NI License Manager 4.1 Patch Details

Visión General

This document describes the NI License Manager 4.1 fixed issues and installation instructions.

Fixed Issue

With the introduction of NI Update Service 2017 64-bit, Update Services now uses the 64-bit version of NI License Manager. During this update it was found that the 64-bit version of NI License Manager had issues communicating with the Licensing server to obtain serial number entitlement information, silently activating products in Update Service, and returning correct values for customers connected to VLM servers. This update is strongly recommended for users running 64-bit versions of Windows. 

Installing the Patch

Complete the following steps to install the patch:

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Close all NI software.
  3. Download, run, and follow the prompts for the NI_License_Manager self extracting EXE that can be found on the NI License Manager 4.1 download page.
  4. Additionally, the update can be installed using NI Update Service 2017.