Additional Resources

Use these resources to find additional help, support, training, and product and purchasing information.

Help and Support

Discussion Forums

Post questions and find answers.

LabVIEW Student Community

Connect with peers, ask questions, answer questions, and browse projects.

LabVIEW Quick Reference Card

Explore keyboard shortcuts and the documentation usage guide for LabVIEW.

In-Person Training and Certification

LabVIEW Student Ambassador Workshops

Participate in a series of proficiency workshops aimed at helping students learn the fundamentals of LabVIEW for projects, homework, or certification.

LabVIEW Certification

Confirm your technical skills and differentiate yourself from the competition with NI certification.

Product Information

LabVIEW Student Edition

Learn where to buy and download LabVIEW Student Edition and how to install and activate the software.


Learn more about this portable, student-owned data acquisition and instrumentation device.