ATFX DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing and writing / exporting of ATF files (ASAM ODS Transport Data Format). It can handle ATF/XML and ATF-CLASSIC.

ATF is a generic file format that differs from the NI TDM file format (root, group, channel). To use ATF files in DataFinder and LabVIEW Storage VIs, and to drag & drop load ATF files into DIAdem, you need to create a tailored DataPlugin, see ATFX_Example for details.

For files containing bulk data, it may be preferable to use the ATFX_Component DataPlugin, which writes the header data and the bulk data into separate files.

The ATFX_Component DataPlugin is available in DIAdem and LabVIEW by default.


File Extension: *.ATF, *.ATFX
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: Released with current LabVIEW and DIAdem versions.




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