Programmatically Updating Front Panel Images in LabVIEW Using ActiveX

Publish Date: Sep 12, 2006 | 4 Ratings | 4.00 out of 5 | Print | Submit your review
The Update example demonstrates the use of ActiveX to programmatically update front panel images, such as those found in Picture Ring controls. A Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control and a Text Ring control are combined to emulate the functionality of a Text & Pict Ring control. (NOTE: The Microsoft Web Browser requires the presence of Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher on the local system.)

The Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control on the front panel acts as a picture frame, while the Text Ring lets the user select a new image to view. The image is updated when a button on the front panel is pressed.

An Invoke Node on the block diagram is used to call the Navigate method of the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control, which tells the web browser where to find the new image.

NOTE: The included images must be in the same folder as the Update in order for this program to work successfully.

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