Archived: Measurement Studio 8.5 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.1.2 to Measurement Studio 8.5.

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.NET Class Libraries

Bug IDFixed Issue
31030Fixed an issue where Measurement Studio controls do not work inside an UpdatePanel control that is part of ASP.NET AJAX.
31054Fixed an issue where the Visual Studio environment reported registry errors from Measurement Studio integration when only IVI (without the IVI Compliance Package) was installed.
31067Fixed an issue where pressing F1 on a property of a generic datatype does not take you to the property page.
31109Fixed an issue where the New Item Wizard, shown by clicking  Add»User Control or other Add menu items, selects the NI Instrument Driver template by default.
31112Fixed an issue where the DaqComponent did not handle task names with spaces correctly.
31179Improved performance of changing XYPointAnnotation visibility.
31182Fixed an issue where pre- and post-build events needed to be added to Visual Studio 2005 projects to work around error LC0000.
31273Fixed an issue where some of the values on the scale were cut off when a tank or a slider was dropped on the form and docked.
31278Fixed an issue where automatically formatting a user interface control at design-time using the "Auto Format..." option resets certain property values.
31446Fixed an issue where zooming in the DigitalWaveformGraph in samples mode shows fractional values in the axis labels.
31449Improved performance of constructing large PrecisionTimeSpan values.
31450Fixed an issue where the NumericEdit control does not commit a new value when entering a value and then pressing Enter quickly afterwards.
31452Fixed an issue where PropertyEditor displays values in incorrect format.
33604Fixed an issue where a .NET application freezes when zooming multiple times with a waveform graph with minor division grid lines visible.
33626Fixed an issue where LogosXT is slow compared to Logos when using network variables in Measurement Studio.
33645Fixed an issue where waveform timing information is incorrect after being transferred using network variable.
33880Fixed an issue where changing the label format of the x-axis two times on a DigitalWaveformGraph through the smart tag does not serialize correctly in the Designer.
100063Fixed an issue where changing Regional and Language settings while using an XY scatter graph in ASP.NET causes the application to crash. Similar fixes were applied to Internationalization support in the Measurement Studio .NET class libraries.


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