Archived: Measurement Studio 2012 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 2010 SP1 to Measurement Studio 2012.

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Bug IDAlt IDFixed IssueAdditional Information
181874-The Datasocket "Select URL" dialog may crash Visual Studio when using Windows Vista.The dialog that appears when you click the "Select URL" option for the Datasocket control may crash Visual Studio.
208239-ClipDataPoints returns an extra point when used on a WavefromPlot.ClipDataPoints returns all the visible points, plus the point that falls just to the right and the point that falls just to the left of the clipping bounds. This enables lines to be drawn into and out of the plot area. However, it also returns one additional point that also lies outside the clipping bounds and is not needed for drawing to the plot area.
221889-If a Measurement Studio assistant runs while Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) is open, creating future Visual Studio projects will fail, but only if this is the first time you are creating a Visual Studio project. 
254812-The following device drivers do not include Visual Studio 2010 support: MAX Configuration Utility, NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx, and NI-SCOPE. 
257280-Generating an NI-DAQmx component and an Instrument Driver component in VB.NET results in a project that will not build. 
278468-The DAQmxWithUI examples do not work unless you have purchased Measurement Studio Enterprise Edition.These examples reference the Enterprise version of the Measurement Studio Analysis assembly.
284835-You cannot de-select the Web Forms User Interface Control Library from the Add/Remove Class Libraries Wizard.This bug exists for Measurement Studio 2010 SP1 and prior versions, and is fixed in Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. The bug still exists in Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2005.
295320-The function GaussHG returns NaN for X values less than 0. 
297766-The Instrument Driver Wizard crashes Visual Studio 2010 when trying to generate a wrapper for niHSDIO.fp. 
306771-In the Measurement Studio Help for Visual Studio 2010, links from Measurement Studio conceptual help topics to methods that have parameters and are not overloaded do not work. 
310916-When using a Debug Deployment license, a dialog box states that there is "No License Available" when launching Visual Studio for the first time. 
316607-The WaveformGraph Plot with ProcessSpecialValues set to true hangs when double.PositiveInfinity is plotted or crashes when double.NegativeInfinity is plotted.This can occur when calculating the MajorDivisions or MinorDivisions when AutoSpacing is set to false.
317267-If the Annotations do not have explicitly assigned axes, Annotations do not appear until the Windows Forms scatter or waveform graph is redrawn. 
317292-The range fill for the Windows Forms Slide control shrinks when slider moves at run-time. 
319689-Modifications to the Range values in a Windows Forms graph using the dialog editor are not committed if only the Min value is changed. 
320362-The Measurement Studio .NET XCOPY Deployment Files help topic for Visual Studio 2010 lists msvcm100.dll as a dependency.The msvcm.dll library is not a dependency of Measurement Studio for Visual Studio 2010.
322666-Istantiating a ComplexDouble for the first time takes a longer than expected. 
328010-Installing Measurement Studio 2010 SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 Express without integration support results in being unable to activate. 
335548-Using the ZoomXY method on a Windows Forms ScatterGraph throws an exception when the y-axis is using a logarithmic scale type. 
338809-Windows Forms Graph axis label spacing is determined based the end labels, even if the end labels are not visible.The spacing between the graph and the edge of control is automatically determined by the longest visible label or the end labels. Even when the end labels are not visible, they can affect the spacing.
355871-The ChebyshevLowpassFilter() documentation incorrectly lists stopbandRipple as a parameter instead of passbandRipple. 
360932-The displayed scales for the Slide, Thermometer, and Tank WindowsForms controls do not accurately map to a value.The value being displayed on the control may be slightly different from the actual value of the control. This is only noticeable if the control is very large, or if you are interacting with the control and want to set the value to the minimum or maximum.


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