The latest PXI VST can help you enable and accelerate testing for your design while reducing cost and shortening your design cycle.

Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance

Ensure Reliability of Comms and Navigation Systems

Communications and navigation systems must operate reliably in an increasingly congested and contested electromagnetic spectrum. Organizations must ensure the safe coexistence of commercial and military communications systems and the assured operation of navigation systems, telemetry, and datalinks. They need to prototype and validate frequency-hopping spread spectrum techniques, resilient positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems, and secondary surveillance radars.

NI Commitment

Deploy Mission-Ready CNS Systems Faster

NI is committed to help you design, test, and validate mission ready communications, navigation, and surveillance equipment by providing best-in-class software and hardware tools for a wide range of applications, including satellite link emulation, tactical radio test, and telemetry monitoring.

The NI platform gave us the ability to significantly scale our production test throughput by 400 percent with an ROI of 185 percent while carefully maintaining the quality and performance standards that our military radios are known for.

Joseph Nakoski

Engineering Director, Harris

Enabling AI Research for 5G Networks with NI SDR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds new capabilities to 5G to address challenges including Massive MIMO channel estimation, mmWave beamforming and scheduling, traffic distribution, power amplifier linearization, and network orchestration.

Becker Avionics Developed an XPDR Test System with NI

Becker developed an XPDR test set that includes simulation of multiple ground stations, onboard navigation systems, and flight control and management systems with PXI.

Envisioning the Future of Tactical Radio Field Test

Organizations face the challenge of reliably testing radios and networks in the field, maintaining mixed generations of radios throughout a fleet, and meeting the maintenance needs of multi-waveform and resilient tactical radio technologies.