cursor Legend Does Not Update On Unselected Tab
46MEMJIG Reshape Array Buffer Allocations Vary with Inputs
46P8ALJ1 Replacing LVClass control marked as dynamic dispatch with another control does not clear dyn disp on terminal
46P8RMOR fscanf can not handle more than two specifiers in a single format
46PB68CS LLB Manager won't let me put a .lvclass file into an LLB
46QD6RCI Internal warning cloneVI.cpp, line 541
46RCODRS Coupling between LabVIEW 8.0 RTE and LabVIEW 8.0 over licensing?
4701F431 Hang when loading a VI
470AHBA3 XML Scripting leaves style constant set to .NET Container behind
470G1AKJ "Detailed help" of the invoke node of xcontrol always links to the LabVIEW help
470GT126 No broken arrow upon wrong data type connection
471GNJNQ Library properties and methods do not work in Runtime engines
47496MN8 Magic pattern is not inplace in LVOOP
475DNJFK Confusing error message in Preview pane when file is missing
475ENR00 App Builder licensing check should be for any version of LabVIEW not just current
475ES800 Build Application method needs to check for the 8.2 appbuilder license not the current one.
4764QT7Q YScale.Range Property Node doesn't return the correct range value.
47699L00 product dll - App Builder licensing check should be for any version of LabVIEW not just current
476CHQAH ActiveX Server property node Read Only in LabVIEW 6.0 or Later
477BKLDV String comparison fails even though strings are equivalent
477F5L00 Cannot deploy DataSocket app to Vista correctly
47B9Q6PJ Renaming Library with .ctl causes searching for renamed .ctl
47BA3VOU 'filled' attribute not behaving correctly in 'stem'
47BAQTCS Append File to is using obsolete Read Characters from
47BB5D2A EMF file format distorts vertical text when using Export Image method of Graph
47D92LTM ni::dsc:;osdep::ForceFQDN fails if the DHCP controller is on a different Domain than the computer you are on
47E6N8SQ LabVIEW 8.2 built executable with DSC functions crashes
47E71BXC Need more information in Error message when a source Installer isn't found
47E74JH2 LabVIEW Optimization code causing incorrect value to be returned from subvi
47EB70RK XControl Mouse Down? event alters behavior of Listbox Scroll bar
47EE9500 File primitives set permissions on newly created files when they shouldn't
47F52DTQ Undoing actions (crtl-z) on certain grouped controls in a cluster causes panelsup.cpp line 134.
47F9DJIQ Load VRML File VI does not work properly in an executable in LabVIEW 8.2
47FBKA00 Cannot Use Windows Explorer to Open LLBs When Internet Explorer 7 is Installed
47ICS4XJ Incorrect Control/Indicator Documentation
47IDRGU1 LabVIEW crashes when using Classic and Modern Style Slider in the same VI
47IHMI2W Out of regs no spill candidate found, reg 164!
47JC4NV9 Setting FP binding options on a front panel that doesn't exist causes LabVIEW to crash
47KGBBG0 Error 1502 Building EXE with .NET used in LVOOP Class VIs
47LFSBKJ Scan String For Tokens Function Behavior Incorrect While Using "," As Decimal Symbol
47M95VFN Hard crash in print preview for certain system controls
47MC4TV9 Crash when dropping an XControl
47PAIL00 Receiving Variable Manager Error 1143 When Interactively Editing a Variable Value
47Q7N71W Unused poly instance changing doesn't cause typeprop on callers of poly VI
47QE3C00 Constants in vi.lib\express\express output\ExFileWriteBlock.llb\ not localizable for LabVIEW SignalExpress
47RBTH2B LabVIEW 8.0 Student Edition (Macintosh) will not load/save to External HD
47S853MY Diagram Disable Structure and an Express VI Crash LabVIEW 8.2.x When Profile Performance and Memory is Started
47S9FROF Installing Visual Studio Network Variable Setup Application Stops the Variable Engine Service
47SA95G0 Edit Cell? event does not return if another unregistered mouse event occurs in another control
47SDM600 Fix non-ASCII characters for English LabVIEW on non-English OSes
4818OGXR Close "Write to measurement File" with red cross crash LabVIEW
4822EC9M LabVIEW 8.2 ActiveX server methods ExportVIStrings and ImportVIStrings are missing
4832SQW8 Fatal internal error in "extfuncdlg.cpp", line 2212 when loading a DLL in LabVIEW 8.2.1
483FLEP2 write to measurement file express VI has incorrect behavior
4849LPPJ Opening a VI should look for missing VIs in open projects.
