Reduce Risk for RF and Microwave Semiconductor Component and Module Test

Passive and active electronically scanned arrays (ESAs) play a critical role in harnessing and defending the electromagnetic spectrum in modern radar and SATCOM applications. Mission success revolves around the characterization and production test of the RF and microwave semiconductor components within these systems. Technological innovations in this area are creating significant design and test challenges, including:


  • More efficient high-power RF devices based on modern GaN process technologies

  • Increasingly complex RF components and modules with progressively wider bandwidths

  • Multichannel RF front ends to handle frequency agile and multiband applications

  • More RF channel and high-speed digital I/O integration
  • Software defined digital processing capabilities to meet multifunction application needs


Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) Parametric Characterization and Production Test Solution

  • Wide coverage of DC, RF, and digital interface needs for mixed-I/O testing applications.
  • Easy-to-use synchronization and triggering between multiple instruments.
  • RF instrumentation optimized for wideband performance and digital signal processing.
  • Multichannel RF system performance with tight subnanosecond time alignment and adjustable phase coherency in the RF domain.
  • Unified software for developing, debugging, and deploying test systems and applications.
  • FPGA coprocessing options and high-speed data movement for expanding test needs, from component and module level test to functional validation of subassemblies and systems.

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