Archived: LabVIEW 2010 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between the LabVIEW 2010 NI SoftMotion Module and the LabVIEW 2010 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The following items are bug fixes in the LabVIEW 2010 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module.

IDLegacy IDFixed IssueIssue Details
168467-Axis Interface examples do not pass the Pos. Error Status Boolean from FPGA to NI SoftMotion.The Axis Interface examples do not have the Pos. Error Status Boolean connected to the Axis Interface. This means that NI SoftMotion is not informed of a position error, which results in your motors failing to move without returning any errors.
173423-Some Axis Interface examples are not designed to work with motion modules using the Scan Interface programming mode at the same time.In order to use a motion module with the Scan Interface programming mode, you must deploy and run the FPGA VI before switching the NI Scan Engine to Active mode. Some of the Axis Interface examples assume that the NI Scan Engine is in Active mode before the example is started.
178558-Executing a Reference move to find index with Limit and Home switches not configured can lead to confusing behavior.The find index routine temporarily enables the limit switches even if they are not configured. If the active states of the limit switches are such that one or both of the limit switches are always "on" then the find index routine finishes without an error and without the index being found.
195497-Communication watchdog settings over 5 cause the NI 9512 drive interface module to fail. 
196515-After rebooting the RT target and before enabling the NI SoftMotion axis, a position error is incorrectly reported. 
196714-Find Index does not work properly when using the NI 9512 drive interface module as an open-loop stepper axis.When trying to find the index of an encoder associated with an open-loop stepper axis, the motor may run on forever attempting to find the Index position.
222749-Error -70218 (NIMC_moveStoppedBecauseDriveDisabledError) returned even though Drive Disabled is included in the Move Complete Criteria.Even though Drive Disabled is included in the Move Complete Criteria, NI SoftMotion still returns error -70218 when the move stops.
223909-When a fault occurs on an axis the Interactive Test Panel and Gain Tuning Panel dialog boxes stop updating the axis status.If a fault occurs on an axis when using either the Interactive Test Panel or Gain Tuning Panel dialog box, the axis status is no longer updated. This affects the following status data: is valid, move complete, blend complete, axis enabled, drive enabled, position error exceeded, fault occurred, profile complete, capture occured, compare triggered, velocity threshold.
226731-Executing a reference move on an axis with Drive Enable inactive sometimes fails.Normally a disabled drive can be enabled by calling any reference move. In some cases the reference move is called but the drive does not successfully enable. This is caused when the Drive Ready signal is used. NI 951x drive interface modules do not require the Drive Ready signal but this problem occurs if it is mapped. The AKD EtherCAT servo drives return this information in the communcation packet, so this problem always occurs when used with this hardware type.
232533-Error -77004 (NIMCDM_invalidAttributeError) occurs after firmware update on an NI 951x drive interface module that previously had corrupt firmware.This error occurs when downloading firmware after checking the version and getting a timeout error. The error returned does not impact the firmware download and can be ignored.
238952-Using an AKM servo motor that has a brake with NI SoftMotion and an AKD EtherCAT drive causes the drive to return fault 306 (Brake Short Circuit). 
242979-The Wait Until Done method does not return an error if the specified timeout is exceeded. 
248117-With reverse limit active NI SoftMotion allows movement in the direction of the limit.When the reverse limit switch is active on system bootup, NI SoftMotion allows the axis to perform velocity moves and reference moves further into the direction of the limit. This behavior does not occur when the forward limit is active nor does it occur when performing any other position move.

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