Test Electric Vehicle Battery Packs and Modules

The battery has the largest impact on electric vehicle performance features like acceleration, range, charge time, and vehicle life—so getting it right is critical to EV program success for automakers. Battery test teams must minimize cost while maximizing performance on aggressive timelines, while ensuring the pack operates and fails safely every time, all the time, over the life of the vehicle and beyond.


  • Safely test the battery under multiple charge/discharge profiles with large, expensive battery cyclers to provide operational power levels during test  

  • Characterize long-term battery performance through long-running test, minimizing the time to first test and time to retest

  • Validate the battery inside environmental chambers across operational temperature ranges, generating huge amounts of data on dozens of test cells

  • Respond to ever-changing test requirements and manage a library of test equipment for a varied mix of battery designs

  • Manage test result and test asset data to maximize utilization and optimize operational cost, reducing CO2 footprint 

NI Battery Test System (BTS)

  • BTS software provides out-of-the-box functionality through plugins, device drivers, and analysis/test IP specialized for battery test

  • Unified software provides customizable data dashboards for large-scale facility and equipment management to maximize utilization at minimum cost

  • Built-in SystemLink™ software integration can manage a fleet of battery test systems or other test assets, as well as the data they produce over long-term tests

  • Measurement rack for reliable, real-time measurements and battery management system (BMS) communication for multi-DUT test with minimum incremental cost per channel   

  • In-chamber measurements with rugged and daisy-chained devices to decrease setup times, reduce wiring, and make test cell operation easier

Solution Advantages

See How BTS Software Helps You Test at Scale and Drive Insights

Validate body and chassis ECUs

A demonstration of BTS software to request, implement, execute, and report on a test for battery validation

Battery Test without the Hassle

The BTS Software optimizes how you request, configure, run, and report on battery tests. Combined with SystemLink, you can effectively manage test and facility data from your battery validation lab to drive insights and improve battery performance.


NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

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Explore Performance Characterization, Durability Testing, and Lifetime Testing with the Battery Test System

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