11 Ways to Prototype Faster with NI Multisim

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With the release of NI Multisim 11.0, we are introducing eleven new features, enhancements, and additional resources to help you prototype your designs faster. Multisim, along with sister product NI Ultiboard are chosen by engineers around the world for simple schematic capture, a highly graphical approach to simulation, and flexible layout. Find out the eleven ways you will design better with Multisim.


Easier Schematic Capture

Multisim has been used by engineers, students and academics for many years for its ability to easily and quickly capture circuits. In Multisim 11.0 we have added a number of features to make it even easier to design in our advanced, yet intuitive EDA environment. 

  1. Modeless Wiring: There is no need to change to the "wire-drawing mode in Multisim". Whenever you are near a pin you can immediately begin to connect components.
  2. Logically Organized Database:Search for components easier with up-to 17,500 components intuitively grouped into families to make searching easier.
  3. Fully Customizable Environment: Set-up your environment the way you need. Create custom toolbars, change settings and quickly access functions to make your design process as quick as possible.

Smarter Design with Hierarchical Blocks

Cleaner designs are smarter designs. When conceptualizing a system, we as engineers generally use block diagrams to represent the flow of a design through particular stages. With hierarchical blocks, the schematic can take a similar form with blocks containing circuitry representing a functional module in the design.

With hierarchical blocks the contained circuitry can then be re-used as it is saved into a re-usable circuit. This means that the modules can be used in numerous designs. With changes to our net system, new connectors and feature enhancements, you can get more out of hierarchical blocks with Multisim 11.0.

>> Read about creating hierarchical blocks in Multisim

Symbols, SPICE Models and Landpatterns from Leading Manufacturers

When designing you don't want to have to waste time downloading SPICE models and creating custom symbols. To help you design we are working with leading component manufacturers to fill our database with the components you need to immediately capture and simulate. National Instruments have collaborated with Analog Devices, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Christophe Basso, Linear Technologies and PCB Matrix to provide the various symbols, SPICE models and landpatterns to prototype faster.

Easier SPICE Simulation - Get Designing in 30 Minutes!

SPICE simulation is a valuable tool for circuit designers. The issue is that it is often too difficult to use, and therefore far too much work is required to get started. Multisim abstracts away the difficulties associated with traditional text-based simulation with a highly graphical approach. As you capture a design, you are automatically building a SPICE model of the design in the background. No need to open another application - there is a single Multisim environment integrating capture and simulation.

>> Need to see how easy Multisim is? Learn how to capture and simulate in less than 30 minutes

Share Custom Designs and Components at the Circuit Design Community

We have created the Circuit Design Community to provide engineers with a forum to easily share content for faster collaboration. With the Circuit Design Community you can share any custom components you may have created, designs that warrant sharing as well as well as request help from a community of engineers around the world.

>> Join the Circuit Design Community Today

Free Simulation Driven Instruments

Multisim is the ONLY SIMULATION SOFTWARE AVAILABLE in which you can create custom simulation driven instruments to analyze the behavior of a circuit. By using the LabVIEW graphical programming language you can define an unlimited number of instruments that will allow you to interrogate and analyze simulated behavior.

Not a LabVIEW developer? Worry not, we provide a number of FREE SIMULATION DRIVEN INSTRUMENTS.

More Control for Transfer and Annotation with Layout

Having worked with our customers we came to understand the importance of control during the annotation process. When transferring a design from the schematic phase to layout, you want to be able to control each individual component, net and layer. With Multisim 11.0 we have completely re-architected this process to ensure that there is complete control over how to annotate changes made throughout the design flow. Synchronization has never been easier when designing with Multisim and Ultiboard.

Co-Design FPGA and Analog Circuitry

Circuit design is becoming more complex. As such we are seeing the inclusion of more intelligent electronics, most notably embedded technology like FPGAs. The integration of Multisim and NI technology such as Single-Board RIO provides you with a platform to co-design both parts of your design with a single company tool-chain. 

Single-Board RIO is a hardware prototyping platform that includes a FPGA and real-time processor. By using LabVIEW (a graphical programming language) to develop code for these devices you can abstract away much of the complexity of traditional embedded design by not having to know VHDL, Verilog or assembly. With Multisim you can easily, and quickly prototype accessory cards, daughter cards and modules that can interface to the RIO platform.

Faster Design with Free Reference Designs and Whitepapers

Technical content is available for you for free. View whitepapers, tutorials, reference designs, how-to's, tips-and-tricks and anything else you will need to learn how to use Multisim and Ultiboard.

>> Browse the Circuit Design Technical Library for the content you need

Export to Sunstone Circuits for Quicker Fabrication

Have you finished a prototype layout? With most EDA tools this is where you hit a proverbial brick wall. How can you fabricate your board? National Instruments is working with Sunstone Circuits a leading quick-turn fabrication house to help facilitate faster prototype fabrication (with greater confidence).

Streamlined Integration of Prototype Validation

The integration between Multisim and NI measurement technology makes it easier to benchmark the performance of a prototype. The NI LabVIEW graphical programming language allows you to correlate simulated and physical prototype measurements in a single environment. This level of integration between the design state and validation is unparalleled.