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C Series with LEMO Front Connection: I/O Cable & Accessory Guide

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Use this guide to match your C Series Modules with LEMO terminal front connection with a compatible cable and accessory to meet the needs of your application, whether you are creating a new configuration, replacing or expanding your current configuration, or verifying that existing parts can be used in a different configuration.

This page is part of the C Series I/O Cable and Accessory Compatibility Guide.


Using this C Series I/O Cable and Accessory Guide

This guide is intended to cover connectors and cables for use with C Series Modules. It does not explicitly cover other NI product families such as DAQ Multifunction I/O, Digital Waveform Instruments (formerly HSDIO), or R Series. It also does not cover legacy or End of Life (EOL) parts or products. Additionally, these products are supported in cRIO and/or cDAQ chassis, but this guide does not cover chassis accessories.

Note: Using the page search functionality in your browser to locate your model may speed up this process. This is typically CTRL+F on Windows or ⌘+F on MacOS.


Finding Your C Series Module

This page is arranged by first having you identify the connector type on your C Series Module, locating the information for your specific model, and then choosing the accessory or cable combination that best fits your needs.

How to identify the model number of your C Series Module:

The model number of the C Series Module is printed on the faceplate of the actual module and also in the Getting Started that ships with the module.

Cable and Accessory Compatibility Tables 

Figure 1: C Series with LEMO Terminal Front Connection

Note: N/A= Not Applicable

Cable & Accessories for C Series Module with LEMO connection
Modules Cable Power Connection
NI-9218 NI 9982L, LEMO Screw Terminal Block

P/N: 783410-01

NI 9983L, LEMO Current Shunt Adapter 0-20mA P/N: 783412-01

NI 9984L, 1/4 Bridge 120 Ohm

P/N: 783414-01

NI 9985L, 1/4 Bridge 350 Ohm

P/N: 783416-01

NI 9986L, 1/2 Bridge

P/N: 783418-01

NI 9987L, LEMO 60 V Voltage Adapter

P/N: 783420-01

LEMO Female to Pigtail I/O Cable, 1M

P/N: 158293-01

LEMO Female to Pigtail I/O Cable, 2M

P/N: 158293-02


P/N: 784162-01

Extra Power Connectors for NI 9218 LEMO

P/N: 784161-01

2-Pos Micro-Fit Plug And Crimp Terminal Kit P/N: 783799-01


Ordering Information

For more information on any of the listed NI orderable parts, please visit to contact an NI representative. Most NI orderable parts listed in this guide without a product page can still be purchased by contacting NI.


Glossary of Terms Used

  • EMI Suppression Ferrite - Passive electrical component clamped around a cable to reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) on the line. Click here for an example.