Archived: NI VeriStand 2012 f2 Patch Details

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The following issues are addressed in the NI VeriStand 2012 f2 Patch:

ID Fixed Issue
When using step groups, generated AMTL Reports always return a global passing result, even if a subtest failed.
394668 Some PXIe cards return error -200077 because they are configured to use the incorrect clock.
394130 System definition file load and deployment times degraded in relation to NI VeriStand 2011.
397197 cRIO-9082 controllers return an error during deployment due to a dependency on the NI-DAQmx driver.
399711 When using a computer with multiple active network connections and an execution system is connected directly with a static IP address, the VeriStand Gateway returns deployment error -307673.

 Change the IP address of the execution system to a valid, free IP address, deploy a System Definition, and then change the IP address back to the original.


The NI VeriStand 2012 f2 Patch also includes the fixes from the NI VeriStand 2012 f1 Patch.

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