5. Learn to Use myRIO

  • Getting started with NI myRIO
    Learn how to get started with NI myRIO by exploring its features and taking your first measurement.
  • myRIO Resources
    See resources for myRIO.
  • Text-Based Code
    Learn about using text-based code with myRIO.
  • Data Dashboard and NI myRIO
    Learn about using Data Dashboard with myRIO.
  • PID in NI myRIO
    Learn about PIDs in myRIO.
  • Troubleshooting with NI myRIO
    See tips for troubleshooting with myRIO.
  • Creating a Startup Application
    This video teaches how to set code to begin running as soon as a RIO device is powered on.
  • Sharing Code Using Bitfiles
    This video teaches how to use bitfiles to share code.
  • Saving Your Code
    This video teaches best practices for saving code.

Before You Begin

Before you can start building your first reconfigurable I/O (RIO) application, review the following materials:

Learn the basics of programming in LabVIEW

Detailed Explanation

Cumulative Project: Temperature Monitor

Ready to put your RIO skills to the test? Complete this sample project and build a temperature sensor for your RIO device.

Start the cumulative project

What Do You Want to Learn Next?