Graphical Programming for Scalable Motion Applications - From Windows OS-based Solutions to Embedded Motion Control Systems


NI LabVIEW 2010 and the LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module enable graphical programming for scalable motion control applications. Explore how you can use the LabVIEW project to configure your motion axis and connect them to simulated, local, or distributed motion resources. Also learn how to use the motion API to quickly create custom motion applications and deploy them to the hardware platform that fits your individual application requirements. Discover how to use LabVIEW NI SoftMotion to connect your control application to the 3D CAD model of your mechanical system and create a virtual prototype for design validation and optimization. Experience the scalability of motion applications based on LabVIEW from Windows-based PC solutions to distributed embedded real-time systems and see how you can incorporate the latest EtherCAT technology and new NI servo drives and motors.

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