NI-Digital Pattern Driver 17.0 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in the NI-Digital Pattern Driver 17.0. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in NI-Digital Pattern Driver 17.0.

ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
HRAM may trigger on the wrong vector If you receive a digital scope error stating that niDigital_FetchHRAM failed to return data for requested cycle or that not enough cycle results exist in HRAM, HRAM might be triggering on the wrong vector.
Calling the select function on any channel right after initialize sets all channels to the input value of the select function This situation causes the software state to be out of sync with the hardware state, and the PPMU source or burst pattern functions do not automatically put the channels in the correct state.
Calling PPMU Source or Burst Pattern with a channel list could check the selected mode of the incorrect channel The PPMU Source or Burst Pattern functions may not select the correct mode for the specified channels when you call these functions with a channel list.
Exporting the sync pulse errors out When attempting to synchronize multiple instruments, exporting the sync pulse returns an error that states the attribute is read only.
niDigital Export Signal does not export the start trigger The niDigital Export Signal VI and NIDigital.ExportSignal method do not allow exporting the start trigger.
After updating firmware, the completion indicator disappears After you select another instrument in Measurement & Automation Explorer, the indicator ribbon that shows a successful firmware update disappears and the notification to power cycle the chassis is no longer present.
The Requirements section does not list the PXIe-6570 for NI-Digital examples in the NI Example Finder The PXIe-6570 is required for every NI-Digital example in the NI Example Finder.

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