How Do I Improve Test Process Efficiencies with SystemLink™ Test Module?

The SystemLink Test Module improves in-process test practices, enabling continuous improvement in identifying product defects, yield, and throughput, by bringing patterns and trends to the surface.

Shows the test reports and dashboard with a specific report being generated as well as an expanded sequence.

See What You Can Do With SystemLink Test Module

As test cases for devices under test become more complex, it is imperative that engineering teams become proactive and detect small problems before they become major disruptions. With the SystemLink Test Module, test process anomalies and failure patterns are easily surfaced. Engineers can troubleshoot problems and take corrective action quickly, garnering maximum utilization of your test investment while ensuring test continuity.

WAYS THE SystemLink Test Module CAN HELP

Gain Instant Visibility With KPI Dashboards

Leverage “right-time” information reports and dashboards that track the most important metrics such as yield, throughput, and failure pareto.

Automatically Generate and View Parametric Data Trends

Aggregate and store the history associated with test steps such as pass/fail, test criteria, and inputs/outputs. Use this data to view a product, program, test step, and property data trends over time.

Visualize Product Specific Test Data

Find the information you need for a specific model or product family when you need it.