Rapidly Research and Prototype Novel Concepts for Radar and Electronic Warfare

Radar and EW researchers and systems engineers need to prove out novel concepts quickly, in order to meet funding timelines or to transition capability into fielded systems. Pace is limited by the speed of building testbeds and migrating IP from simulation to hardware. Experimenting with firmware on mission hardware is unintuitive and takes deployed assets out of use. Custom board designs typically lack software support, making them time consuming to create and sustain. NI COTS components help:


  • Rapidly assess new techniques in areas like cognitive radar, SAR, passive, and multistatic radar
  • Transition from software simulation to a multichannel hardware testbed with minimal code rewrites 
  • Minimize the cost of evaluating new ideas by reducing custom hardware and firmware development
  • Validate performance of new approaches in the lab, chamber, and range to demonstrate operational impact 

COTS Components for Radar and EW Research and Prototyping

  • The PXI Vector Signal Transceiver combines a vector signal analyzer and generator with a user-programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing from baseband to Ka band.
  • PXI FlexRIO IF Transceivers combine high-speed data converters with Xilinx FPGAs for real-time signal processing and high-performance analog input.
  • USRP SDR devices provide a software-defined RF architecture to design and prototype radar systems with custom signal processing.
  • LabVIEW enables rapid access to hardware and data insights for applications that require test, measurement, and control.
  • Open Architecture for Radar and EW Research contains freely available software and documentation, providing an advanced starting point for building testbeds with USRP SDRs.

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NI COTS Components for Radar and EW Research and Prototyping

Read how to create a hardware-based prototyping testbed for assessing the viability of new concepts for radar and EW systems. Discover the performance benefits of PXI instrumentation and processing modules and workflow options that accelerate the development of mission-ready capabilities.