TestStand 2016 Patch Details

The TestStand 2016 f2 patch resolves the issues outlined in the table below. NI recommends this patch for all TestStand 2016 installations. You can install the patch through NI Update Service or you can download it directly through the following Drivers and Updates page: 

ID Description
573670 The Property Selector tab is sluggish in dialogs for the Property Loader step type and Import/Export Properties tool
592179 The Property Loader Import/Export Properties tool incorrectly enables controls relating to defining property selector groups when using Legacy plugins
592270 Import operation for a Property Loader step errors if the imported .csv file was modified by Microsoft Excel
592338 Property Loader control does not refresh after clicking the error provider on the Target File and Source Settings tab of a Property Loader Step Settings Pane or the Property Selector tab of the Import/Export Properties Tool
592897 LabVIEW Adapter raises runtime error when a step passes TestStand floating point enum value to matching LabVIEW ring control
593265 Sequence Analyzer reports an 'Internal Error' when analyzing a broken VI with an enumeration on its connector pane
594100 Running an execution that uses model plug-ins reports type conflicts for some model plug-in data types
595619 Property Loader export operations error when using the Database Plug-in with the Property Loader Import/Export Properties tool
598267 Property Loader Alias names specified in the Import/Export Properties tool do not persist when dialog is closed
598397 The CheckLimits expression function returns error -17502 when passing an array element for the low parameter
598487 Numeric limit test fails unexpectedly when using comparison type EQT (== +/-) and a negative nominal value
598800 Line number in error message is incorrect when using Property Loader to import from an Excel file that contains invalid data
600403 Customer analyzer rules may fail when analyzing arrays of references
602632 Property Loader Excel Plugin does not properly escape newline and carriage return characters when performing export and Import operations
603148 TSDU Build reports errors when Default Installation Base Directory is set to TestStand Public Documents Directory or TestStand Application Data Directory
606348 Property Loader Database Plugin is unable to export data to databases when using ODBC connection
607170 Using the Legacy Database Plugin to import properties leaks memory
608769 Multiple Numeric Limit Test does not evaluate correctly for EQT comparison when the threshold or nominal value contains an expression, such as INF or Locals.Var
609106 The Sequence Analyzer rule ValidateStepType returns an Invalid pointer error when TestStand cannot load a code module in a custom step type
610470 Selecting a VI path followed by a project path on the LabVIEW Module pane causes the Sequence Editor to hangn
610970 Tooltip help does not display and auto completion does not work for multiple expression functions
613367 Error -17502 occurs when passing an enumeration variable to a LabVIEW VI and the variable is a sequence parameter that was passed by reference
613401 LabVIEW Module tab errors when adjusting the column widths of the parameters control
613639 Error -17001 occurs when editing multiple Sequence Call steps with enumeration parameters
614061 The Sequence Editor Limits panel errors when selecting a custom Numeric Limit Test step based on an earlier version of the Numeric Limit step type from an earlier version of TestStand
614968 Closing Property Selector dialog launched from the Property Loader step settings pane displays error
615872 Passing an enumeration parameter to a VI errors if the parameter is the current element variable of a For Each step
616555 Property Loader Properties View error when viewing attributes of container with Combined Sequences View
617216 Error occurs when copying and pasting to expression control in Property Selector under Step Settings pane
619791 Database logging incorrectly swaps the calculated limit values for the EQT comparison for Numeric Limit Test and Multiple Numeric Limit Test results when the nominal value is negative
622285 After applying the TestStand 2016 f1 Patch, displaying the File Hierarchy of any sequence file results in a GoDiagram licensing error, which causes a crash.


For more information, please refer to the following:

TestStand Documentation: TestStand Release Information

Note: This patch updates systems with 32-bit or 64-bit TestStand and includes updates for the TestStand Development System and Runtime. To apply the patch to a deployed system, you must either install the patch on the deployed system, or you must recreate and redeploy your deployment after installing the patch on the development system that creates the deployment.