484AROJ1 Explore... popup menu item should jump all the way to the file, not just open the containing directory
485AQS00 XControl do not support filter event
488CI400 Make sure Express VIs get load-localized
489C7EOU function firpmord not supported
489CB900 Unopened SubVIs doesn't filter out express VIs when in text mode
489GI56M Image pasted onto front panels of sub vi's do not display correctly in an executable.
48BCQAXA Programmatically setting Enum Justification property causes cpp error at line 399
48BE1VI8 unexpected error when reading the attached TDMS file
48CAFGDL Sim Embedded not working
48CDIUSF str2double function not supported in RTE, but not blocked (or documented)
48F0MHE8 Unflatten from string give bad output in while loop with shift register
48FER6HA Generator need to support Name bundler unwired(nmAllowUnwiredMask) mode.
48GFAAOU psd function not supported
48GGMOF2 LabVIEW 8.2.1 Boolean Text:Vertical Arrangement returns error or crashes fpsane.cpp line 401 and 399 (intermittently)
48H2DBYN Source Distribution does not work when run arrow is broken
48H7IEN3 Error LabVIEW 8.2 AppEntryPoint.cpp 202
48H92C00 str2num returns incorrect result
48HDJ9KQ Sub Panels don't resize correctly when "Scale all objects on front panel as the window resizes" is on
48LAAIU1 The attribute "Bold" does not show any effect
48M87UFN Run-Time Menu Shortcut changes received by remote panels will randomly set the 'Ctrl' requirement
48MGOHW4 1077 Error setting Waveform Graph Properties on LabVIEW 8.2.1 under Windows Vista
48O9LLXR Cannot set the Window min and max size in Application
48OA3M8G File dialog prevents/halts execution of a Open/Create/Replace Datalog File function in parallel
48OF4KCY LabVIEW._Application class throws error 3005 at Automation if 8.2.1 full installer is used.
48OIA7UD VI created from template of dynamic VI causes created VI and template VI to break.
48PD3S3A DataSocket method not threadsafe - results in LabVIEW crash
48PE6HOU contour will not output to variables
48PE9QOU : fopen file permissions not supported
48TDRGL5 Simulation Translator crashes LabVIEW when translating the following model
48TGCODL Cannot select VI with Subsystem as startup VI in built app
4916EI2A Student version of LabVIEW does not install the LabVIEW Help files
491GL29I Errors on XControl custom methods do not propagate to the Invoke node.
492995TY Error Clusters in Xcontrol Method's Don't Propagate
492EQ8FN Remote panels across platforms: Keyboard shortcuts that can't map should behave better...
492IDNTY Custom error messages in xcontrol property nodes do not show when passed through general error handler
4930ORU4 Click into any ring/enum/menu ring in LabVIEW 8.2.1 led to 100% CPU efficiency , when used in a VI with XControl
4936MH9T LabVIEW crashes on Invoke Node call
49372BFN LabVIEW generates incorrect events for the F16 key.
493G3O68 LabVIEW 8.2 insane object error fpsane.cpp, line 392 when changing radix to hex
4967H9FN Some windows missing from windows list
4968O700 Dynamic VIs can not be used as probes
4978BAXC Internal warning in window.cpp line 6184, when opening a project
49794JWJ TDMS file sharing problem
497ANJZQ LabVIEW 8.2.1 Application Builder does not create Application ActiveX Type Library Correctly
49882DJ1 ThEvent.cpp internal warning on LabVIEW exit with Notifiers (and sometimes crash)
499FSF00 Upgrading UDP causes connection ID confusion
499I20CR Set Time and Date VI from VIDialog.rsc not in modal mode. LabVIEW 8.0, 8.2 and 8.2.1
49AC32V9 Qualities/values aren't getting pushed out of the OPC plug-in output queue
49EBITJ1 Race condition between dynamically loaded child class and unflatten prim
49EDEBG0 U64 Datatype Type Casts Incorrectly from Smaller Datatypes like U8
49F8JDJ1 Labels for LVClass DDOs appear in wrong location when dropped
49FA5M00 VI throws two internal warnings on load: compiler.cpp, 367 and fpsane from signal
49HH05G0 Registering an updated ActiveX COM library breaks VI and requires relinking all Invoke Nodes
49MAAC00 Tag monad is not sending out quality updates for a disconnected source if you have a write connection
49MAC100 An undeployed variable does not show bad quality when deleted from an opc client
49MEGI00 LabVIEW Crashes when loading Instrument Control
49MFN87V Multi-channel continuous resample VI (used as decimation) output size issue
49MH2LGI The full version of LabVIEW 8.2.1 installer does not contain Import Shared Library tool
49N6HF00 Appbuilder requires License and Readme files to be writeable
49O9E2OR Sort Complex Number VI returns incorrect result
49OEPRRM Deadlock when clicking help button while editing palettes
49OERORM Palette in a class cannot be added to the class's library
49RF6AOR Exception occurred when calling Peak Detector VI with initialize FALSE.
