NI-Digital Pattern Editor 17.0 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in the NI-Digital Pattern Editor 17.0. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in NI-Digital Pattern Editor 17.0.

ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
The Digital Pattern Compiler does not validate the pattern file_format_version number in .digitpatsrc files Using a pattern file_format_version other than 1.0 with version 16.0 of the Digital Pattern Editor and Compiler might cause the compiled file to be unloadable or to load incorrectly in a future version of the editor or compiler. Future versions of the editor and compiler might create files that do not load in version 16.0, but version 16.0 of the editor might attempt to load those files anyway.
Ambiguous formulas might produce unexpected results Removing optional spaces can sometimes cause formulas to resolve ambiguously. For example, instead of using "3--2 " as a formula for "three minus negative two", use an optional space: "3 - -2". Additionally, when you use a comma as a decimal mark, use a semicolon to separate parameters in a parameter list. For example, instead of using "max(1,2,3,4) ", use "max(1, 2, 3, 4) " or "max(1,2; 3,4) ".
When duplicate pattern names or waveforms exist in a project, the Digital Pattern Editor sometimes uses the first one instead of returning an error NI recommends that no two patterns share the same name, no two source waveforms share the same name, and no two capture waveforms share the same name. In future versions, this situation will likely result in errors when you try to use a pattern or waveform that does not have a unique name.
Digital Pattern Editor can become less responsive in some cases when you select "Continue Disconnected" from the Connect to Instruments dialog box When you select the "Continue Disconnected" option, the Digital Pattern Editor continues to search in the background for existing sessions for instruments the pin map defines so that the editor can automatically connect to those sessions once they become available to support debugging when an external test program is using the instruments. When the external test program creates some of those sessions but not enough to support a full site worth of pins, the Digital Pattern Editor can become intermittently unresponsive.
Digital Pattern Editor does not properly display in some cases using high DPI settings The Digital Pattern Editor does not fully support systems that use high DPI settings, such as 125 percent, 150 percent, or 200 percent.

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