LabWindows™/CVI™ 2015 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes in LabWindows/CVI 2015. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.


ID Fixed Issue
389942 Show Prototype does not always correctly display parameters declared as arrays, arrays of pointers, or arrays of function pointers.
391652 Macros that are preceded by #ifdef do not count as references when browsing identifiers.
404836 The break on library errors feature does not work when debugging a DLL that is called by a LabVIEW VI.
408523 If an exception occurs in a TDMS asynchronous read or write callback, the operating system or the attached debugger does not report incorrect location information for the exception, except when it is caught as a first chance exception.
409807 Show Completions does not show defines inside preprocessor statements.
415614 Typing . after a struct inside a macro autocompletion shows all available symbols instead of the struct members.
420200 Local function variables are not displayed in the Show Completions results when completing parameters for a macro call inside a function.
424084 Browse information does not support incomplete arrays.
424509 The Select Variable and Expression dialog box does not provide correct support for array variables.
437026 The debugger incorrectly reports leaked resources of unloaded modules as having been freed.
443791 LabWindows/CVI is not visible when terminating a debugging session if Hide windows when application is running is enabled after starting to debug the application
467503 Repeatedly calling CVIXMLNewElement causes performance degradation in debug mode.
469839 A fatal general protection fault occurs when returning from functions defined using K&R style that use the stdcall calling convention.
470632 The Generate Dll Import Source feature does not handle function pointers as arguments to functions.
472358 Terminating execution while the Watch window is closed causes watch expressions to be duplicated.
476881 Symbols are not exported from executables built using LabWindows/CVI.
479119 A No source line information is available dialog appears when selecting Break Execution (<Ctrl-F12>) while a MessagePopup is shown in Debug64 configuration.
479376 Selected text is executed in debugger when execution is suspended and the mouse is over the selected text.
479812 Detaching the debugger from an application while Break On Change watchpoints are enabled can cause the application to crash with exception 0x80000004.
485043 While DisplayPanel executes on a specific panel in the main thread, if one or multiple secondary controls perform operations on the controls from that panel (e.g., SetCtrlVal), those controls may disappear.
486516 An incorrect Dereference out of bounds pointer error may occur when run time checking is enabled.
487173 UIR files are damaged after adding a menu bar to a tab control, saving, and then reopening the file.
487530 Defining a lexical block, containing a ternary conditional operator with a statement containing a math function, after a return causes a Fatal error: error in backend: Access past stack top! compile error.
488529 The compiler incorrectly defines __LP64__ when compiling 64-bit configurations.
489294 Calling FileSelectPopup in a function that has been specified as a thread function in the CmtScheduleThreadPoolFunction causes a stack overflow error.
492513 While stepping in debug mode, the debugger ignores closing brackets of code blocks, except brackets that end functions.
493912 The CVI environment can crash with an unrecoverable error when defining a macro directly after a multi-line macro.
493984 Closing the Format and Precision dialog causes a The index passed is out of range error.
497261 Browse information is not available when editing a file during a debug session if the project was built with unsaved changes or excluded lines.
507889 Incomplete struct and union types are completed by declaring the same structure or union tag with its defining content later within the list of formal parameter declarations in a function definition or declaration.
511048 The compiler crashes when compiling code containing conditional structures containing pointer casts and assigning NULL to a pointer, after casting it to char*.
511404 Licensing information is not updated during the normal Build action.
511851 Some Toolbox library functions are implemented for use in 64-bit applications.
511886 The FindBytesInFile() function will crash when attempting to search a file larger than 2GB.
512362 The FindBytesInFile Toolbox library function cannot find bytes if the sequence represented by the bytesToFind parameter follows the sequence's first byte.
513723 Switching projects after terminating an execution with the watch window closed causes an assert to trigger.
514082 Opening a project containing an invalid path to toolbox.fp causes LabWindows/CVI to crash.
514226 LabWindows/CVI crashes while trying to generate browsing information for an incorrect use case of the HIPAR documentation tag.
515117 An incorrect message is displayed when stopped on a hardware breakpoint while running the Interactive Execution window for the first time.
515122 Trying to terminate an interactive execution causes a fatal run-time error. Ignoring the error and closing the pop-up causes LabWindows/CVI to crash.
515475 The Terminate Execution button is disabled after continuing the Set Next Statement operation after encountering a warning dialog.
515821 ntdll.dll is not displayed in the Modules window when debugging 32-bit applications on a 64-bit operating system.
516658 Browsing to the definition of a struct, enum, or union defined in-line as a parameter to a function in a closed file, causes an A custom control callback raised an exception error message to appear.
518754 sizeof sometimes assesses the size of a struct typedef incorrectly.
519095 Deleting a bitmap plot immediately before plotting an intensity plot causes an out of memory error.
519167 Terminating an interactive execution during the execution of the Delay function causes a fatal run-time error.
520009 LabWindows/CVI hangs and shows an Out of memory message when closing the environment.
520404 The Show Prototype, Select Variable, and Generate Documentation features do not support variable length arrays.
521257 A program declaring an array of C99 _Complex double crashes on startup.
524196 Adding too many graphs to a tab control and trying to insert an image next to the tab title causes an Invalid Control ID error.
525269 Selecting a resource from the Resource Tracking window that was allocated using the Interactive Execution window fails.
527503 Using an undefined struct as a struct field causes the compiler to fail with an An internal error has occurred in the compiler message.
527996 Code containing a void function that returns a value should cause a compile error.
528719 Non-ASCII ANSI characters do not display properly in the debuggger.
532610 Compile error expected ':' after 'case' does not display accurate error position.


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