49SDCN00 Writing to control label properties other than size causes control label to disappear
49T33UU1 Using .NET components in combination with an XControl has odd issues
49TEIHOU pause functionality
49TFT00 LabVIEW VI to unwrap phase returns incorrect results.
49UCQ200 Internal error creating a new VI if the new VI name collides with a library's VI name when the VI is in memory currently
4A03LJII Clicking a locked Xcontrol crashes LabVIEW
4A08H6JF Crash when dragging variable from project to front panel cluster
4A0AMSJ1 Unflatten From String requires the output string to be wired to *something* for LVClasses or returns error 1403
4A4B8RXC Default value of an input on Resample Waveform (Single Shot).vi changed from 8.0 to 8.2 and didn't mutate old code.
4A6FJA2K Probes for LVClass data saved in user.lib/_probes/default/ show up many times in ProbeDefaultCache
4A7HP3VB Fatal Error When Running a LabVIEW Executable with .NET Assemblies
4A8DL200 Closing a generated VI after running causes LabVIEW to crash
4AA7QNMY LabVIEW crashes by opening the VI
4ACD9G00 LinkerInfo returns Instrument Type for nonVI files in a library when linkerOption is Include All
4ACFDM3A Get Waveform Subset VI LabVIEW 8.0 has incorrect actual start output
4AEDQLX5 Newer versions of sort do not accept "+" as an option
4AHF71DL Formula express VI on a subsystem crashes during mutation
4B2F5400 supC.cpp internal warning sub-problem
4B8DAAF2 Duplicate Case Needs to Perform Correct Copy of Function Block
4B9C4QJ1 Generic probe of classes that uses subclasses shows incorrect data; can lead to crash
3G07ED00 Tree/MCL/SCL: Current-Windows Selection - Typeahead Does not Match OS
1E0AS5CZ Replace: Replace unbundle with unbundle by name does not preserve connections properly.
22PCTNQ1 "Snd read wave" returns bad data for compressed wave files.
3QH7FO5L Example finder shows broken arrow after replace queue.llb and notifier.llb
3DG8GK00 File»Page setup dialog option 'Print header' does not work in Run-Time environment.
37HAN7NR Customized waveform graph does not draw all the point
35KAHO6F Use of LabVIEW 7 File Dialog Continues to Access Floppy Drive After VI is Stopped
3UMDHA00 Subtly different behavior when canceling a config page depending on how it was opened
3OBH7GQQ Picture to Truncates Images
3L2DSLO7 Silent Uninstall Does Not Uninstall LabVIEW Runtime Engine
3J6G648V LabVIEW Does Not Resolve Mac Alias When Opening VI from Library
3CMA2AA3 Does not warn about unsaved VIs until you build
3BK9K6Z2 LabVIEW discards the last frame of animated gifs
36BH2H00 Quit does not work in ExampleFinder
37BFL71W LabVIEW Modal Dialog shows strange behavior is it opens while another dialog is open
402DGLTM I/O Server Items of complex datatypes do not show up in the source browser picture control.
3OHFUSX7 .NET typedefs are not updated when the assembly is changed
3MC9QHC3 In MDI unsaved changes are shown in separate save changes dialogs
3KADI41I No data displayed in digital graph for 1d DWDT and picture control
3WK9A6J1 Untitled Project should have writable "Name" property
3U67BV00 LoadExternalLib on Mac not returning appropriate errors
3SI966HA A Control with Blink property set does not work correctly in a tab control.
