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OPC is an open industry standard device interface that provides interoperability between disparate field devices, automation control systems, and business systems. OPC-DA is based on ActiveX, OLE, COM and Distributed COM technologies. You can find more details at the OPC Foundation Web site,, or the NI OPC Web site, The following tables give details about NI products and OPC compatibility.

NI OPC-DA Client Interfaces


  OPC-DA 1.0 OPC-DA 2.0 OPC-DA 3.0
DataSocket API X
Lookout (5.1) X
Lookout (6.2 and higher)
Shared Variable OPC Client I/O Server (LabVIEW DSC 8x) X

NI OPC-DA Server Interfaces


  OPC 1.0A OPC 2.0  OPC-DA 3.0
NI-DAQ 6.8 X X
NI-DAQ 6.9 X
LabVIEW DSC Module 6.x and 7.x X
Lookout 6.2+
FieldPoint 2.0.2 (and higher) X X
NI-FBUS 2.3.5 X X
Shared Variable Engine with DSC 8 Module (and higher) X

Note: OPC Unified Architecture (UA) servers/clients are not compatible with OPC-DA interfaces.

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