Configuration Benchmarking Tool for NI VeriStand

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The configuration benchmark tool for NI VeriStand redeploys a system configuration to a NI Real-Time (RT) target until the highest stable loop rate is found. A binary search procedure is used. Results are logged to disk at the end of a benchmark. 


  • If using NI VeriStand 2010, the NI VeriStand 2010 f3 patch is required. Please also note this tool is no longer updated for NI VeriStand 2010.
  • If using NI VeriStand 2011, you must have Service Pack 1
  • If using NI VeriStand 2012, you must have the f2 patch

Please note, if more detailed timing information about the system is required, it can be discovered by performing an execution trace of the system.

A built executable is provided and can be used with the LabVIEW development environment. The source is also provided.

The criteria for a passing configuration includes no additional late counts for 15 seconds after a 15 second warmup period and achieving the requested loop rate within a user defined %.

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