Archived: NI-DAQmx and NI-DAQ Driver Support: Signal Conditioning Accessories

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Información general

Click here for the latest release of NI-DAQmx.

The following table lists the latest DAQ driver that is supported for various NI Signal Conditioning Accessories. The table also shows which driver can be used with Windows, Linux, Real-Time or Mac OS X.


Table Key 

 BDevice works with NI-DAQmx Base
 TDevice works with Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy)
 mxDevice works with NI-DAQmx
 NSDevice works with NI-Switch
 XNot Supported
 *AI only

Device Table

Use this table to identify driver support for accessories and OS.
DeviceWindowsLabVIEW RTLinuxMac
SC AccessoriesSevenVistaXP2000NT2Pharlap4Linux3OS X
SC-23459.3mx9.3mx9.3mx 7.4.4T9.1.1mx 7.4.4T7.5mx 7.4T9.3mx 7.4.4T8.0.1mxX
SCC Series Modules9.3mx9.3mx9.3mx 7.4.4T9.1.1mx 7.4.4T7.5mx 7.4T9.3mx 7.4.4T8.0.1mxX



2. NI-DAQ 6.9.3 or Earlier requires NT Service Pack 4 or greater. NI-DAQ 7.x (Traditional and mx) requires NT Service Pack 6 or greater.

3. For information on supported Linux distributions, visit /linux/support.htm#1 or see the driver readme file.

4. The host system must also support the version of NI-DAQ listed. NI-DAQmx for LabVIEW RT is only supported on Pharlap RT Systems with LabVIEW RT installed.

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