3Q978ELG Draw shifts rectangle when changing pen width.
3Q6CI6OI Cannot resize columns of a multi-column listbox, or table control on a VI opened thru a LabVIEW Project
3PCDNC7U \examples\project\viserver\(subVIs) need VI Descriptions
3OOASHS5 Printing Problem Assistant hyperlink to help is bad
3OHFTOX7 Project Dependency shows ? for .NET Assembly
3O8DJN07 Load Library Failure (Windows XP) test reports two errors instead of one
3O8DD2X7 Need to handle the same assembly selected in a different directory
3NKFAEO4 Large Fonts: Scroll-bar in just-in-time help dialog in non-responsive
3NIA7Q4U Setting LibPath property to invalid value does not work right
3ND94JCE MathScript: freqz
3ME9B600 Ring's Radix Visible Property not exposed thru Property Node
3M99SQN8 Resource manager version number is not checked against current version
3M281CYZ Adding custom controls is far too complex
3LUDR000 Searching status shown when dropping a poly VI that cannot find its default instance.
3LUAHT1W Incorrect word order in menu shortcuts warning message
3LNE6634 Issues with example finder in CVI alpha
3L9AC3QO Dragging a variable from the project tree onto a front panel places the new control at a weird spot
3L8B29UK Tools»Options»WebServer-Visible VIs dialog is inconsistent with previous versions of LabVIEW
3KODCKHH Create New Driver Wizard: Progress Bar Improvements
3KODC7HH Create New Driver Wizard: Progress Bar Needs a Way to Exit/Cancel
3JUHM1K9 SDF Time to Multirate VI Leaves Original VI on the Block Diagram
3JKBOO54 Search/replace string input failure
3J9CG91W My web examples should show up in Example Finder
3IHBQTZU If I bind a Variable to itself, Tagger processor usage spikes
3HC8S0RS Remove Evaluation check on Just-in-Time Advice
3GS97ACE MathScript: Spline
3F1BDTGQ Running test VI results in failure for Chart
3ERBR99A Graphs do not autoscale on "reinitialize to default value"
3CUED6N4 New_GraphTypeObject
3CB852WB Property pages framework should monitor the escape key
3BM9GSEO Should be able to configure a variable from the reference
39OA7G9T Importing 8-bit bmp image into RscEdit.exe is not successful
3P6H4CUZ Getting Unknown Interface ID after uninstalling LabVIEW 8.0
3ND98KCE MathScript: no output function
3ND90FCE MathScript: grpdelay
3NCC3Q1W AggHandler leaks its scratch VI
3N7CQNCE MathScript: mesh
3N7CMUCE MathScript: surf
3N0DJLCE MathScript: hist
3N0DH1CE MathScript: stairs
3MJCGR1W Docmods showing up unnecessarily in poly VI dialog
3MEGM100 Dialog tab control not printing on Mac in Postscript.
3MDBS08W Numerical differences in MathScript versus pure G
3M6G9SBR Search and replace string is now case insensitive by default whereas in 7.1 is was case sensitive
3M6CRHF2 Viewing same VI in multiple browser windows of IE (part of the same IE process) on the same client machine fails
3L2D6NAP Autowiring does not work
3KACPLCE MathScript: More parameters for the gcd function
3K59S508 Provide information for inline MathScript function if supported
3HPEGQJ1 Fill in specific error codes for LabVIEW Class data unflattening
3O8FKQ70 The graph cursor moving tool from the cursor legend does not respond to the automatic tool selection
3MDG050Q Mixed Signal Graph: Cursor becomes Text tool when you hover over cursor legend
3MDDR200 Waveform Chart/Waveform Graph/XY Graph: After making the x and y scales invisible and selecting arbitrary x markers, I cannot redisplay the axes
319GFL9I Built-in Menu Keyboard Shortcuts page lists dynamic menu items like Open Windows, but the shortcut set on those items does not work.
3Q4EFN00 Why My Computer and no hierarchy on MacOS?
3YFF433Q Printing.Page Headers? Property Does not Work in a LabVIEW Executable
3WN5AL7U Error in aligning a object in cluster with object outside the cluster.
