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Welcome to the National Instruments icon library. This resource offers you a selection of premade icons that you can download and use for free in your own VIs, toolbars, and applications.

Icons are ideal for:

- Identifying operations within your applications

- Giving your VIs a more professional appearance

- Enhancing your user interface or other functions that require glyphs

Download Icon Library (.zip 7.3MB)

Do you want to create your own LabVIEW icons? View the Guidelines for Creating Icons.

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Customer Reviews
12 Reviews | Submit your review

Downloadable file missing icons  - Aug 25, 2010

The zip file contains less icons than in the webpage. For example, the FPGA icon is missing from the zip file.

Saved Images Color Corrupt  - Jan 25, 2010

When I click on an image, save it, then open it with paint, the colors are wrong. I get a lot of black. I initially thought the image was just inverted, but inverting the image (via paint image -> invert colors) doesn't fix the problem. I've seen this on the two images I tried (which was continuous.png and something else). Workaround is to just hit alt-print screen to capture my Firefox browser window, then paste the entire window into paint and grab the image I'm looking for. I agree with the others saying just displaying the actual images would be much better.

I didn't know this existed...  - May 1, 2009

I am working with LV for more then 10 years. Almost by accident I pressed the button linking to this library. Never heard of it... The NI-days are perfect to mention this. A better option would be to include this (and custom) lib functions to the icon editor.

Default File Path  - Mar 25, 2008

I use the import picture to clipboard to import iconlib items routinely. I would like to be able to set the default path to iconlib so I do not have to navigate to it every time.

Please, make it possible to copy & paste directly.   - Oct 5, 2007

Great idea, but bad implementation. It's too cumbersome to use. The old webpage with icons was much more easy to use. What I always did, was to right-click, 'copy' and then move to the icon editor, and 'paste' the image. Very easy. However.... now I have to save the image on disk, open it in an editor, then cut the icon, and paste it. Too much hassle... Please make a copy&paste option for this page. Alternatively, the Labview icon editor could include it's own icon browser that connects to the Labview site, or regulary updates or something like that...

Inconvenient  - Sep 18, 2007

Flash?!?! No... If we can't drag the icons out, at least R'CLK, Copy

Appreciate the Icons!  - Sep 18, 2007

Well overdue. Most of us LV programmers don’t have time to be artist. Would appreciate the ability to copy the icon directly from the WEB page then pasting the icon into LabVIEW. Saves time and that is what it is all about! Matt

  - Sep 12, 2007

This is a really nice idea, and I'll keep in mind that it's a work in progress. I like the potential of not having to make my own icons, but agree that this interface isn't all that practical -yet-. I don't mind the "save image as" context menu method, but drag and drop sure would be nice... Downloading the zip would've been the single easiest way for me to browse, but as of today, the zip download seems broken. Thanks for your hard work, folks; I'll keep checking back here periodically.

Offline use of library  - Sep 7, 2007

The previous icon library allowed people to save the webpage, and the categorization of the icons, for use offline. The new library just provides a zip file of png images that has no organization. It would be much more beneficial to offline users if there was a way to view the icons by category. People who do not have the internet on their main network such as myself, would greatly appreciate this improvement. I also agree with the user comments that Flash was not the best method for distributing the icons. Nice icons, but poor distribution.

Drag and drop please!  - Aug 16, 2007

As Sephen Mercer pointed out on info-labview Flash was used because it is easy for the designers to update the library. OK fine - but what is it all worth if it is unusable for us LabVIEW programmers????? Usualy you have lots of VIs that needs icons so the process must be FAST and EASY!

Web page needs fixing...  - Aug 14, 2007

Now live but not error free... http://www.ni.com/images/iconlib/Max_&_Min.png NOT Found. FYI, you CANNOT use a ampersand (&) in a URL even if it is just an image reference. That should be http://www.ni.com/images/iconlib/Max_&_Min.png But even that is not found so there is another problem to be fixed. Please conform to web standards. There is a long list of errors. <http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F% 2Fzone.ni.com%2Fdevzone%2Fcda%2Ftut%2Fp%2Fid% 2F6453&charset=%28detect+automatically% 29&doctype=Inline&group=0> NOW for the real gripe. This nice page of web content is FLASH!!! Now what would be the way it would be useful? How about individual PNGs that could be simply dragged from the web page to the Icon editor! What a concept. Simple, you see what you want and then you grab it with the mouse. How intuitive. But, noooooo, it has to be a flash based web page. I don't want to download the images again with an extra mouse click. I don't want an intermediate file, I just want to drag the freakin' thing into the window I have open. This icon library is a god send to those of us who are artistically challenged! It is a great idea. But the mechanics of the library were not thought out from the users perspective. Flash is a cool web technology it is just an inappropriate solution in this case. -Scott

Do you have icon suggestions?  - Aug 10, 2007

If you have suggestions for icons that should be included in this library, you can post them for other users to view in the discussion forums. Click on the link below to go to the discussion thread. <a href="http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id=264863">http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id=264863</a>

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