Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started with NI DAQExpress

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Learn how to start using NI DAQExpress software with your NI DAQ devices and how to move your existing applications from SignalExpress or other tools.


How do I get started with DAQExpress?

DAQExpress can be installed from the NI-DAQmx Driver DVD included with supported DAQ hardware, or through the NI Package Manager (Note: DAQExpress is only supported on 64-bit versions of Windows).

To start using DAQExpress, open the software, plug in your NI DAQ device, and choose your measurement type by selecting the Explore Your Hardware option in the welcome screen.

For more information, see these additional resources:

  • Launch DAQExpress to access tutorials and examples from the Learning tab in the welcome screen to the environment so you can start taking your first interactive measurements.
  • Check out the DAQExpress forum where product experts and NI engineers can help you find a solution faster.

I’m a SignalExpress user. Should I switch to DAQExpress? How do I migrate my application?

DAQExpress provides instant connectivity to your NI DAQ hardware to view your measurements. If you’re using SignalExpress today, there are several advantages to switching to DAQExpress, such as updated measurement panels and the ability to build automated or custom measurements. However, not all SignalExpress functions are supported in DAQExpress, like the ability to connect to third-party instruments through serial communication.

If you require functions supported in SignalExpress but not yet supported in DAQExpress, we recommend you continue to use SignalExpress. If you choose to move to DAQExpress, you can start configuring your measurement by using the getting started materials referenced in the section above. You cannot open SignalExpress projects in DAQExpress.

I have applications I wrote in languages like C or Python script. Can I use this code in NI DAQExpress?

DAQExpress does not support calling code or compiled libraries created in languages like C or Python. 

If you need to automate a measurement or customize your application, DAQExpress has a set of built-in graphical programming functions. This tool is designed specifically for creating measurement applications and includes engineering-specific libraries and GUI elements.

I’m a LabVIEW user. Can I reuse my LabVIEW code in NI DAQExpress?

LabVIEW is system engineering software designed for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.  There are many features in LabVIEW that are not in DAQExpress, including:

  • The ability to control a third-party instrument through serial communication
  • Advanced analysis libraries
  • Advanced language features, such as event structures and object-oriented programming
  • The ability to deploy your application as an executable

If you require any of these functions, we recommend you continue to use LabVIEW for your application.


You cannot open LabVIEW VIs or projects using DAQExpress. Similarly, you cannot open DAQExpress projects using LabVIEW.

If you are using LabVIEW NXG- the next generation version of LabVIEW- you can open your DAQExpress project in LabVIEW NXG to reuse your hardware and analysis configurations. However, it is not supported to open your LabVIEW NXG project in DAQExpress.