3SQ9AMHL Project Save As... does nothing.
3WO99TVI Escape key has weird behavior in "Select Files to Recover" dialog
3WKCSH00 [MathScript] Incorrect use of MathScript error wiring code
3VLATLSF Incorrect use of MathScript error wiring code
3UCDG2J1 GetVILoadErrorStr has "RefClass == viClass" which is the wrong enum to be evaluating against
3U2B1JJ1 Remove antiquated DataTool stuff
43F8LS7U Investigate Internal Error dialog opens manual investigation page when clicking anywhere outside the table
438DUHF2 SyncDisp Property of the Control Class Should Be Public
424CHIWA Error with Save As from the project tree
41BF5LX7 Cleanup use of HKCR
415DE40C Change name of Clear Color property of SceneWindow and SceneGraphDisplay
40MCJC4U VISA I/O control does not allow comma in name
3ZGGAABD Acquire Temperature Solution example VI is broken unless traditional DAQ is installed.
3ZAAQOPW Clearing MathScript node script doesn't cause re-scripting
3Z6ERF54 Opening project from future says 'vi' is ...
3YTC4RMQ File primitives set permissions on newly created files when they should not
3YHFH5J1 InitExtSigVIRef in confnode.cpp needs to handle error from UnFlattenTDR
3YFDL800 Code generated by the Call Library Node for 64 bit integers will not build in CVI
3YE9HJMQ Sound File Write does not take single waveform (requires array)
3Y7AKHCE MathScript'load' function doesn't read zero size matrix correctly.
3XSA92A5 "Unsigned" should be parsed to "unsigned int"
3XG8DJBW Confusion about predefined symbol warning.
3XE8J707 ExampleFinder is showing some examples with no software glyphs
43MGBCOR Routine cblas_i?amax should return index value in range [0,N)
41OCH8PW MathScript node does not support automatic error handling
415F4C54 Instantiating a vit causes static callbyrefs to be unable to open subVIs
3ZQCE700 Get Palette Menu Information method is getting slower with every version of LabVIEW
3ZB92VBD MainCreate_DeleteTSrc failing
3ZB77O1W Viewing comments for web examples fails
3YQCSOVI ODF Editor should alphabetize classes
3YP7NEBW ID VI Creator: Copied subVIs do not get updated icon banners.
3YLC7OZA ID VI Creator - cannot add VI open in same context.
3XIH42ZU Get rid of hardcoded time server in LogosManager.cpp on embedded targets
430ELTPW DLL Versions test needs to be updated for Vista
1ZB8P2WK Opening VI Template File from Mac Finder opens template rather than creating new VI
3G7BQ7RM Aliases no longer work in file/path operations
3PT8RKNR Replace unwired shift register with tunnel and you get two internal warnings, showerr.cpp, line 3063 and 852
3LAOLGQ Opening this VI internal warning
454AMDN8 UID mismatch when moving decoration to back
437FAKZU We need to redefine the SAL_SOCKET type for 64-bit platforms
42H7KEVB LabVIEW 8.2 error log file: undo.cpp line 6977
3ZKEP23Z Unable to build a LabVIEW DLL that returns an Int64/UInt64 value
3Z56HMN8 fpsane.cpp line 394 after changing to Large Fonts while LabVIEW is still open
3Y5CHU00 Opening throws fifo.cpp internal warning, line 752
423EGDBD LabVIEW throwing xstuff.cpp (line 641) and Tunnel MergerImpl.cpp (line 144) internal warnings; change also breaks storage tests
40N74MBD throws LVInstantiations.cpp (341) when opened or mass compiled
3Y6A471R Error -808 Running Multiple Timed Loops or Timed Sequence
43EH08IV lkTimeSync service fails to stop with error 1922 upon MAX uninstall (removing NI Logos 4.6)
3Z9FKDW9 LabVIEW 8.0 crashes at run time after being converted by CVT
3Q4BJQRM Crash on Exit
3YQC76LG LabVIEW 8.0 error log file: cloneVI.cpp 566
3YCGGQXE LabVIEW 8.0.1 error log file: oleautomgr.cpp line 527
40L9T4MQ LabVIEW hangs when using Ctrl+--> in a string input set to Password Display
3Y4E9R00 LabVIEW crashes on exit from Getting Started window if circular references present

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